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  1. Happy New Year to all and be strong at battle with hangover! I don't have P-40 yet
  2. Maybe your wright (I don't have enough knowledge to disagree), but if there wasn't any kind of that problem before yesterday patch, maybe it would be worth a look at that closely.
  3. Is ACG now playing campaign in IL: BoX? On the same principles as before the Cod campaign?
  4. Nice update! 2 questions 1. Are you planning to improve and incrase maximum number of available players slots on servers? (It will good for mixed battles especially for tanks) 2. Are you planning to add the ability to see the body of a pilot in a first-person view when creating new pilot models? (Perfect for VR, good for rest)
  5. It took me a month to get my first kill on this server when I started the multi adventure with IŁ-2. Fierce I was flying 109. The joy after the first kill was huge and lasted 15 seconds, the victim wingman brought me down to ground.
  6. Some of Polish archaeologists founds a wreck of BF-109 E on the beach of the Batlic sea. Airplane is damaged and the best preserved parts is wings and front of the airplane. I didn't find any info in English: https://www.tvn24.pl/milosnicy-historii-odkopia-niemiecki-samolot-na-plazy-w-stegnie,873912,s.html
  7. Great idea! If I win the accumulation in Eurojackpot, I will do the same. For now, my numbers do not go, and the money is spent on pampers, so I'm counting on BoBP
  8. FN spins like a cat in a washing machinne. He's also faster than previous version.
  9. Leutnant Mario Schmeterrling. 48 sorties, 23 kills and he died in Sovier prisson just beacause I mistake the airfields and I landed on the enemy base :/ Ironmode is hell... :D
  10. This is a million-strong discussion about heavy bombers. Devs have probably also made several speeches on this topic. Despite everything, you can see that there is a huge deficiency in the current simulators when it comes to large bombers. Since the time of the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress (which I keep playing from time to time), simulator fans can nowhere fulfill their wet dreams about a strategic bomber. As for BoX or DCS, I always ask myself the subject of strategic bombers. How to use strategic bomber well on such small maps? In the old B-17 FF, we had at our disposal all of Western Europe, from France to the current Polish borders. Here we have 300x400 km. A bit crowded for strategic flights that took off from England and flew over the Reich. In spite of everything, I have silent hopes that devs will one day break their hard hearts on this whine that wants big toys
  11. And this black leather sofa in 1C office for interviews
  12. There is one more problem with friendly AA. I have out of ammo and 2 P-40 was chasing me like crazy. It was easy to runaway from them with F-4. I was face toward my home airfield with hope that friendly AA units will clear my six. I was flying 50 m above ground. Unfortunately my AA didn't help me even when I decide to make soke turns over the airfield. They didn't shot to P-40. Then I was think that they didn't active, but after few minutes they started to shot at formation of enemy IL-2 :/ This is sad
  13. But your chances to escape should be less if you are wounded or if you land close to the enemy units. Once in carrer I have to bail out and my pilot land on the enemy ZiS truck
  14. It's so hard to see Zumbach here... All I see is Ramsay Bolton. F...k you Game of Thrones! :D
  15. However, it would do with some more Italian planes: /
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