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  1. If you don't mind Tx_Tip I will see what I can do for today with our guys.
  2. I like the idea of limited life on a map for multiple purposes but the worst drawback is that it will lower the number of player in the server during the middle and end of the mission. It can be good in some ways but during western time it will empty the server fast.
  3. It will bring more people from my squad to play as VVS next time I hope ! We already started a ''Kickstarter'' in our squad in giving VVS collector planes !
  4. I've got the chance to take a look on this new server, the expert one. It's a tremendous job that Coconut have made and his new dynamic campaign show a lot of potential. Moreover then now he had a website :http://coconutside.eu:81/fr/ for the statistic on the campaign. The SACG (4./JG52, 2./JG51, 5./ZG1 and our new 57.GIAP) will use very soon this server for dynamic campaign. Thank you very much Coconut !
  5. You know that you will be more away from online after the 14th October ? And for the Kuban map like CPT Pike HarryM_Blue said you really doesn't need of any software like Reshade / Sweet FX.
  6. Just ready for the counter-offensive the next morning... I hope the 16th GIAP got the time to train on them.
  7. I like the idea. In fact the war is a series of battle (maps) so it is a logical continuation for me. Maybe it's too hard to program.
  8. Really a nice work Jade Monkey !
  9. My thought about the main incoming campaign will be near of Guadalcanal, big map of endless sea with small islands will be able to do as 2nd and 3rd map ! Like on BOS : Veliki, Stalingrad and the small one.
  10. I feel the same about diminishing some of what is TAW and it's why I didn't flew with two accounts before. And most of the times was to shy to fly AXIS when we outnumber them so was flying on another server. But doing that I was losing fun of TAW too much so the only perspective was to fly on some campaign only VVS. Like I did but was missing to fly with my squad too. So I made two accounts and even with the drawback, I've gain more pleasure in flying two sides then not at all.
  11. Hello I've got this problem since 3-4 months on my old computer and found it annoying but was thinking that was probably my old installation of the game since. But now I have still the same trouble with a brand new computer and new installation... the only thing that I'm using on software in IL2 is Reshade 3.XX. In short the background sound in the games like planes flying, birds''chipping'' and some detonation are still playing when I enter in the plane... It's not a game breaker but I just wondering if I'm not alone with this trouble. Here is some specifications: -STEAM application with all the stuff possible in IL2 -Windows 10 Pro -Intel Core i7-7700 3.60GHZ -Mem 16Go -GeForce GTX 1080 pilote 385.28
  12. For me since 3 campaigns I'm flying with 2 accounts. One VVS for low numbers on this side as 57.GIAP and 4./JG52 with my squad for event in EU times.
  13. Can we still have one account for each side like it was before ? Never mind, still working.
  14. For me with the new FM on the P-40, I've got a blast flying it. Now I love it back. Very nice to control it with the rudder.
  15. The skin is very nice and soft in 4K. Happy 4th July.
  16. It deserve a different way of thinking. An air force for the Soviet Union with a mentality of air superiority was unconceivable at this time and with their territory.
  17. Got one and it broke after only 2months and half. Now I have a Samsung 28'' 4K LU28E590DS/ZA since 4-5 months. The LG image was very nice but sadly it stop to work very soon.
  18. I have the same issue since 2 patch on TS. I'm on a VKB Vintage Black Mamba and TS doesn't see anymore any of my buttons.
  19. For me the hardest part is to type during flying... not the Ctrl-Enter .
  20. Great news today for the amelioration of FM (improved FM). It's always pleasant to see them working whenever they get the time to improve their product .
  21. It doesn't ask to install it but to ask them to support BOX on their application. For myself the more application will support BOX the more publicity they have over the public. So more players for us in MP !
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