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  1. oho

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I have a problem that the generated missions of my new campaign (with a campaign name instead of pilots name) are not shown in the missions list ingame. For my older campaign I can generate and play new missions. I see the mission of the new campaign in the missions folder but can't select them in game.
  2. oho

    No Bomber escorts

    I put the option of "odds that a flight is escorted" to 100 and I had enough flight numbers generated in the advanced config but I only see lonely bomber planes in the intercept missions. or lonely fighters but no escort behaviour like in the stock carreer. Could you look into this problem?
  3. oho

    PWCG 4.2.1 Released

    When I look at my missions I see a lot orange lines in your example I see none. What do the different colours mean? Can you also look into AI bomber escorts? IIrc you said there are no pure AI flights generated, with bombers and fighters as an escort. btw: the performance has improved a lot since your change to the ground attack units for AI flights. Thanks a lot. Ican finally fly CAP missions😁
  4. oho

    PWCG 4.2.1 Released

    Thats great news. I noticed when playing the career Mode that the Performance was better there with more Planes.
  5. oho

    new carreer mission types

    Nice would offensive / frontline patrol too.
  6. oho

    career dificulty?

    Does hard mean more enemies or better enemies?
  7. Are there any new mission types in the new version or is it still "only" attack/protect rivercrossing/troops or escort? New ones like patrol airspace.
  8. @Jason: Are there any new mission-types in the career missions with the new update?
  9. Hmm, when I fly escort in the official career-mode I usually use autopilot and my flight stays pretty Close to the escorted Bombers. Maybe they changed the AI or use different Parameters?
  10. I saw the following problems: I tried to create a mission where I intercept a bomber flight which is escorted. So I selected max and min enemy flights 2 and odds of escort to 100 but I only saw bombers or fighters, never both of them. The enemy squadrons are all fully equiped. Did somebody see escorted enemy bomber-flights in the last versions? Then I chose 1 enemy flight min and max and also odds of 100 escort but still no escort, only bombers. So I guess that an escorted flight consists of 2 flights - right?
  11. oho

    PWCG 4.2.1 Released

    They have 7 planes or more. So when I to raise the chance I should increase the mission spacing when I see the enemy is depleted, so it has time to get new aircraft and pilots? Shouldnt the soviet get new A/C and pilots more easily than the german side?
  12. oho

    PWCG 4.2.1 Released

    Thanks for the callsigns. I started a new campaign on the Moscow map with 4.1. What i noticed was that I rarely encounter enemy flights when patroling along the frontline. Before with 3.5 I always had contact with patroling missions. I wonder if that may be a result of the new staffing in 4.1, did somebody experience the same? What should I do to increase the propability of contact (except turnign up the air density because that kills my fps)?
  13. Thanks micha, that works.
  14. oho

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I just noticed that mission spacing maybe doesn't work. I had started a carreer in december, there were 2 day intervals -> all ok. Then (maybe I changed some other config in the meantime) after 9 of december I have only 1 day intervals although advanced config still says minimum 2 and maximum 4.
  15. I just want to use a skin for my squadron, can someone explain for an idiot like me what to do. I have the skin-file downloaded, now where do I put it, and where can I assign it to my squadron?