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  1. I was enjoying the new physiological effects as they were, and then I took a Sopwith Camel against a Pfalz in a duel at 1500M. Coming head on, I try to line a head on shot, but the Pfalz snipes me and my screen goes black. Am I dead? Wait, no I'm just unconscious.....Well this is new...And then I come to at the controls with my vision blurred and red-dimmed in a nasty little spin. I finally wrestle the controls just in time to pull out of the dive and try to land my kite on the ground till that &*(#&* Pfalz lights my plane up as I crash into the treeline and die. Now I'm of the opinion that the Physiological effects are one of the best additions to this game ever. Amazing!
  2. Walrusboy


    I enjoy the feeling of flight in this sim more then any other, and so I'm happy with just about anything they come out with. I want Pacific, I want Western Front, I want WWI, Korea, Vietnam.....Gimme all of it, and then I can finally feel like I'm playing a super-updated version of this bad boy...
  3. Osprey published a book, P-40 Warhawk vs. 109, which covers the Mediterranean conflict but also highlights the differences of the airframes and how that relates to combat in the east(and BoX). The overall gist from what I read was that P-40 pilots were quite aware that they were both slower and possessed a lower performance ceiling compared to the 109, and they mitigated these problems by spotting the 109s first, and then flying into the teeth of enemy formations as they dived on them. Work to get them into the dogfight where they could out-turn and out-gun the enemy. Not exactly tactics for the faint-hearted, but I imagine a skilled flight of 4 P-40s with a real grasp of leader/wingman tactics can even the score. But since most folks are kind of Lone Wolf-ing it....
  4. The P-40. Why? Because it's the only plane with 6 .50s in the wing right now, and enough ammo to figure out where to point 'em. :D
  5. Here's a wild idea: Why couldn't the Devs just make Fuel Octane a choice in loadout screen? They can attach dates of operation to attachments now, so they can make it historically legitimate. And if they can have whole engines as a select-able choice I really don't see different fuel performance as much of a hurdle for the team.
  6. I imagine this map will not take too much time, since they will have to make another map for Flying Circus, and then a map of Kursk for the tank game. That I think was the biggest driving need for a new way to do maps for in game.
  7. Well, they do have that Flying Circus map to work on after this, so they might as well have year round textures, I guess....
  8. True. When I mentioned AI Behavior, I was thinking mostly along the lines of the standard complaints on individual AI, i.e. diving into the ground for no reason. But certainly the comms/AI for the wing as a whole could use some improvement. From what I've watched of campaigns online, just a way to tell your fellow pilots to attack the fighters who've bounced our airfield as we arrived at the end of our sortie instead of happily turning their nav lights on and lining up to land would be a godsend.
  9. The radio system definitely needs a revamp, with either more languages to listen to or putting the comm text outside the hud system that eats 20 FPS during VR and also causes stuttering turning on and off during the career. I actually find this as important if not more then AI behavior.
