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  1. We are opening a position for an interested pilot who fly primarily in and around the EST zone of North America. If you are an active player we have a place left inside the 4./JG52 as 109 fighter.
  2. We have players on NA time too don't worry.
  3. We will be in. I send you the names later on Battle-fields site.
  4. I know this is a 5 on 7 to win the campaign. But can we make a tug of war... finish all the 7 map. It's sad to not see the later planes. I know, I know, I know you just have to win the map and bla bla bla . But in a war you fight until the end of the war not of the fight.
  5. Great I'm waiting for so long to get an extension for my Black Mamba Vintage !
  6. Can you take a look on this log. It's written that I was DISCO after 45 sec bailing out. But I've never been disconnected of the server once ! http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=17372&name=4./JG52_Manu653 Thank you.
  7. I will take 5X109G2 for the 4./JG52 . I send you the names on your website !
  8. Sorry to be late but Tip (or someone else) can you send me the info for tonight AXIS side please.
  9. And sadly most of the time we don't have the chance to hit the last maps.
  10. Very small in green upper right corner of the screen. The game is so smooth now, amazing.
  11. Wow the paratrooper speachless .... Some will have plenty of chute killing now ! Very good video good job team !
  12. Not sure it's should be a 4 on 7 need to be confirmed. 5 on 7 from Lt Artur it's not 4 on 7 but 5 on 7.
  13. Maybe a suggestion. If it's a Tactical Air War are we suppose to fight all the offensives (map rotation) until the end of the war. Because now it's like if you loose 4 offensives the war is over. Now it's more a competition then a war if it's the first 4/7. Maybe you can think about that just a suggestion. It will be sad too to don't see the G2 and Yak 1b ! Just found it was 5 on 7.
  14. Not on this campaign Kathon.
  15. Great the 4./JG52 will be there, I send you the participation by your Battle-fields site.
  16. Was a great fun yesterday ! I lost internet connection after the first bombing run but I was landed. It was very great to escort 2 schwarm of JU88 in formation. Good job bomber !
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