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  1. iam going to close the signup tomorrow 20:00 cet, announce the winner on friday 8.11 and ship the pedals on saturday (as long as the winner is sending me his address till saturday)
  2. sry not intrested in il2 1946 or CloD anymore. after waiting that long iam sure a few months till some BoS competition wont kill us
  3. hi guys i saw the "Top Gun" award on your page. Any info on that? - never heard of this competition series before. Will it continue with BoS, asuming development goes according to plan? Also Blakhart wrote: "2014 =LG= will organise international 1vs1 tournament, i hope you will come." We are very intrested in this statement
  4. wahhh - it cant be that early... my new pedals & stick didnt arrive yet. Please postpone any release to 1.Nov
  5. if you dont get it i guess the pedals dont help you anyway
  6. ha... lebende Tote hier Willkommen zurück, BadWulf!
  7. http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5592&page=6&p=63320&viewfull=1#post63320
  8. @all hot russian girls and wives of Vripil´s put on your tightest VVS skirts and jackets (iam sure you have some of them for your special days with your loved one) for your motherland (and Loft Viks Petrovic Han Vaal and the rest of the geeks sitting infront of a TFT days and nights for our pleasure ) no excuses - we saw alot of hot girls in moscow - we know you have them!
  9. its "early access in autumn" and not "early autumn access"
  10. The raffle will take place - even without reaching 50 pre-orders. 1st october was set as i thought this will be the closing of the pre-order. Not sure about this yet...
  11. you are arguing with me cause i highlighted false statements you keep posting over and over at every forum. I will fly both. I simply choose to support the in my eyes better concept.
  12. And the guy who laid the base for this work is working on BoS planes - so what? We simply dont know yet which FM might be more believable.
  13. You repeat that over and over..Why should DCS have a more believable FM, when the guy that developed the AFM concept is working at BoS exculively?
  14. also er kündigt wieder für freitag ein video an. Spätestens Montag... Nu is Dienstag und ich langweile mich immernoch Das geht laufend so... Der Hund hat meine Hausaufgaben gefressen ... sorry! Wirklich! Aber nächste Woche versprochen... Amateur...
  15. @Han as most of us aren´t familiar wir Lomac/Lockon & even RoF - could you please describe how the BoS FM/DM is different from IL21946 &or Cliffs of Dover? Nevertheless - very interesting update!
  16. hm... you made an error somewhere. its around 2000 premium and 220 standard.
  17. klick on members - more search options - scroll down to the drop down menus - first drop down menu 1st founder group = standard edition 2nd founder group = premium edition count the pages * 20
  18. but when i need to spend ammunition i would rather spend them on a target worth it
  19. thats why you will never know the oponents weaknesses & strengths which will affect your skill in the end.
  20. correct. feel free to buy another copy for a friend
  21. finally - this one fits the description. lets wait for the rest. we have some time till 1st.October.
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