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  1. To be blunt about my feelings as a customer: I am certainly sympathetic to software limitations as someone who spent some time in that industry. I would never try to disrespect anyones work either. But I dont plan to purchase Battle of Normany unless incendiary ammo, or some sort of workaround approximating its effects added to the USAF aircraft. I have no regrets about getting this game, but its tough to swallow the .50 BMG model that comes with it. Both from a historical accuracy (lack of API model OR approximation of its effect) AND the massive discrepancy in weapon performance
  2. So I've posted this before in some discord discussions a few times, but I will post it again here. I disagree with your statement. There is something wrong with the .50 caliber M2 machine guns in il2, but it isn't the AP ammo model that's the obvious problem. Not to say its perfect, but what do I know about it? (The DM). Very little. My impression of the dev team is they are very meticulous and detailed in their efforts to bring us ww2 air combat in the comfort of our homes. The pilot physiology model for example, is fantastic and reading their blog posts it is plain to see the level of though
  3. So I'm familiar with the engine selection ability, and that method of adjusting engine controls, and I have used this method for quite some time to adjust all other engine controls in the P38. It is clunky, but it can be used. I appreciate your time to explain it to me however, in the case that I did not know. That being said, I think that pictures and videos are worth 1000 words. I have made a short video showing that the manual/automatic modes of the oil radiators are completely linked, and that even engine selection does not allow you to perform the proper engine out procedure
  4. Would it be possible to add separate keybindings for switching between radiator control modes for engines #1 and #2? In the P38 it is possible to switch one engines radiators into manual control mode while leaving the other engines radiators operating automatically. In the current control scheme this doesnt seem possible. Why it is needed. Well, it isnt but it would add some immersion and realism to the P38. For example: the engine out procedure states to shut down the dead engine and manually close the radiators. You leave the running engine operating in automatic mode
  5. I have reveiwed the logs, but I am not going to follow down this tangent. If you are so interested, look at my sorties from that day. You can choose to believe me or not. I have no reason to lie, this is a discussion about a video game. Nobody is expecting it to be a cannon so that is just putting words where they have not been said. I beleive your mind on the subiect is already decided and you are trying to derail the discussion. Back to the topic at hand. I am a simple man, and the bf109 is a small airplane. The wing is not large, and there are things in there which are important
  6. The wing I hit with over 90 rounds in one pass a useless part of the airplane. Sure, why not? Each of these passes were 30-40 hits according to server logs. Do you have anything constructive to add to the discussion?
  7. Typical 109 fight with a group of mustangs. We shot this 109 up with over 150 rounds of ammunition before he dies, and he survived a total of five gunnery passes. I checked the server log. The second and third passes he was hit with 30+ rounds each and fourth pass I put 91 rounds into it which finally damaged him enough to snap the wing off. The 109 pilot scored a kill with 8 rounds on target. So take from that what you will.
  8. I would not play il2 but for VR, and I wouldnt have VR but for il2. With the new visibility update its better than ever.
  9. Lots of discussion about this topic round and round. There are many issues here it seems, but I'm not a weapons expert so I will focus on what I see as the least controversial element of this discussion. The facts as I see them: 1. There is no model for the effects of incendiary ammunition as I understand it. 2. This was the main ammunition type of the USAAF during this time period. My simpleminded conclusion is the .50 caliber machine gun used in US aircraft is not accurately modeled. It does not have the correct ammunition.
  10. I am uninformed on the subject to be honest but I have no issues with the current G modeling system. I think there should be more consequences for abusing your pilot with alternating negative and positive Gs however. Such manuevers seem unrealistic and eliminating them may improve other aspects of the game.
  11. I have a little bit of feedback I run HP reverb through a GTX1080 Ti downsampled to 80% native resolution as the rest of my system is limiting. Some issues that I run into Spotting contacts at long range, then zooming in on them causes the dots to shrink in size and sometimes disappear when zooming. Often my squadron mates can spot contacts that I cannot see in monitors or in lower resolution VR equipment. I beleive this effect is related to super/downsampling. Spotting aircraft against the ground. Often I cannot see aircraft against the ground at all, even
  12. I had this issue as well. What fixed it is deleting the environment data and recalibrating the HMD through the WMR interface.
  13. Have a very irritating tandom freeze when playing VR in multiplayer on the HP reverb. Does anyone else have some tips? Usually goes one of two ways. 1. Starting up at the airfield and my keyboard and joystick stop working. Can't start the engines and have to force quit the game. 2. Far more annoying, in multiplayer, usually while turning into an enemy. Controls, mouse and keyboard freeze, and my plane continues to fly at whatever control angles I had before it froze. Then either into the ground I go or get shot down sitting helplessly watching it all go down
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