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  1. I cant seem to get through the first one - there's no signal fires so I'm not sure where to stop.
  2. ok - fair enough. I'm still playing through. its a good campaign.
  3. just finished 3rd mission. I like it!. One question though - it seems the flight lead flys very slow. Only ~160mph. The map / briefing say 240-260mph though. Is there a unit issue going on or something? KPH instead of MPH maybe? Thanks for the campaign!
  4. Can't wait for the Mosquito. And the channel. Currently playing hell Hawks. I recently built a pc that can handle quality settings and for the first time I'm playing without markers on. My old laptop just couldn't cut it (visibility wise). It makes it so much more immersive without markers and also the custom radio calls. Much more challenging. It give a better sense of how frightening things would have been. Excellent campaign. I don't mind the longer missions actually. Even starting up your aircraft and taxiing is all good in my books. Thanks for the great work.
  5. Are you still working on this campaign? lighting strikes was excellent. I’d love to fly another of your campaigns.
  6. Sounds good. Thanks for looking into it.
  7. Thanks for looking into it. I'm on the 4th or 5th mission now. Really nice campaign.
  8. I'm having the same issue. Good and safe landing - but then says forced landing. Any ideas?
  9. About 80% through the campaign. It’s really enjoyable to play and the Mig 3 is a fine fighter. great work on the campaign. Really engaging. Also for people with lower spec’d pcs. I’m playing this on a laptop with gtx960m and able to get 60fps With reasonable settings and 150km horizon distance.
  10. Thanks! Any thoughts on release timeframe at this point? would be great to fly some Cannon armed spitfire And hurri campaign missions
  11. I recently finished this. It’s very well done and lots of fun. The rearm / refuel function is a lot of fun for multiple sorties too.
  12. Yeah you'd certainly have a map. Probably on a knee board I would think. Again. thanks for the campaign. its excellent. 11 missions down.
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