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  1. Please can you add Rheinmetall601E as 4./JG52_Rheinmetall601E he change is profile.
  2. The FNBF event held tomorrow : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/23544-friday-night-bomber-flight-topic/?p=414706
  3. If you are looking for a event with coordinate missions. The best role play experience in this game. You have an offensive where you need to fulfill multiple task with several elements inside the timing. Each element is coordinate by communication for fulfill the task. It's a must do come and join us.
  4. Salut viens nous voire ici : http://simulatedaircombat.enjin.com/home Yes another French-Canadian ! ( Proudly a Nordique fan ! )
  5. The idea of the Quorum is a good one but like p3zman said we need to lower it a bit for the western community.
  6. Dunno it's closed now ! Was still hopping to get my extension for my joystick.
  7. Another TS event inside 6 months, very good communication with the community. Thumbs up.
  8. I think we were there when you hit the airfield, it was a good target inside the key point. The airfield was nearby arty and columns so it was fine. You did your task .
  9. Can we have a restart of the server please. Working was quick !
  10. Thank you to KG200_Volker, the 4./JG52 will use this training mission for our squad soon. Very kind to share it with the community Habu and Volker.
  11. Le nombre de personnes qui ont décollé avec les mêmes configurations. It's a statistic of how much people have taken the planes.
  12. Thank you Tip was a great event like always !
  13. I have 9 guys attending and 5 maybe Tip . Sorry to be late. I may be late I need to bring my dog at the vet.
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