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  1. Good day friends. I appeal to you on behalf of the entire PanzerJagerStaffel / JG51. In the extreme war of the TAW server, we ran into a problem: There is only one Hs-129 aircraft available for the Sturmovik specialization. This is our main aircraft for completing tasks. Could you be so kind as to expand the number of He-129s available to two units for specializing in an attack aircraft? I hope for your understanding. Do not forget that when a large number of attack aircraft appear, the game is quite diverse. Sincerely, II./JG51, Pz.J.St./JG51.
  2. in the article are not prescribed glasses hits after the bombing field Abganerovo, the recording is visible and the penetration and destruction after them. the results are not in the statistics. did three flights on the Ju-88 with 500 kg bombs, none considered the commander.
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