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  1. I found this link: Maybe the same mechanism is the culprit here as well? Again, I'm not familiar with the Mission Builder, but searching through the forums it looks like this is a known issue and there's a workaround. Again assuming that Operation Büffel is using the stuff described in the thread.
  2. @ITAF_Airone1989 Thanks for the confirmation. @saldy Since I'm not familiar on mission building would you please allow both pausing and time acceleration for the Campaign? I believe the level of immersion should be left for the pilots to decide and not enforced... And in any case Pause in long missions is quite critical due to Real Life Events that can't be avoided...
  3. Just finished mission number 2! It was a success for me as the flight leader, but the 2 wingmen didn't make it. About halfway to the target they all of the sudden declared themselves wounded and turned back to home base. Maybe this is intentional and scripted, but I'm more tempted to think that flying high up in the mountains, but still as low as possible, wasn't easy for the AI and they somehow hit the treetops... I forgot to turn on recording so can't really say anything except that they we still up in the air after this event. For some reason during this flight the pause key didn't work for me. Life happened i.e. I was distracted for a moment, but had already flown about 30 minutes so didn't want to quit. I tried to hit P for pause, but it didn't do anything!? Is this something that can actually be disabled in Scripted Campaigns? It is clear that in multiplayer servers the pause is not allowed, but I didn't think it is disallowed in Scripted Campaigns. The other thing that didn't work was the time acceleration. These missions are rather long and there's not much to do apart from admiring the landscape while on your way to the target so it would be great to use accelerated time every now and then. Again, maybe just a glitch during this mission or maybe this is also something that the Campaign creator can disallow in the settings?? @saldy?
  4. Well, it is just a habit as flying low typically keeps you safe(r) in multiplayer servers. Enemy fighters have harder time spotting you. At least that's what I like to think 😜
  5. Just finished the first mission, it looked really awesome with the dawn and bad weather. Struggled a bit to keep the plane going forward during takeoff, but no engine damage as expected. It takes a bit of time to get to TO speed as the plane is full of fuel (!), cargo and the turret. Basically maximum load. I always fly low with Tante Ju, this time too. Around 300-400m so didn't have to worry about the clouds and could navigate with the landmarks. Really looking forward to the next missions. Many thanks for creating this! @jollyjackBomb door toggle (for unloading cargo) should work. Please keep in mind that you need to first come to stand still (engines can be running, but you have to have stopped the plane), then you need to open the canopy (you can see this by looking at your left window in the cockpit, it should open). After the canopy is open you can use the Bomb door toggle (default key is B) to unload the cargo. @jollyjack You don't need to activate the radio beacon. The way it has been implemented in IL-2 is that the homing beacon sticks to the closest one that has been put into the mission/map. In this mission the beacon will automatically activate when you are about 100 km from the destination airfield.
  6. That's true. What about the temperatures? Have you opened water AND oil radiators for all engines? What are those temperatures showing at the time when the engine breaks? How long after engine start does the engine failure happen? I've honestly never managed to break the engines unless flying accidentally with full throttle (93% should be your maximum at cruise).
  7. Parking brakes is usually the first culprit, but you have managed to sort that one out. Are all 3 throttles moving? You should also note that in Ju 52 throttles also control braking. You have to have more than 25% of throttle, otherwise you're actually braking. I hope this helps.
  8. Just did the same, awesome responsiveness from Patrick to the reported issues!
  9. I confirm this. Same corruption here, but for me it must come from some other Flight School data as I haven't installed Fokker D.VII or RAF S.E.5a. These are the ones I've installed:
  10. Please note that I'm still completely new to PWCG so I really don't yet have the best big picture on what to expect from the missions so the only thing I can do is report and ask. So here's a JU-52 transport mission created with Beta 3: And here's the mission map and summary: I find it a bit funny that you are supposed to transport supplies to Znamenka, which is down in the middle (a bit to the left side) of the map and the flight path there goes through ingress point, which is close to the front line... As additional info I haven't touched any of the default settings apart from setting cold start enabled. Is the mission really supposed to be like that? Mission file here: KasinollanollaJUviiskaks 1941-10-09.zip
  11. Oddly enough some JU-52 missions will be generated without the null pointer issue. In any case here's some early feedback: 1) Smallest amount of fuel selectable (Fuel 60%) is quite high for JU-52. Typically a mission requires something between 15-40%. Not a big deal for user's own aircraft as the fuel amount can be changed before the flight in IL-2 side, but for friendly AI planes it is not good in case they start with too much load for most of the flights… 2) Fellow JU-52 (AI planes) don't land at all during cargo drop missions. Maybe this is expected, but just a bit funny as you will be left behind due to landing, unloading cargo and taking-off again while the AI planes are already flying back home. 3) Cold start with JU-52 was a bit tough for the AI planes. They managed to barely taxi to the runway, but after 30 minutes only the flight leader could takeoff while the other AI plane just stood there for the whole mission time. Mission files zipped as attachment. 4) Typos in Advance Config: Scrample -> Scramble Shipppping -> Shipping 5) Typos in Mission creation: carrgo -> cargo Overall I have to say that I'm very impressed by the work that you guys have done! I'm new to PWCG and I understand that it has taken several years of development, kudos! KasinollanollaJUviiskaks 1941-10-04.zip
  12. Okay, I got through the Campaign name issue. Apparently you really DO need to use only English characters. Would be worth emphasizing that in the dialog by saying that only A-Za-z are allowed. In any case now trying to create a mission I end up with another error (attached). It complains about the payload. I assume that this is a known issue based on some reports previously, but just in case. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  13. Hi, I'm stuck at Campaign creation. I did the Owned planes configuration part and next trying to Create New Campaign, which stops with error dialog after typing the campaign name. The dialog is saying: "Name must be English characters". I have tried to use Campaign Name: PWCG_800b_JU52 Even "JU52" as the name gives an error. Log attached.PWCGErrorLog.txt In the logs it complains about missing planes file, but the file is there. Attached as well (renamed to .txt) PlanesOwned.txt
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