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  1. Yes. Please join there if you are flying on this server. We had a blast last night
  2. Good to hear man! I will ONLY join your server when I'm online and in the mood for MP action The FPS drops, are only showing for Black, not for me... thank God :D Great to hear about the new map. Thanks for that. Keep it up guys! EDIT: Should anyone need to get on a TS Server to coordinate feel free to use mine: Stick to the IL-2 channels + sub channels to find each other.
  3. Thank you very much for this! I love the server, it's my favorite. Must also state that the airfields are a little too close to the action tho. I could provide with a temporary TS3 server should you want. Just hit me up. Thanks again!
  4. Love them man, as always... Maybe some stuka skins next?
  5. NOTE: I can't tell for sure if this occurs on other servers as well.
  6. On the DED Expert Server, after successfully landing 2 transports on the Berezovsky airfield, it gets captured. For the first pilot landing the first plane there, the airfield is still neutral even after the second transport landed. The only way to see it captured and to use it, is to reconnect to the server. The second pilot that landed a transport and therefore capturing the airfield can use it immediately. NOTE: I can't tell for sure if this occurs on other servers as well. Cheers!
  7. There is sometimes a problem with the map. When trying to switch the map off (using the "O" key) it bugs weird showing some kind of information all over the map like borders and some white font. This also happen to another friend of mine yesterday. Really annoying because it was a bitter end of my 45 min sortie. Also the server we were on was "DED Expert". Maybe has something to do with the additional information that they added on the map. Please look into it. Cheers!
  8. I can confirm that BlackHellHound's fix worked fine for me. Thanks again for that dude.
  9. Very nice job man! Thanks a lot for this. You made my day Nice flying with you btw. PS: I didn't enter the game, just the launcher (Step 1).
  10. I'm with you guys, german pilot all the way.
  11. It IS a big deal for me. I thought I was choosing a Profile name when I started playing. Stupid me...
  12. Just seen this post as I was preparing to open my own for it. I also don't think this message is necessary, but if it MUST be there, then it's: "You have successfully taken off". (Can't post the screenshot I took in my post...)
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