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  1. I'm happy to help out! let us know when you got a script for us
  2. Truly a great post from Jason. I see no issues with not going to the Pacific if it's simply not viable. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to find usable data on these aircraft and ships, especially in another language.
  3. Coordination between players is a gameplay feature that is missing. please do not talk to us as if we are children. I fully understand that the team is small and that this is not a priority, but I do hope in time that we see further developments for multiplayer and the ways in which players can engage with it. Air marshal sounds like a good start and I look forward to trying it.
  4. That is a real shame to hear that there are still no plans for voip, the multiplayer experience is so uncoordinated that it basically plays just like single player currently. Is there any status updates on the Air Marshal role? It's been a fair while since we last heard about it and I really don't feel I've heard what the goal and overall design is going to be. Without clear player-to-player communication I don't understand how it'll function effectively.
  5. Wow! I had no idea this was already in-game! So impressed that you can see the torpedo being loaded! I imagine most of that tech was built in hope of going to the Pacific theatre after Kuban. Really hope we can get some more naval warfare since all the boat tech is so darn impressive yet underused!
  6. I think this is an interesting point! I feel IL-2 is very tailored towards single player, and the multiplayer scene hasn't recieved much developer focus. If most of the development time goes into single player then why would people want to play multiplayer? If time was taken to focus on some multiplayer additions I think those stats would quickly change. I personally really love multiplayer but it can often be extremely boring/ frustrating as in-game coordination is non-existent. While it is possible to join team speaks or discord servers, it is not nearly as enjoyable nor realistic as in-game solutions and can often be annoying to find the correct servers, channels etc. Obviously we have the air marshal role in development, but I really struggle to see how it will help to encourage any multiplayer coordination as it will still not have any communication besides easy to miss text boxes. and I don't really see a message saying "Hey, Frogface. Go shoot the tanks" as being very engaging or different that the current multiplayer model. I strongly feel that a basic yet realistic in-game comms system would greatly help the multiplayer scene as it would encourage more teamwork which is currently sorely lacking. I think this could work really well with the air marshal role too. The air marshal could organise a small team at an airfield, the team could then use the radio to coordinate between themselves. Once back at base they could then update the air marshal on how the mission went which they would in turn relay to the rest of the pilots in the server furthering the battle. The real issue is that even a simple system would require some dev time to create and implement, which means that's less time spent making planes and thus money. The team can't exactly sell us a comms system, and if they did it would be a big mistake to lock fundamental features behind a pay wall. Instead I think multiplayer could be better utilised as addition revenue sources, if co-op was better realised I would love to buy co-op mission packs to play for example. I feel not everyone would agree but I would also love to purchase (realistic) skins for my aircraft or nose art. these things could help to justify the costs of developers building on the multiplayer framework.
  7. I believe all of the disc copies of IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad were linked to Steam. Log into Steam with the same account you originally installed IL-2 to and you should be able to re-download it, No DVD drive is required. There are 2 tanks that you can play with without the Tank DLC, but they are much simpler than the Tank DLC ones, still a ton of fun to play with though. Hope this helps
  8. Honestly I don't even care what we get! Every aircraft and map they make is always outstanding! This is an excellent way to build hype! Getting an English channel map would be cool though! I wanna bomb my house They've found the next clue! DRINK THE OVALTINE!!
  9. The plot thickens! What aircraft were in the skies at D-day that we don't already have? Ones that spring to mind would be Typhoon, C47 and Lancaster
  10. Noticed this awesome artwork in the latest email! Is there higher res versions? these would make for some killer desktop backgrounds
  11. I believe Jason previously said that only male voice actors are required at this time, unfortunately. Hopefully you'll get a chance in the future 🙂
  12. I recorded some of the lines before, Happy to record more for the spotter role British accent, 23 years old I'll record these lines and get them sent over asap
  13. I recorded some of the lines before, Happy to record more for the spotter role British accent, 23 years old
  14. I'm 22 from Great Yarmouth England, also done a lot of milsim in other games and decent bit of drama too. Would love to be a part of this :)
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