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  1. SCG_Manu653

    It was a long way

    And Aces Over Europe Dynamic !
  2. The detail of the plane is stunning. All the wires, the landing wheels shaking wow ! Really a good work ! Hope they will get more planes to work on. I love tho fly this one... a lot of possibilities for campaign and missions.
  3. SCG_Manu653

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Salut Tip ! I would like to rent some VVS plane free 😉. For myself and ATAG_dB and R.A.G._Glitch. We would like spits but we can take 3 P-47 too.
  4. SCG_Manu653

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    Done ! Good luck if needed.
  5. SCG_Manu653

    DD today?

    For myself, I think the "Multiplayer Marshall" update should be a great turn point as an update. It can modify the way some MP is handle and brings a lot of depth...
  6. SCG_Manu653

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    What about French Canadian
  7. SCG_Manu653

    How to give a Gift ?

    Ok so I send him a mail here with the info, thanks Therion. (donc je lui envoie le code d'achat ou celui avec les XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX) Merci Got it Therion Merci !
  8. SCG_Manu653

    How to give a Gift ?

    Hello all, I just don't remember how to give a gift ''Kuban'' to my friend. I've already bought it as a gift but how I send it to him ? Thank you.
  9. SCG_Manu653

    Buy Battle of Kuban Today! P-39 Video Inside

    When I looked the video I was unable to appreciate the P-39 ! I was always looking about the horizon and said humm it must be retouched by something... I loved it but damn... it gonna be hard to stay focus there is so much to see now ! Bravo ! Well done team.
  10. SCG_Manu653

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Yes I am Jason.
  11. SCG_Manu653

    Tactical Air War

    I respect you point of view and found it good. A good reading that you have linked there. But I fear that a lot of people consider chute killing coming from a behavior misconduct (hard to explain in my french-quebecer-canadian traduction). Ok let's talk about something else in TAW pleasssssssssssee ....guilty guy
  12. SCG_Manu653

    Tactical Air War

    When a squad got destroy...it's from inside not because of the others squad... When a pilot sign-up in your squad does they need sign a letter that they will stay all their life with you.... you doesn't own them... Oh sorry all the ZG is yours...my highness.
  13. SCG_Manu653

    TAW - bugs, errors and problems

    Forget the last one The mistake was coming from an added spacing after the E-Mail. But the problem... I've got now is: 57.GIAP Manu653 is Allies OK 4./JG52_Manu653 is Allies WRONG Not sure if you can change that for the AXIS side as 4./JG52_Manu653 as AXIS please. I can handle this myself...but I will got 2 TAGS and another nickname...
  14. SCG_Manu653

    TAW - bugs, errors and problems

    Got a problem trying to register this time... For the first time it can take any of my e-mail. The answer is : Empty or invalid e-mail address. Never got this problem before on TAW. Does the system have a bug the 06 November ?
  15. SCG_Manu653

    Tactical Air War

    Poor of you ... really.