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  1. I still have pilot models in the FW190 and Me109 with hands on stick only with winter uniforms. They look more like WWI pilots. Can you please somehow change it into the former versions?
  2. Hi Pat, great to be back to your campaign again! There was an issue with the AI skill setting (fighter/Bomber) that wasn't working last time I flew with PWCG. I set it to 2 which means 2 steps better than default. Is this now working because I saw some rooky behaviour I think or am I missing something? And: which setting has most impact on performance right now, I have set ground and air war density to medium.
  3. With new version I can't find the option how often a mission will be generat.i would like a daily mission but I get 4 days between each mission. Did I overlook something?
  4. I started flying circus and am now 4 mission into the campaign and I didn't have a fight yet. I see some planes but they are too far to reach or too fast. Is it just me?
  5. I installed the latested Version into a PWCG Folder in the Root-Directory, roughly like this: IL2-Sturmovik/PWCG/ like I did in former Versions. I can start creating a campaign but can't finish it because I can't select a squadron. That's propably because I don't get any planes to be selected, when I hit "planes owned". There is an empty Screen in the "Planes owned" screen. Two remarks: I just downloaded FC. I have saved and renamed my old PWCG-directory to IL-2-Sturmovic/PWCG-old/ Any ideas? Solved: I left some old files in the new folder
  6. Is AI challenging and can I use it in a steam-version of BOS?
  7. When Patrick has made a PWCG dynamic campaign, would you recommend buying FC in the actual state for a single Player?
  8. Hi Yogi, the fighter AI increase advanced setting doesn't work for quiet a long time.
  9. I seem to notice that AI is ganging up on you on AIlevel = 1 (novice) more often, because all follow their flight leader. As the advanced setting is broken in PWCG until now (I think Patrick will fix it soon) you can go into the genrated .miz file in data/mission folder and change all AIlevel = 1 to AILevel = 2.
  10. Please can you reupload the file again? The link is broken.
  11. I also noticed, that the Advanced Setting AI-Level isn't working anymore. It was the other way around for me: I mostly get AI-Level 1 with russian planes on the Stalingrad map. You can edit the Mission file in the data / Mission Folder with a simple text editor program like notepad until Pat can fix it in PWCG: In the Text Editor hit ctrl f for search and enter exactly AILevel (not "AI-Level" or "AI-LEVEL or AI Level...) You will find your flight first (your AILevel is 0) and when you search on downward, you will find the parameters for the enemy planes bf109. Here you can overwrite AILevel = 4 (ace) with lower Settings 1 to 3. Pat: can you eventually look into this and add/substract the entered number as you described it?
  12. Thanks for your answer. I knew that it is added to the Default, but if I set the modifier to 2 I would expect at least 3 for all fighters because Minimum is 1 (novice), but I see mostly AILevel = 1 in the Mission file in my current carreer. As we have 2 Parameters in the advanced config one for fighters and one for Bombers, is there a reason why Bombers and ground attack is set to 1? I personally would like to have both working as you described it
  13. The AI-Level-Setting (I tried for example 2 and +2 for fighter and bomber) doesn't seem to work any more. I have in my current carreer in general AI-Level = 1 for russian planes - which results in some strange manouvers. I edit the Mission file now manually (Change AILevel = 1 to AILevel = 2) and the fights are much more intesting. Pat: can you please have a look here? At least the first and third of a flight of 4 should have 2 (normal) otherwise we have often a Group of 4 planes hunting one plane and can easily be shot down, because they often don't evade.
  14. What I do now: edit the latest Mission (miz) file in the data/Mission Folder, search for "Plane" and delete the word "plane" and everything that is included in the next brackets. No need to delete more, and no Problem occured until now. The first squadron is the Player squad so don't delete these. All other I delete whole squads (you can see the aircraft type) that seem to be not necessary for an interesting mission, for example some friendly squads or the third enemy fighter squad. For a squad of 4 you of course have to delete 4 times 1 plane. For some slowmotion missions (with > 30 planes) deleting already 1 squad helped a lot
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