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  1. [in the voice of Forrest Gump]: She is the puurtiest ship in all of the 3rd PG, she is! (Skin is by US93_Larner, a true skin artist)
  2. WildWilly, show me on the doll where his SS uniforms touched you... How do I install uniforms in the game? Thanks.
  3. ^^^^Now that is Chutzpah right there! LMFAO! I would venture to say that the author creates uniforms---whatever kind they may be---for his enjoyment, not yours. Tomi_099, Sir, you're an artist! Those HJ and Afrika Korp. uniforms are off the hook! Now I need to figure out how to install them in the game
  4. The interface totally sucks compared to Great Battles, but we all knew that going in if you've had Cliffs of Dover ahead of time. So far overall I'm digging Tobruk....my only gripe is; how do I get rid of that armor head plate behind the seat in the BF 109 F4? Checking my 6 is worthless...can't see anything..... I always like to see what is trying to kill me.
  5. Exactly! Also, with a good set of headphones you can tell when to increase and back off by the sound of the engine.
  6. I guess I need to get one of them there FC badges so I'm not treated like a red headed step child in this here forum when I ask a question. So, how do l "link" my Steam copy of FC?
  7. I do have FC and I purchased it through Steam, as well as BoS and Boden Platte, which I thought was a good idea at the time, but then I found out that purchasing through the IL2 store is better because the devs get all the $$$ which is good for future development of the sim(s). So since then I've been buying modules such as BoM, BoK and collector planes directly through IL2. Being that my copy of FC was purchased through Steam am I not suppose to post in the IL2 FC forum? LOL
  8. Okay, so being that my question is about how to adjust the off-center sights on aircraft in Flying Circus and being that my question doesn't quite fit into the other categories of the Flying Circus forum, where should I have asked my question other than in the General category of the Flying Circus forum? And what is "BoX'....care to explain?
  9. In the "Airplane Control" settings it's the "Adjustable Stabilizer Axis". I'm using a Warthog fuel box and have it set to Joy1_axis_p....which is the grey wheel (it's an axis) on the right hand side of the fuel stick. It's pretty slick once you get the hang of it.
  10. The Se5a has elevator trim; keep your speed up--while doing adjustments with the throttle--and you can hang with a D7f in a ridiculously tight turn.
  11. I got it figured out. Thanks for the replies
  12. How do I center up the off-center iron sights? Thanks
  13. I'm running Nvidia's RTX 2080Ti-OC with game settings maxed out and getting average of FPS between 120ish and 150ish....sometimes 190+ if a lot isn't going on in the game at the time. But then again, for a $1,300 card I wouldn't expect any less. The 1080Ti is a lot cheaper and still a good choice too.
  14. Really good tutorial on knocking out the T-34/KV-1 with the HS 129, I've applied these tips and my tank busting ability in the HS 129 has vastly improved. However, like he says in the tutorial; if flying low n slow makes you uneasy, than the HS 129 isn't for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebU8iIwLrsA
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