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  1. Here you go! At the same time I realized that getting wounded and being on leave is not recorded either. Maybe you are able to extract that information as well from my campaign. Bf109_JG52.zip
  2. Just tested the log book app for the first time. I got the following errors in the log: Missing award PWCG FC code: PB.jpg PLEASE NOTE THE AWARD IN GAME AND SIGNAL TO DEVELOPER Missing award PWCG FC code: BWB.jpg PLEASE NOTE THE AWARD IN GAME AND SIGNAL TO DEVELOPER Missing award PWCG FC code: IC2.jpg PLEASE NOTE THE AWARD IN GAME AND SIGNAL TO DEVELOPER Missing award PWCG FC code: IC1.jpg PLEASE NOTE THE AWARD IN GAME AND SIGNAL TO DEVELOPER Missing award PWCG FC code: GCG.jpg PLEASE NOTE THE AWARD IN GAME AND SIGNAL TO DEVELOPER <--Sync completed--> These are probably due to the fact that this pilot was created with a bit older version of PWCG (8.0.0) and the medal names have changed since. It would be great to be able to import him in any case. PB.jpg = Pilot's Badge BWB.jpg = Black Wound Badge IC2.jpg = Iron Cross 2nd class IC1.jpg = Iron Cross 1st class GCG.jpg = German Cross Gold Never mind, opened the campaign in the new PWCG and everything got converted by PWCG to the latest data 😉 But there's another question, when I import character logs from PWCG data my rank and promotions are not taken into account. Is this the expected behaviour?
  3. Excellent work again @Utopioneer and many thanks for bundling all the missions in one big file. Not sure when you did that, but it is a really helpful addition!
  4. Sorry, misread your original post. You were indeed talking about the enemy. This is definitely for Pat to answer. @PatrickAWlson Here's a bug from 10.0.1. One of the AI squadron mates was awarded Iron Cross 2nd class, but during the AAR debrief the following was shown: The medal is shown afterwards in his medal box though...
  5. By default your maximum injury is set to 3 (serious injury). Change it to 4 and you'll get killed pilots.
  6. Is there anything we, the users, can do to help you with this? Digitise the water bodies in some way for you to plug in to PWCG?
  7. Trying to look at my medals I get the following error (with 10.0.0 beta 2): PWCGErrorLog.txt Campaign attached as well: Bf109_JG52202006300906223.zip
  8. It is quite obvious that killed squadron members are gone forever, but wounded squadron members are also replaced with new pilots immediately. Sometimes I miss the list of former squadron members and their stats (mission count, victories, medals). Would it be difficult to implement a way to see the history (other than browsing through pages in the journal and adding things up from there by hand...) of the squadron stats? The other thing is related to (seriously) wounded AI pilots. Are they gone for good as well? If a human pilot gets seriously wounded then you'll just take enough days of leave (in the hospital) and then it is back to work. I don't remember seeing seriously wounded AI pilots ever coming back, which is a pity.
  9. Here's another report, missing medal descriptions on two medals:
  10. Nice! Glad to be of help and by the way, the new GUI looks fantastic! By the way, if you check the squadron log in that campaign you'll see that Hptm Gunther Rall keeps getting transferred to the squadron all over again even if he's been with us since the beginning...
  11. For some reason I can't generate a mission with 10.0.0 beta. Here's the logs/files: Bf109_JG52202006281806510.zip PWCGErrorLog.txt
  12. I'm using always the latest 😉 So currently on 9.2.0. I'll put my GUI settings in the spoiler below:
  13. I played with the font size and in fact I had to change Primary Font Large Size to 14 for the text to appear completely.
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