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  1. We are talking about planes downed in enemy's territory.
  2. Its a kill if its me, why should it be different for the AI?
  3. The trk file is too big to upload (even compressed) but here is the mission. career-15-caesar tirabassy-1945.2020-12-28_11-37-46_00.7zip
  4. I used to see these "slowdowns" during some Bodenplatte career missions. Setting the frontline density (I might not remember its name correctly, it was one of the career options) to medium from high cured the problem for me.
  5. This seems especially true after 4.504. I basically stopped doing intercept missions or just engage the escort.
  6. Brief description: During a career mode mission, the B25 bombers flight I was escorting behaved very strangely. One lone bomber was flying at 6500 feet while the others were much higher, and maneuvering as if they were playing escort! Detailed description, conditions: The flight originated in one of the westernmost airport and was therefore quite long. When I took off the bombers were in perfect formation so the problem must have been originated a while after, perhaps after one of their waypoints. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): I have a video, track
  7. Brief description: Downing planes by killing their engine is not considered a kill if the plane manages to land. Detailed description, conditions: I have seen this twice since 4.504, both times in career mode. Once against a yak-1 and another against a Bf-109. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): I will try to record it next time it happens. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):
  8. OK, did some testing this morning, with no wind/turbulence all my Bf109 suffers from this, as well as the Dora and the Ju-87 (all with no manual prop pitch). The worst seems to actually be the Dora.
  9. I've seen this with both 109 and 190, and always thought it had to do with wind since it only happens occasionally.
  10. I'm by no means an expert, so take my words with caution, but for engine management what I do is mainly to keep an eye on rpm/mp, I manually link them since I have a double throttle to rpm and then fine tune mp accordingly to need. I try to keep rpm low (around 2600-2700) and only use short burst of power when most needed (mainly to accelerate). I keep my guns with close convergence (230 mt) and try to fire only when I see the white of their eyes🙂. Usually I try to lead about a full guncross when at the right distance (after a while you should get good at estimating it). Mg requires more lead
  11. I think RedKestrel should be awarded the COTY award. Ps. C stands for chap, not cat (obviously)
  12. I've got plenty of used gear locally so its gonna be easy to check them out before buying. But the quest 2 new is about the same price...if only a way to root them was found I'd buy one immediately.
  13. As jokerBR said, BoBP for the planes, BoK for the map. If you play career, Kuban careers are usually better even though they have supposedly improved Bodenplatte with 4.503. I bought Kuban first and enjoyed it a lot, so much that I bought Stalingrad and then Bodenplatte but, alas, didn't enjoy them so much.
  14. DCS its a different animal, but this guy seems to prefer the quest 2: DCS VR - RIFT S vs QUEST 2! - YouTube
  15. With all the cool kids moving on to greener pastures, it seems that there are quite a number of second hand Rift S to be found here for around 300 € (new its around 450 €). Do you guys think this would be a good entry point to VR in il2? I would pair it with one of the new mid-range cards that should arrive (big question mark) in Q1 2021.
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