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  1. @=RS=Funkie I just finished this campaign on v4.601 prior to moving to Hell Hawks Over the Bulge. Here's what will work: 1) Download and install the latest campaign version (as you already did) 2) Open Il-2 mission editor (<Il-2_installation_dir>\bin\editor\STEditor) and re-save all campaign files: "Tools" dropdown menu -> "Resave All Missions in Folder" -> Select Lullaby for a Dream campaign folder -> Wait patiently for a bit of time (depending on how fast computer you have). It could take several minutes 3) Enjoy this excellent campaign!
  2. Two times a CTD during Hell Hawks Over the Bulge campaign, mission 3. During the airfield attack. @-DED-Rapidus I'll PM you for the link to Google Drive for two crash dumps and the corresponding tracks. Both on version 4.601b.
  3. Started this campaign just now and unfortunately got a CTD on Mission 3 during the airfield attack. I was already on 4.601b version. I don't even remember the last time Il-2 CTD'd. Track is available if needed. I'll re-try the mission right away. Update: Another CTD, dang.
  4. I also bought the GAZ to support the devs and to fly this campaign without having to modify things manually. Looking forward to starting after finishing (finally) Wind of Fury (which is a great campaign!). Thank you for your continuous contribution to the community!
  5. Ah, you're right, my bad. I misread the announcement. I had the impression that it was only implemented for the tanks at this stage.
  6. DVD is not yet there for the planes
  7. Awesome looking! Really looking forward to the following fix especially: 55. The bomber group leader will correctly proceed to the next waypoint after dropping the bombs.
  8. I believe this explains the issue. Steam has downloaded an update OR somehow triggered an integrity check to the installation files (not sure if it can do this without user intervention though). In any case your installation tree was overwritten with proper files and your mods are gone. The proper way to use mods is to use an installer like JSGME. This way whenever there's an update to Il-2 (they do happen fairly often) you can just disable-enable the mods again and you're good to go. What the mods installers do they keep the modded files in a separate folder from the Il-2 main fil
  9. Which mods installer are you using? Steam could overwrite installation files with the original ones if you run Steam's file integrity checker. But in this case just disable and re-enable your mods through your mods installer and you're good to go.
  10. As long as you own BOS in Steam you can play all the other content as long as your Steam and Sturmovik sites are linked. Open BOS from Steam and take a look at the main menu to see what expansions you see. You will not link any Steam content back to Sturmovik site i.e. no way to see there what you have on Steam.
  11. @AnsirialHere's another one: After finishing VVS Battle of Moscow campaign, we received the "Medal for the Defense of Moscow", but it is missing from your tool.
  12. Platinum achieved. Excellent game. Picked it up for PC last summer, all the major bugs crushed, I don't remember encountering any small ones either. Great story, no supernatural crap, the DLCs are definitely worth it. Pick the complete bundle from a sale. Worth every penny. I hope they would release a sequel. I don't mind if the sequel follows another character than Henry.
  13. Ok, that confirms that I won't be switching to a newer firmware 😅 I've never been fond of the 3rd party mapping software (bad experience in the past with plenty of instability) and the current Virpil's own setup works fine. I'm really not missing anything in the simulators I use today so why bother banging my head by switching to a new mapping mechanism, which according to the thread, still has its problems. Did you by the way see the comment that you can use multiple versions of the configurator/firmware per device? That means that you could stay on the old firmware i
  14. Please do share whatever the conclusion will be in the end.
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