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  1. I believe Jason previously said that only male voice actors are required at this time, unfortunately. Hopefully you'll get a chance in the future 🙂
  2. I recorded some of the lines before, Happy to record more for the spotter role British accent, 23 years old I'll record these lines and get them sent over asap
  3. I recorded some of the lines before, Happy to record more for the spotter role British accent, 23 years old
  4. I'll jump on this! British Thanks for the opportunity
  5. I'm 22 from Great Yarmouth England, also done a lot of milsim in other games and decent bit of drama too. Would love to be a part of this :)
  6. This is how I feel, I would honestly forfeit the discounts in exchange for the key if that helped in some way. I can't think of a reason not to put it on steam, the majority of player will purchase from the IL-2 site regardless and having it on steam may pick up more sales overall!
  7. Thank you for a quick answer, Jason I'll grab them the second they're on steam
  8. Grow up Space ghost, you don't have to belittle people for wanting consistency. You all wants forum badges, but I basically want the same thing for steam and that's wrong? You don't need to shit on people for thinking different than you, so stop. I want to support this product just as much as you, I only question the new steam intergration
  9. That made sense in the past but given that they don't give out keys anymore I wondered if that may change, since they also seem to be proud of full steam integration too would be a shame to not commit fully. As much as I'll support everything this team puts out I still want my games all in one place, I don't mind helping steam too (although 30% is kinda crazy to take)!
  10. Not to complain about steam keys again, but are these (flying circus and tank crew) going to be available on steam soon or will it be in over a year when the expansion are fully released? I really like keeping all my games on steam and really would like to be able to get it now and join the fun! I understand that steam keys are no longer available going forward and that's fine, but having to wait over a year to play would be a real bummer!
  11. So will these be available on steam? Now that the steam integration is complete and you no longer offer steam keys from your site it would make sense it put it on steam now rather than on full release right? (I know it'll still work off the IL-2 store but I want it in my steam library) I really can't wait to try these and support you guys but the whole steam things is making things awkward for me
  12. All the rise of flight stuff is on sale too, I don't know if the money still helps go towards IL-2 or not though. I just picked up everything and it's amazing! feel honored to finally own every piece of the team's content! R.I.P my student loan lol
  13. I believe BoM is currently 40% off on the IL-2 store, which is a bargain for that price
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