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  1. Just to follow up. The recent big update fixed my problems. I then went on to buy Bodenplate before the discount expired. Thanks!
  2. Here's my latest crash dump. Conditions have not changed. Every time I attempt to launch a mission it crashes to desktop. Il-2.exe.8584.dmp.zip
  3. Here you go and Thanks for the help! DxDiag.zip
  4. 100% of the time. I purchased IL-2 late November and steam says I have about 30 mins of use. I was going to purchase more modules and decided to have a test flight. Every single time I try a quick mission from the map menu it crashes to desktop. I tried to start a campaign and when I was about to fly ... it crashes to desktop. I verified the files on steam, uninstalled the program, reinstalled the program ... still crashes. I was hoping there would be an indication in the dump file. Thanks.
  5. Could someone please look at my dump file? Any Quick Mission from the map results in an immediate crash to desktop every time. Worked ok in November when I purchased IL2-BOS. AMD1920x, EVGA 2080Ti (not overclocked), 32GB Ram, TM Warthog hotas and MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. I wanted to purchase more content while the steam sale was ongoing but will give up if I cannot resolve this issue. Thanks. Il-2.exe.14608.dmp.zip
  6. Hello, Whenever I start Il-2 and do a quick mission ... it crashes to the desktop. I cannot get it to load any mission past the map screen without crashing. Please examine my dump file. I was hoping to buy more of your content during the steam sale; but I cannot until IL-2 BOS is at least working again. Il-2.exe.17692.dmp.zip
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