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  1. 6 months ago, when I first put the VR headset on my head in the IL-2, after making the first barrel I fell off my chair and damaged my shoulder. Since then, I can't imagine flying without VR. I had a break from sims when my goggles crashed. I was not able to switch back to the free track. IL-2 BoX is the best product for VR on the market in terms of immersion and optimization.
  2. I would like to report a willful friendly fire. During the mission below, the fourth FW-190 joined us while we were flying a 3x FW-190 squadron. Everything happened on the way back, near our airport. After 2 minutes of flying with us in close formation, the CRNI_Gruf player opened fire on my wingman. It is obvious that I am rejecting any mistake FF here. This Friendly Fire was a manifestation of childish and malicious behavior. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=2989&name=RavN_czarek90
  3. I dealed with the tracking problem. They change my googles after warranty notification. But the biggest problem of warranty wasn't a tracking problem. Watch out for the cable mounted to left strap. It can broke your Reverb after some dynamic movement.
  4. I am delighted with what the team members from Team Fusion have done. I wish them the best possible success with the amount of work they put in. I really want to fight over North Africa. As much, and even more so than a new sim from Microsoft. However, there is one thing in common that temporarily prevents me from buying these two products - VR. I don't buy flight sims without VR because I've only been flying this way for a while and I don't see an option to spend money on something I won't use. Nevertheless, I wish you success and I look forward to VR implementations.
  5. Reinstall helped. Thanks. Thank you Captain obvious I wrote that I'm also flying other sims and all works fine, so it's obvious that I'm starting WMR first
  6. Hello I have a problem with VR in IL-2. I flew in other simulators today and everything was fine. Unfortunately in IL-2 both in the menu, in singleplayer, multiplayer, not in VR headtracking towards the front / back and left / right. Sim reads only the head turns. The recording below: I haven't changed anything in a few days. Everything was fine so far. My VR kit is HP ReverB. In all other VR games, everything works fine.
  7. What am I looking forward to the most in BoN? hmmm.... Fast realease and announcement of Battle of Midway Of course BoN i also great theatre. Mosquito, Arado and Razorback is my favourites
  8. I would just like to remind you that there is also no Polish defensive war of September 1939. So now we can say that "you can't really play FROM THE BEGINNING OF WAR" No offensive. I just remind history
  9. So I caught the problem of invisibility in the movie. At first I flew like a fool. My wingman says he's on my left wing and I can't see him. Someone is starting to shoot and I can't see him. Fortunately, the recording of my wingman shows how pathetic this situation was ... Finish Virtual Pilots server. Night from January 31 to February 1. I edited the movie on YT. My first person perspective and recording. Then the prospect of my wingman.
  10. I wear a naked picture in uniform pocket, but in the cockpit I have another souvenir from the beautiful Dorothy from WASP
  11. That's the best solution for stutters. I wish I had tried it before 😄
  12. There's been an update and I made some test about stutters. Before update there was a 100 fps with drop to 50 fps at high alt (Rheinland map). At low it was 80fps to 40fps. Now it looks better, but it should be noted that there were only 18 people on the server.
  13. At first look it's much better. But there is only 18 people on the server. Get back from job's, live your wifes and childs. Join the servers, so I can do more test
  14. It's old but gold. This sketch is a classic. Jeff Dunham despite his age and divorce, he is still in good shape. He even begot twins lately. A newer show can be seen on Netlfix. Ahmed and Walter ALWAYS make me laugh no matter what the situation
  15. And so the @=LG=Cygi award for RAM of the month 😄 https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=32804&name=RavN_Odin PS: No complaints. Just for fun
  16. Do you have a plans to add AI bombers for Allies site? It will be nice to have opportunity to escort formation of bombers at high alt. My proposition is: During AI bomber spawn, info for allies is shown in the form of a message. The message contains information about the height of the formation, the square in which it is currently located and for what target it flies.
  17. It's a long waited update and I'm happy that after some years I can sit in cockpit of P-38 in flight sim. (Jane's Combat Flight Simulator was my first) But... I've got some problems with performance since this update. Hotfixes didn't help. Before update my FPS was something like 90-100fps at high alt, at low alt with more planes even online, It was always more than 60fps. After this update my FPS can't go higher than 60fps, at every map, with all conditions, even at the main menu. I did not change my graphic settings. I didn't lock fps counter in graphic menu. I select
  18. Sooo huge update. With so many planes, map, improvements and fixes... but... yesterday my two wingmens were mostly exited about only ONE thing! 32. It's possible to display a customizable photo in all aircraft cockpits and tank cabins; Devs, if you want to earn some good money, just add some DLC with sexy 3D model girl, sitting in cockpit on the pilot's lap! You are going to drown in money 😄
  19. Flying recently on WoL to our formation 3x FW-190 joined 4x Bf-109. This beautiful spontaneous flight has come across 3x IL-2 mod. 43. Destroyed to zero. I'm sorry for your red comrades
  20. We also started the research on making the aircraft and ships visible from several times farther distances. That is not only a news about technical update guys. This is a kind of pre-news of Pacific stuff!!! 💗 PS: I'm the first which saw it, give me a key or discount for Pacific for this. I've worked out you! 😄
  21. Happy New Year to all and be strong at battle with hangover! I don't have P-40 yet
  22. Maybe your wright (I don't have enough knowledge to disagree), but if there wasn't any kind of that problem before yesterday patch, maybe it would be worth a look at that closely.
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