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  1. Steam stuck also here unfortunately. I understand that the dev team can't control this, but its like the gods of flight are against us at the moment...
  2. Lining up, at least with TIR, is not related to the profile. I'm not familiar with Delanclip, but with TIR the procedure is to: - Center your TIR view (with hotkey) while in-game - Right after disable TIR temporarily (another hot key) - Position your view properly with Il-2 keys meant for this - When satisfied hit F10 to save the new position of your view - Re-enable TIR using your hot key
  3. Try first by setting clouds to High instead of Extreme. That's mentioned somewhere within this thread.
  4. Please see my post above: "However, you can manually copy-paste one of the links and just change the last number from "2" to "3", "4", ..... to download them."
  5. All skin packs (apart from the Squadron pack) seem to link to PWCG Skin Pack 2.7z on the download page. Please check. However, you can manually copy-paste one of the links and just change the last number from "2" to "3", "4", ..... to download them.
  6. Clear. And I guess it is expected that Current Mission page there is missing information. In any case I'm fine now with the correct subdomain pages. Thank you both of you!
  7. Thanks! For some reason I was on this page: http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/faq/ Maybe the server hosts can explain why ts3 subdomain exists/differs...
  8. I might be blind or dumb (probably both based on my flying...), but where do I see the current planeset that is being used in the mission?
  9. It won't erase nor overwrite. You can always zip your campaign as a safety measure, but whenever a new release is available I just unzip it on top of the old one. Been flying a bf109 campaign since PWCG 8.0.0 beta without issues, currently on 10.3.0.
  10. Sorry, still the same issue with version 3.2. Sync goes fine, but SQL errors out in web page. Unfortunately I cannot delete the character due to the error so would you be so kind to delete "Bernhard Nadelbaum" so that I can re-create him and try syncing from scratch?
  11. Yes it happens when I access my character through the web interface. The sync goes fine without errors. In any case here's the campaign if it helps! Bf109_JG52.zip
  12. Campaign finished and definitely worth the money if you like the Spitfire MkVb. Great plane despite the limited armament. The only issue I had was during Mission 15. After taxiing the flight leader never asked for takeoff clearance. I restarted the mission in order to record a track for a bug report, but this time everything went fine. That was the only odd thing encountered in all of the 20 missions.
  13. @Ansirial After syncing my other character, Bernhard Nadelbaum (the syncing goes without errors), the web page will error out with the following:
  14. Thanks! @PatrickAWlson would it be possible for you to add a log entry when a pilot is taking a leave in PWCG? I guess it would make sense to also indicate the duration or another entry when the pilot is back from leave.
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