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  1. hedger72

    My last give away

    Not in need of any content, but you deserve a salute for your generosity LuseKofte! Well done sir!!
  2. hedger72

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Looking STUNNING! Many thanks to the entire dev team and all the best in 2019!
  3. hedger72

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Extremely generous of you busdriver! All I want for Christmas is a La-5FN! 😍 (or a Bf-109G-6)
  4. hedger72

    P-47 D Skins

    Fantastic read! Thank you so much for posting this!
  5. Oh boy - was going to hold off on purchasing this particular title, but you had to go ahead and change my mind! 😛
  6. WOW!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! A million thank yous!!!
  7. Bloody marvelous! Quite frankly, I'm floored at the amount of work that has already been accomplished on the BoBp map - certainly wasn't expecting it to be this far along in development!
  8. Absolutely fantastic work! Many thanks for all of the team's tireless efforts to continually provide us with the very best combat Sim out there and ensuring endless hours of joy...much to my wife's chagrin
  9. hedger72

    Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

  10. hedger72

    Buy Battle of Kuban Today! P-39 Video Inside

    Oh be still my beating heart! The Airacobra in all her glory! That brought tears to my eyes. The '39 is my favorite WW2 plane, and seeing her in full flight/action is a thing of beauty. This has been my most awaited ride since Kuban was announced and she's almost here! Many thanks for posting this video!!!
  11. That it is; you would need to line it up with the "bead" on the fuselage. ** Edit - LukeFF beat me to is ** Speaking of the cockpit, it looks absolutely fantastic!!! Love the attention to detail; including the nose gear indicator on the fuselage on the 3rd picture - and surprise, surprise! A rear view mirror! Stunning. Simply stunning. I can't wait to strap her on!
  12. hedger72

    Bell P-39 Racers Cobra I & Cobra II

    $13.55USD in 2018 currency...m'eh, I could swing that https://www.dollartimes.com/inflation/inflation.php?amount=1&year=1946
  13. Here is some incredible color footage from the Niagara Aerospace Museum of the legendary Cobra I and Cobra II racers, including racing at the 1946 National Air Races in Cleveland: The two P-39Qs were purchased from Bell surplus, minus propellers, for $1 each! All military hardware was removed, bladder fuel tanks replacing self-sealing units. The landing gear retraction mechanisms were upgrade to provide a quickly cleaned up airframe (you can see this in the video - very slick). The engines were swapped for Allison V-1710-135 (G4) units, and large, 4 blade, paddle props were installed. Finally, all control surfaces were re-skinned with metal covering. Pilots were Bell test pilots Jack Woolams (Cobra I) and "Tex" Johnston (Cobra II). On August 29th, 1946, both pilots qualified their Airacobras for the Thompson Trophy Race, with Woolams posting a qualification speed of 392.7mph, and Johnston at a staggering 409.1mph. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on August 30th, 1946, with Cobra I crashing into Lake Ontario following an engine replacement, killing Jack Woolams. His body was recovered on the 31st, but the wreckage was never found. Tex Johnston went on to win the Thompson Trophy on Monday, September 3rd, 1946, averaging 373mph on the 300 mile course.
  14. hedger72

    Forum Maintenance Next 4 Days

    Yup - we have our shiny, new forum. Now all that's missing is our shiny new 3.001