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  1. For myself, I think the "Multiplayer Marshall" update should be a great turn point as an update.

    It can modify the way some MP is handle and brings a lot of depth...



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  2. 5 hours ago, Jason_Williams said:

    This is the new horizon.

    When I looked the video I was unable to appreciate the P-39 !

    I was always looking about the horizon and said humm it must be retouched by something...


    I loved it but damn... it gonna be hard to stay focus there is so much to see now !

    Bravo ! Well done team.


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  3. Not only is it allowed, it's the current meta of the game. The entire game revolves around a player's survivability. Live longer to acquire more points to get recognized on the front page of the leader boards. TAW puts emphasis on a pilot's life by making it part of winning the campaign. Therefore, chute killing (in TAW) must be done to win... and I play to win (at least in TAW).

    I respect you point of view and found it good.

    A good reading that you have linked there.


    But I fear that a lot of people consider chute killing coming from a behavior misconduct (hard to explain in my french-quebecer-canadian traduction). 



    Ok let's talk about something else in TAW pleasssssssssssee  :ph34r: ....guilty guy    :ph34r:   

  4. Poor is destruct a friendly squadron, stealing pilots.

    Poor is stealing a name of friendly squadron.

    Poor and shamefull.

    When a squad got destroy...it's from inside not because of the others squad...

    When a pilot sign-up in your squad does they need sign a letter that they will stay all their life with you.... you doesn't own them...

    Oh sorry all the ZG is yours...my highness.

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  5. Forget the last one



    The mistake was coming from an added spacing after the E-Mail.

    But the problem... I've got now is:


    57.GIAP Manu653 is Allies OK

    4./JG52_Manu653 is Allies WRONG


    Not sure if you can change that for the AXIS side as 4./JG52_Manu653 as AXIS please.



    I can handle this myself...but I will got 2 TAGS and another nickname...

  6. What I can say from my perspective as an old advance gunner (25mm-125mm) is that AP will do more damage in hitting metal (worst aluminium) then wood... even at this time the speed of the bullet was too slow for making thermo-fusion (dunno the word exact in english). In hitting the structure the AP will bring a lot of debris ( small part) in a very high temperature. The debris from wood (around)will be mostly non-effective...but debris of aluminium very hot will do.


    And during the first part of WW2 because of the powder and the sabot was not there until 43-44. The best weapon should be inside of 20-30mm depend of the cartridge.

    The HE should (in my poiny of view ) do more damage then now but even now it's very hard to calculate damage and everything from HE for a lot of reasons so I can imagine the nightmare for the dev.

  7. I really like it when people said it's the real war.... for people who have already be involved in combat situation I swear that you doesn't want to re-make it in a game...

    I was in infantry and since I have not anymore fun to shoot at somebody...helpless


    And a lot of people talking that the air war was brutal ( you forget the ground troops ) it was not so brutal.


    Too many love brutality behind their screen but when you face it a couple of times...you doesn't want to copy it...

  8. Please guys.... can we stop that.... we can extrapolate a lot with number....I'm second yrs in accounting already ;)....


    If everybody was there at time (and it is nearly impossible from all my experience in coordinating any kind of event) during the time I was trying to split the fighters forces with their duties and to be sure that the communication was centralized at some points.



    A lot of this trouble should not be there.


    Tip is making this event... our duty from at least squad guys should be  to offer him coordinate elements... some of us are pretty experienced guys....and a lot of you could be shamed to cry about communication when we know how to handle that.


    A lot of you know me that I like to manage things and trying to put people together or even squads in coordination. 

    But sometime in FNBF my schedule doesn't offer me the possibility to do so.


    This is what I try to do most of the time

    • to be aware of the situation and the objectives of each element;
    • to be in charge of deploying escort to each element in need;
    • to be in charge of keeping air superiority over the sector;
    • to be in communication with all element if needed;
    • confirmed that fighter escort and bomber are in communication;
    • to re-deploy element if needed;
    • to be the person''key'' for tactical coordination of all element .

    But it's pretty easy... and Tip doesn't have the time to handle that during the beginning of the event...

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  9. Was a good mission yesterday Tip, like always.


    Sadly I had to leave after the 1 st mission.


    P.S. Drifter, Jizzo and Riksen :


    Every leader have his pro and con. It's like a hockey team...we need to adjust to the key leader.

    I don't think guys it's the best place to talk of this here for respect of the work of Tip. I enjoy to fly with Jizzo and Riksen but they are two kind of different leader. I hardly see in my life 2 leaders with the same skills and abilities.

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  10. From the pilots I know there have always been universal complaints about jamming of the M2 aboard the EMB-314 (built in), EMB-314 and MB-326 (gunpods).

    Even during our era the M2 is easy to jam. I've got a lot of jamming using the M2 in my career and during jamming if the canon is still hot the cartridge can detonate...I've already got a cartridge who detonate in my hand after a stopping (jamming).

    So I really believe that they"ve got a lot of jamming with the M2.

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