  10. In my instance I don't think it was a bug. I think it was just another unit doing it's own thing on the frontline. So far I've played 4 missions in my campaign. Since it's a P-40 campaign in Battle for Moscow I'm stationed at Khimski just outside of Moscow. As for my Option settings I'm set up for In The Air Startup, Medium Difficulty, Realistic Campaign, Moderate Density, and it's been that way for all four missions. Started off with (I think) 10 or so pilots, 8 P-40's altogether. Here is how they played out. 1st Day; 2nd Mission: I was only in the 2nd mission of the first day, same one I mentioned in the earlier post. Vic of 3 P-40s, air patrol over a ferry crossing. Flew there, circled it, trotted off back home. No enemy to speak of. 2nd Day, 2nd Mission: Again, only in one of the two sorties that day, but it's the big one. All 8 P-40s in the afternoon setting off to strike an Artillery position with everyone loaded with a 500kg bomb. head off, everything so far so good until we hit the front line. 6-7 109Fs roll in on us. Commander orders us to jettison bombs within sight of the target and get stuck in. Swirling dogfight ensues, I brew one up with the .50s, then get tagged by the 109's flight leader leaving me with bullet holes in my right wing and an oil leak. Fritz Will PAY. I turn on him into a head on pass and lay on the trigger. Black smoke pours out of the 109F and I bathe in vindication. Look around to see all friends and enemies have are nowhere to be found. Shrug shoulders, look up the closest friendly airfield, and manage to land my oil-smeared crate intact. Strike mission is a bust, one fellow pilot crashed and captured and another wounded but with an intact plane. 3rd Day; 1st mission: Looks like I'm in both sorties for today! Strike against Artillery position. I can't recall if it's the same one we were supposed to hit the day before, but it might have been. We sally forth with all 7 planes with our 500kg bombload again. while heading towards the target we hear another unit call out a contact with enemy fighters and listen to the ensuing dogfight. Soon I see the actual fight off to our left with them fighting below the cloud layer and us above it. Looks like it was a unit of I-16s versus a mix of 109s and some Macchis. It's far enough out commander has us keep on truckin' to the target. we swoop in, everybody drops their payload and we commence to strafe the crap out of 'em. I linger a bit cleaning up the target and leave nothing alive then bug out. while trying to catch up with the squadron, I noticed that a P-40 from my flight took out a Macchi on the way back. Must have been a straggler from the previous dogfight. I catch up and we land back at base. Looking at the Flight Log it looks like that fight between the Polikarpovs and the Messy-Macchis left each other blooded with 6 downed planes, 3 on each side, not counting the one downed by my squadmate. 3rd Day; second mission: Same mission, but different Artillery position. I note with glee that the previous Artillery position we hit no longer seems to be shown on the map. We roll out as before, only difference I hear nothing else from other units on the way to the target. No planes seen, roll in and bomb again although there seemed to be more targets at this position, so we only blow up and strafe about half of them before we hightail it out of there. We RTB with no problems and no other fights heard of on the radio. Maybe I've just been lucky so far, but I think that I'm getting a lot of fairly dynamic results from just 4 missions, especially since 3 of them were the exact same type of mission. They may not have been completely action packed but I've felt like I was getting some realistic outcomes all around. I imagine I will see some pretty glitchy outcomes later on and I'm sure the campaign will need some tweaks. But this is the best semi-dynamic campaign I have played EVER. I would have to go back to Dynamix's Red Baron 3D to find something similar to this, and I think BoS is actually pulling away from that hallowed experience. Can't wait for the WWI pack to roll in! :D
  11. Started a Career for BoM, 126th IAP flying P-40s. My very first mission was sent to cover ground targets( Which in itself is quite realistic, one of the major complaints of pilots for the VVS was they were tasked with covering the air over friendly ground units instead of hunting the enemy). We flew in a three man Vic, flying effortlessly across the cloud riddled horizon. We reached the airspace over the infantry unit, and commenced to making lazy circles in the sky. After doing this for at least ten minutes(thank god they didn't have us loitering for hours) we met the mission criteria, lit off back to base, and landed with no problems. Never saw an enemy airplane. I went to the Flight Log, and after a quick perusal noted some activity along the front line with some units being strafed or shot down here or there, so things were happening....just not in our lonely corner of the battle field miles behind the front lines.
  12. Nevermind. I loaded an old controls file from before the upgrade, and whatever is setup there took care of the problem. Weird.
  13. Haven't had this issue until 3.001. Once ground vehicles have moved past the front 180 degree viewing arc of the plane the vehicles just disappear. I have removed all joystick AND mouse bindings to anything camera or head control related. Still have this issue.
  14. Checking my copy of Osprey's Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of WW2, it seems that the P-39Ls started finding their way into Azerbaijan in September 1942, but considering squadron organization and transport I don't think you would see frontline service of those until 1943. The Brits sent over Airacobra Is earlier in January 1942, and they didn't see frontline combat until May of that year.
  15. To add to this, I've had this game since the beginning, and I'm getting the same issue as of this afternoon (3pm EST). Something up with the servers?
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