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  1. how can I set custom headphones in IL2? I use headphones on top of my VR goggles, but the game only seems to want to play sound in the VR headset itself. Cant seem to find settings to set the sound to my headphones anywhere
  2. When starting the mission I get a object undefined luascripts\worldobject\bots\spawner_ww2_late.txt error every time.
  3. Which brings me to the next question, how come we don’t see any train attack missions? Ive seen tons of footage of P-47,s & P-51,s strafing trains.
  4. I was wondering the other day, how come for the allies we never have bridges as Bombing targets? It seemed quite commen historicly
  5. Thank you so much for that skin. Ive been looking for something like that for a while now. Superbly done 👍
  6. Hey guys! Hey i was wondering if anyone can tell me when the new update is due. In the development log if said it would be out it a few weeks. That’s 2 weeks ago now. im asking because I’m eagerly awaiting the new damage model, specifically for the P-47, i just don’t get the feeling it’s more rugged and durable then any of the other fighters like the Mustang for example.
  7. Hey guys! Hey I was wondering when planning my P-47 flight for missions over the Rheinland, does AI rank do anything at all? For example, are AI captains more experiences and skilled then say for example a 1st lieutenant or a rookie? I mean if it doesn’t matter, why have the option to add or remove pilots from your Flight or changing flight position? I allways keep the Captains closer to me then rookies.
  8. I was wondering, does comming out of the sun effect the AI,s abilaty to see you?
  9. Thanks for the info guys. And regarding price, I must confess that it’s way cheaper then buy all the WWII content for DCS ( separate map & ground objects prices, at least 60 euro per plane etc etc. I just intend to use DCS for the modern combat aspect, and besides. DCS really lacks a decent semi/dynamic campaign to be honoust. All in all IL2 GB seems to offer a much beter warbirds experience for a better price while still being a high fidelity sim
  10. Hey folks! I was wondering if there are any decent winter tiger skins out there besides the default one since its rather basic..
  11. Every once in a while I get Black screens when I start a mission, I have to kill the game in task manager which isn’t Easy. Sometimes it happens 3 times in a row, and then when it works the game doesn’t recognize my track IR while it works perfectly fine. Its especially annoying when playing career since I customize the whole Flight & flight plan. It there any way to fix this ? It really kills the immersion, and its makes playing the career rather time consuming just to get game going.
  12. I was wondering, how far in development are they on the Normandy module? Is it worth to pre-order? The price seems very high for the normandy map, will the price go down once it get released? I mean when compared to bodemplatte its basicly the same module expect you get the Normandy map, and much of the same planes only different versions. So why the price is so redicioulessly high I wonder?
  13. I was wondering, how come for example a FW-190 can outrun me 9 out of 10 times while the P-47 has a better top speed? For the P-51 it’s not a problem at all to close the distance, while it’s slightly slower then the P-47..
  14. What’s up folks? I was just wondering when preparing my P-47 Squadron for some ground pounding (like selecting custom skins, and adjusting flight level, loadouts etc etc) Does if have any effect on your flight when you mod them with mirrors & gyroscope sight? Or is it just purely cosmetic?
  15. Just wanted to say thank you to the custom skin makers. Most of the skins are truly a peace of art and boost the in-game immersion even more in this masterpiece WWII combatsim...
  16. I allways go squadron commander and set mission Flight altitude to at least 15.000 feet where the Thunderbolt performs much better...
  17. I got the same freaking issue on occasion. Sometimes twice or three in a row after restart.. all I can do is restart game. At least let the game save the career skins, loadout & custom flight plan... but occasionally when after 2 or 3 attempts, then when I get it going suddenly my track IR don’t work, even though I can see in the Track IR window its working just fine...
  18. How come when I bail out over enemy territory as a Stuka pilot in Stalingrad I get captured, yet evade capture as a allied pilot over German territory every single time?
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