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  1. I tend to find that I have shot down more planes with my convergence set to 50 I have experimented with higher convergence in RoF and was not successful. I guess it is a matter of preference as stated before.
  2. I have read a little on Erich Hartmann and saw that he liked to get really close to his targets but was it possible to set convergence on the 109 to 100 meters?
  3. I think part of my issue has to do with the fact that I am not used to closing on the enemy so quickly and I tend to fire late. Having primarily flown WW1 aircraft in RoF I am not used to closing in on an enemy plane at well over 300kph. I guess more practice is required.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys as soon as I get home will try messing around with it. I found that at 400 meters I was overshooting my target so will try 200-300 meters.
  5. Hello all, new to BoS and WWII flight sims I had some questions on convergence. As an RoF player I am used to closing in on the enemy at 50-100 meters and have my convergence set to 50 in that sim. So my first question is during WWII what was common convergence amongst German pilots flying the 109 G2 (the plane I am flying)? Also what convergence do you like to fly with and do you prefer getting close or keeping your distance? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for this post some real helpful material.
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