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  1. awesome work like allways @E69_julian57 thank you!👏👏👏
  2. yep at the moment you have to re-upload it again i think..
  3. Hi @E69_julian57 I have been testing your two latest Sturmstaffel 1 skins for the A6 and I have noticed that in the Alpha layer there is a 100% pure black in this part which makes it transparent, just to let you know buddy, great work as always.
  4. Thanks @E69_julian57 another great skin from you, can you do this one with spiral in the propeller cone please?
  5. @E69_julian57 could you please create a skin pack of the Sturmstaffel 1 for the FW190 A6? with various numerals and historical markings, here is some visual information: what do you think?
  6. New skin for the 353rd series. P51DNA-15 sn 44-72113 SX-E "The Lord is my Shepherd" Flown by Louis McAdory who served as a fighter pilot with the 352nd Fighter Squadron of the 353rd Fighter Group, flying missions out of Raydon, England. Available now on HSD Skin Downloader.
  7. One more for the 353rd series P51DNA-15 YJ-I "Thunderbug" Available now on HSD Skin Downloader. Also new version of "willit run?" with more accurate details, available now on HSD Skin Downloader
  8. Hi Bo_Nidle i lost my USAAF Code font and i cant find anywhere, can you share this with me? thanks!
  9. Hi all, you can download all my P-51D-15 Mustang skins of 353rd series individually, using the HSD (Haluter skins downloader) at the moment I´m not planning to make a skin pack, Enjoy it! Muscat
  10. Links are fixed, at the moment the skins can be downloaded one by one, today Haluter bring to us his tool check it out 😉
  11. all links are now fixed and available again, thanks for the report.
  12. i buy P51 Throttle for sure! it will be nice to have de late mustang Throttle quadrant, i’m very interested in this project very good job!
  13. that's true, and the mirrors on the sides of the canopy
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