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  1. 353rd Fighter Group! yess please!
  2. just beautiful buddy.....🤤 congrats!
  3. if you accept my opinion I would say that it has too much shine in the metal, the original is a matte metal and the fonts you have used are not very exact to the originals, if you can use the ones I have pasted in the previous post or if you need them I can pass you the vectorized files, anyway the thing goes very well !Congrat bud : )
  4. yep, sure!😋thank you bud
  5. oh wow great news then! if you need more material or information please let me know
  6. I hope someone with great skills makes this skin 🤪please please!
  7. i see, but i hope they update old models too, thanks for quick response buddy! Salute!
  8. One question guys, ¿why only new aircraft (Bodenplatte) have new 3d pilot model? i you fly Dora the pilot is new, if you fly the G6 the pilot its old... any ideas? Salute!
  9. I understand you, brother..... try this i solve the problem this way: how to perform a clean boot in windows I know i know its a generic microsoft help but hey! here it works now i'm happy again! thanks all of you giving me his help, much appreciated🙏
  10. my problem starts when I click to start the game, not even the game starts, is frozen in the taskbar in mode does not respond .... so it does not even load or enter the menu, I have also added to the exceptions of firewall / antivirus ... the strange thing is that until two or three updates ago the game worked incredibly well for me, so what happened here! wow this is very frustrating mate....
  11. thank you for responding and for the suggestion but if, I deleted and reinstalled the game as 20 times on different hard drives HDDs and SSDs deleting all residue from the game and nothing seems to work, the game remains frozen on the desktop with the message "the game doesnt respond". the funny thing is that the rest of the applications work like silk, also DCS flight in 2k with graphics at full and I have no problem so I do not understand what may be happening but the most frustrating thing is that nobody helps me and I paid for it! is hopeless!
  12. Im still stuck on this, even the new update 3.012 the game don't start...... oh please any help here! the support team don't wanna help me, any solution without reinstall windows 10 and apps...
  13. I'm talking to technical support but there is no solution to the problem at the moment ... computers are sometimes like a nightmare😩
  14. i hope in the next update all this things can be fixed...
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