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  1. The detail of the plane is stunning. All the wires, the landing wheels shaking wow ! Really a good work ! Hope they will get more planes to work on. I love tho fly this one... a lot of possibilities for campaign and missions.
  2. Salut Tip ! I would like to rent some VVS plane free 😉. For myself and ATAG_dB and R.A.G._Glitch. We would like spits but we can take 3 P-47 too.
  3. For myself, I think the "Multiplayer Marshall" update should be a great turn point as an update. It can modify the way some MP is handle and brings a lot of depth...
  4. Ok so I send him a mail here with the info, thanks Therion. (donc je lui envoie le code d'achat ou celui avec les XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX) Merci Got it Therion Merci !
  5. Hello all, I just don't remember how to give a gift ''Kuban'' to my friend. I've already bought it as a gift but how I send it to him ? Thank you.
  6. When I looked the video I was unable to appreciate the P-39 ! I was always looking about the horizon and said humm it must be retouched by something... I loved it but damn... it gonna be hard to stay focus there is so much to see now ! Bravo ! Well done team.
  7. I respect you point of view and found it good. A good reading that you have linked there. But I fear that a lot of people consider chute killing coming from a behavior misconduct (hard to explain in my french-quebecer-canadian traduction). Ok let's talk about something else in TAW pleasssssssssssee ....guilty guy
  8. When a squad got destroy...it's from inside not because of the others squad... When a pilot sign-up in your squad does they need sign a letter that they will stay all their life with you.... you doesn't own them... Oh sorry all the ZG is yours...my highness.
  9. Forget the last one The mistake was coming from an added spacing after the E-Mail. But the problem... I've got now is: 57.GIAP Manu653 is Allies OK 4./JG52_Manu653 is Allies WRONG Not sure if you can change that for the AXIS side as 4./JG52_Manu653 as AXIS please. I can handle this myself...but I will got 2 TAGS and another nickname...
  10. Got a problem trying to register this time... For the first time it can take any of my e-mail. The answer is : Empty or invalid e-mail address. Never got this problem before on TAW. Does the system have a bug the 06 November ?
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