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  1. Best luck Steinhoff, we appreciate to fly with you. So you will be in good hand under Steinhoff.
  2. The 4./JG52 will be there with some members of the 5./ZG1.
  3. ​You know Uriah we are a lot of American players but most of us use our own channel on TS (from squad).
  4. I think I'm level 13 or 14. I don't know what is the max level but it's very hard now. You need to plan your waypoint to not met too many AA toward your objective and toward the exit point too. I rarely follow the nav plan at this level....too hard.
  5. I'm more for Thursday/Saturday.
  6. So you really want a 110 ? For me it's a job of 2 minutes.
  7. Yes I will put some mod42 for the mission.
  8. For this mission it'only bomber but if you really want a 110 beware of the flak over the target !
  9. Saturday 17th September 2016 at 15h00 EDT (NY) check your timing here:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ MISSION: Hailstorm Mission Time:11:48-14:30 Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Winds steady from the Northeast. Situation: Under fierce air battles 216th SAD Sturmoviks are able to counter armored advances. Axis bombers continue to pound airbases and infrastructure while Pe-2s strike a tactical blow as the 14th Pzd advance on Stalingrad continues. **Patrol areas and Targeting to be relayed via PM to each side. *Wings of Luftwaffe 4./JG52 Settings for Saturday Night Bomber Flights will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides. *TS will be the jagdwaffe.enjinvoice.com password will be sent by mail; in one of the MP Channels. Planeset: Axis He-111 (9) 1-4./JG52 CorZero Ju-88A-4 (4) 1-II./ZG1=Spketre 2- BF-109G (8) 1-4./JG52 Manu 2-4./JG52 Neun 3-4./JG52 Doughboy 4-4./JG52 Hund 5-4./JG52 Wild 6-4./JG52 Casca 7-4./JG52 Anton BF-109F4 (2) VVS IL2-41* (3) IL2-42 (3) 1-=PLR=-SuperEtendard Pe-2 s.87 (5) Lagg-3 (3) Yak-1 (8) 1-Jade Monkey Thanks to Tip !
  10. Great Tip ! Love the new format with some AI and we've got only few minutes to get in gear !
  11. Great Jade, will have SNBF next week if not INWAR running.
  12. Thank you awesome job ! I'm trying it out right now.
  13. If we found a way to make our own campaign it will !
  14. You will have enough 110 Grendel but if you want I can give you a Ju88.
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