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  1. All good, Pat! Just had another thought. Eventually, when available from BoM, could the Bf110 be added to PWCG for Stalingrad fighting? Once BoM is merged with BoS I think the planes are interchangeable. Never mind if its the exact correct variant or not, just having a Bf110 at Stalingrad would be great.
  2. That sounds like a great solution, Pat. I'm guessing a test file or two to edit. Thanks!
  3. I agree with this, Pat. If a player wants to pretend, I guess they should be able to outfit their flight with the FW190, but hopefully no 190's anywhere else in the skies over Stalingrad. Thanks for everything you're doing!
  4. Thanks, Bearcat. Here is another excerpt of information I posted about PWCG for those who may not be familiar with it: For anyone who hasn't tried PWCG but has RoF and is looking for something more, it is a must have. If you want shorter "instant action" type missions, but with career tracking, then shorten the mission distance in Advanced Config. If you want longer more realistic missions (like me) then increase the mission distance. If you want some "no contact" missions in the mix, never knowing if or when you'll make contact with the enemy, then move the percentage chance of contact to 70 or 80% instead of 100%. If you want to change the skill level mix of the AI pilots you face, then change the random skill level generator percentages. If you aren't happy with something about the missions you are flying PWCG lets you change it. I'm guessing there are over a hundred different mission parameters you can change in Advanced Config. And of course there is a Simple Config for point and click changes that can be made in just a matter of seconds. PWCG is incredibly flexible for both beginners and advanced users. In PWCG for RoF I've had missions where I'm rolling off the field with bullets kicking up dirt all around me and wingmen on fire as I take off during an attack on my field. And I've had missions where I thought I would have no contact while taking out a bridge in an R.E.8 flight, only to be hunted down after a 90 minute flight while I'm trying to set down on my field. I've flown 3 hour Gotha missions into England, sometimes not intercepted, sometimes intercepted over England, and sometimes hunted down on the way home over the channel from squadrons patrolling out of Dunkirk (you can use time acceleration to turn them into 2 hour, 1 hour, or 20 minute missions). Or fly Handley Page bombers on night raids into German territory only to be intercepted by Albatros night fighters from Kest squadrons coming in at you out of the dark. Or fly for a British Home Defense squadron or a German Kest at night trying to find the Gothas or Handley Page bombers in the night sky. When the big bombers reach a major target and the search lights come on its an incredible light show (whether you're in a bomber or in a fighter hunting them). The stuff that can happen in a PWCG mission pretty much blows my mind when I really think about it. Its absolutely white knuckle. If you haven't used PWCG with RoF, you really haven't played RoF as a single player. PWCG showcases features you didn't even know existed in RoF. Oh, and you can also fly in the role of a traditional hotshot fighter pilot. Edit 1: Another important feature in PWCG is the ability to set the density of ground and air units to tune the mission size to the abilities of your computer. Edit 2: PWCG uses an internal system generated "dice roll" for probability percentages. For instance, when you adjust the skill level of AI pilots to say: 25% Ace, 50% Veteran, 25% Rookie that means that overall you will face 25% Aces on the average of say 100 missions. It doesn't mean that on every mission you will face 25% Aces. You could run into a squad of rookies, but on the same mission you may run into a squad with a couple of aces and two veterans. So you can control the overall big picture, but on any given mission, or any given encounter within a mission you won't know for sure who you're up against. Of course, you can skew the percentages to 0% Aces and 0% Veterans if you only want to fly against Rookies. But any reasonable spread of percentages makes things fairly unpredictable but with a slant towards the percentages you have specified.
  5. A flyable Ju-52. I don't like MP much any more (I still fly Aces High a little bit), and the thought of flying the Ju-52 in single player doesn't do much for me (being hunted down by "all knowing" AI). But flying a Ju-52 in MP sounds fun trying to sneak around completing missions unnoticed (or found out) by human pilots in Expert Mode with no icons. I'll bet a lot of FSX types would bite at that.
  6. This is HUGELY good news for single players!!! The only thing I can think of that is close to PWCG is Lowengrin's DCG for IL-2 1946. Although they both offer different play styles their impact to content is similar. Adding PWCG to BoS will be like going from Soap Box Derby to NASCAR for single players!
  7. Friends don't let friends use zoom for gunnery!
  8. Experten pilots don't use zoom for gunnery!
  9. There was a second sentence to my post. Maybe you missed it: "I never use zoom in combat flight sims. It makes gunnery completely unrealistic shooting at targets the size of the Hindenburg. Once in a while to see instruments, but never when fighting." If there is an instrument I'm having trouble seeing, sure. But I never use zoom for gunnery. To suddenly zoom in for the kill shot makes me feel like I'm playing an arcade game and I immediately lose immersion. YMMV.
  10. +1 I never use zoom in combat flight sims. It makes gunnery completely unrealistic shooting at targets the size of the Hindenburg. Once in a while to see instruments, but never when fighting.
  11. This argument has been going on as long as there have been MP combat flight sims. Some players think its fun to resolve every sortie with victory or death, while other players think its fun to fly more realistically. For some players its all about Kung Fu ACM, and for other players its all about "the hunt." Keep in mind that Europe's top USAAF ace, Gabby Gabreski, got 28 aerial victories in 166 sorties. That kill to sortie ratio is not fun gaming for some, and for other players its the cat's whiskers. And nary the two will agree.
  12. +1 I'd buy it also. And for this reason: "a Ju 52 would open new mission type possibilities for BoS and would attract new kinds of players (those not particularly interested in combat from FSX/X-Plane crowd for example)." Somehow, BoS needs to lose the reputation of being an arcade game. Can you say "strategery!"
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