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  1. Credit to Raven Squadron's Hart for finding the solution that has been bugging me for a few months, its quite simple. Just minimise the Facetracknoir app with it running before starting Il2 and then it will work, no problems for me. =RS= HartToday at 4:54 AM I think I've figured it out somehow, I've had to have the application running but then minimised by right clicking on the freetrack icon on the task bar and minimising it before starting iL2
  2. Blue air: Bogeys on 3 o'clock I count 2 2 ships. Tanker: juurrrrr I fly patern and sex the plons
  3. I have explored most of the options that seem to work for other people but I can't get my face tracker to work. I have been tempted to just buy a delanclip and if that doesn't work then I would get trackir but I don't want to commit that much money to this game, I love it a lot but it just seems like a lot of money. If anyone has had this problem in the past please help me! I have attached a video with the facetracker tracking my face but not moving my head in-game. It also says that there is a unknown game connected which I assume is IL2 if that helps
  4. Cardboard killer said there was a group working on something, I'm gonna back that and hopefully at least a winter map and maybe campaign
  5. I've done some research into the Winter War and the Continuation War up north on the border between Finland and the USSR. There wasn't as much air action as Eastern Europe and Western Europe but there was still some, enough definitely for a new DLC. The Fins used a variety of German equipment and some British stuff to fight off the Russians. The USSR obviously used their own indigenous vehicles. What I am trying to get across is that there are enough vehicles already in game that could undergo some modifications and adjustments to fit into the wars in the north. This is all just a proposal but
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