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  1. may the pfalzocopter never rise again
  2. My experience with the p39 is that it is absolutely superb on the attack and utterly useless on defense. Its more than fast enough to run people down and maneuverable enough to keep on them with an energy advantage, but as soon as you are at a disadvantage it simply isn't fast enough to run away nor maneuverable enough to dogfight them.
  3. i know the germans did some test data at some point with animals inside of a tank, iirc bombs usually left the tank basically fine and killed the crew inside when they were actually effective
  4. if the current .30s are any indication 4 .50s will be the destroyer of worlds
  5. before it went down the flying circus was populated more consistently than any other server its peaks might have been lower than syndicate, but it had a sizable population on it much more often air quake servers were also incredibly popular in il2
  6. HE blows wings up and sets thigns on fire AP kills pilots and breaks engines more or less how it seems to work
  7. the p40 will definitely be interesting i think most simmers will think its bad because they won't bother waiting to reach its respectable top speed due to its absolutely abysmal acceleration itll shine in the hands of a patient player though, it also has excellent diving and good enough turning characteristics
  8. 4000m is excellent altitude for a yak at that kind of altitude you nearly match the 109 in speed going higher isn't much benefit though but your maneuverability advantage is compounded the higher up you go i generally find
  9. planes are far too durable now shooting people just makes them leak things, i've yet to see an engine broken until you've hit them 20 times
  10. i haven't seen any charts, just anecdotal evidence anecdotal evidence is almost completely worthless
  11. [Edited] This kind of post brings nothing to the discussion whatsoever. PM sent.
  12. i think he meant in manuvers a heavier higher wing loading plane isn't going to retain more energy than a lighter one when its gyrating around the sky
  13. mostly you have to win with your ludicrous energy retention within the first moments of the fight or head on
  14. does anyone know if russians increased the supercharger boost like some of the american/british squadrons did?
  15. machine guns in this game seem to do a lot of damage, even shooting a plane down with .30s on either the 109 or the yak isnt terribly difficult
  16. is there any record of the VVS increasing the boost? that would be a nice field mod to have
  17. it goes fast at high altitude compared to its competition and time period its terrible at low altitude and the end result of a combat there will probably be you dying it isn't exactly incredibly maneuverable but will more or less get the job done against the german fighters its also heavier than most of its adversaries, though not by as much as the p47 was (l o l 12k lbs)
  18. the mig 3 is what people what because you can actually fly above 5k and fight a 109 unfortunately if you fly below 5k he'll probably crush you think of the mig 3 as a poorly armed russian p47
  19. the one we have is basically a 1b anyways all its missing is the bubble canopy and different armament
  20. Why is the sky so dark in this game? If you go outside or even in rof the sky is a much brighter blue than it is in this game. It makes it almost impossible to see planes against the sky.
  21. i usually pick 109s out by their wing radiators i dont usually bother distinguishing between laggs and yaks, you mostly fight them the same way i think of them as fatter 109s really with la5s and 190s its mostly a wing thing, otherwise they look pretty similar
  22. the fw is a pretty horrible aircraft imo it has a rather significant altitude band where its slower than the yak as well as an even heftier one where its slower than the 109 it also climbs worse and turns worse its really good for blowing up dudes who dont see you coming though
  23. im not, im asking the players to not be idiots and even the teams the point of not having autobalance is to let people play the side that they want, but there is also the expectation that they even the sides after they die/land/whatever this doesnt usually happen
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