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  1. Thank you! That was the initial idea. Vaguely inspired by late-war camouflage but in parts a bit more abstract. Poorly-executed, but that was the original idea behind them. I'll send you the .dds files via PM. If anyone else wants them, just send me a PM, it's quicker for now. Hopefully in the coming months I'll be able to update them to 4K standard and fix them a bit, but I'll keep you posted.
  2. Hey guys, Sorry about those links being dead and my inbox being full -- it's been a few years. I'm flattered that there's still some interest in my skins, but it's almost embarrassing seeing these old skins of mine. They were my first attempts and it shows! The skins aren't 4K, but I still have all the original .psd files, albeit in the original 2K(?) resolution. I'm not sure when/if I'll have the time to update them to 4K standard, but let me know if you want the 2K skin files or .psd's for you to modify.
  3. It's not adware. It's a game launcher, like many others. Antivirus programs aren't infallible. For the record, I'm running Kaspersky too, and it's not detecting my launcher as adware.
  4. A few things come to mind, depending on what you're into. I'd certainly make use of the free museums. Natural History Museum (amazing in every way) British Museum (classic) RAF Museum in Hendon (got some great exhibits, and is close to the tube) Hampton Court (in Greater London, but easy to get to and very pretty, provided you don't mind paying an entrance fee) Any of the Royal Parks (they're all great, but Richmond Park is particularly picturesque, and it has deer, so that a plus. If you end up going there, take a quick detour over Richmond
  5. One thing I rarely ever hear mentioned regarding clouds in flight simulators is their draw distance. You can make clouds look incredibly pretty if you don't have to render them across a 250 x 250 km map, which is the case in Battlefield. As for flat pancakes, most clouds have flat bottoms (shame) and more rounded, often convectively-driven tops. IL2 has the first bit sorted, the second bit not so much. To what extent that can feasibly be simulated at a high enough resolution to look good I'm not sure.
  6. It's a part of high culture* * High culture in this case being the priests in Age of Empires. Wololo.
  7. I completely agree, I think Bodenplatte needs an official trailer, preferably consisting of in-game footage. The game has changed a considerable amount in 4+ years, and I think a new trailer would show off those changes, as well as give the gaming media something tangible to look at. Fantastic as the community trailers are, they are all outdated to a greater or lesser extent due to the pace of development. If I want to show the game off to my friends, digging around the wormhole of YouTube to find a fan-made trailer is just a bit arduous and begs the question "why isn't there an official
  8. The dichotomy between the almost obscene closure speeds, and the low velocity of the MK108 shells should make combat really interesting. Not answering your question, but have my opinion regardless (that's how the internet works, isn't it?).
  9. Absolutely right, the statistical trends were very interesting. There was a degree of "scapegoating", especially in the recent, more austerity-affected years. 10 or 15 years ago barely anyone was complaining about the EU, or if they were, not many people were interested. But with more recent government policies resulting in greater income inequality, reduction in quantity and quality of public services etc., the EU became something to blame, especially given its more open views regarding migration. Source https://www.politico.eu/article/graphics-how-the-uk-voted-eu-re
  10. Your gaming will be unaffected provided it doesn't involve hard copies that need to be shipped. Other than that, as a counterpoint to the above, not every negative aspect of Brexit is "project fear". Anyone who thinks that leaving the European Union has absolutely 0 consequences is absurd. You can argue the pro's and con's, but there definitely will be consequences for many, and not all of them will be good. See, for instance, scientific funding: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45303280
  11. Sounds like raaaid's more articulate relative. Never understood crop circles anyway... what about crop-hexagons or crop-rhombi, do they count?
  12. A skull is not enough by itself, but molecular/genetic evidence support this line of descendance. Regarding the whale, I'll just repost this, because I think it explains it really well (sorry Gambit!)
  13. Oh my. Now that's something I didn't see in my textbook.. Lemme just grab some lube.
  14. That's cool, I appreciate we're straddling a fine line here. Someone post a dinosaur picture or something.
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