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  1. yeah thanks for the check i'm very impulsive lmao thanks for all the info!
  2. hi gunner whats PP as i think im going to need to know TIA
  3. I'm just putting the feelers out to see if some one on here has any experience with either of these two? looking to buy both and boy is it a huge sum of money for me, anyway so just trying to sponge all respective info! (I've read quite abit but I'm no pro) any advise in would be muchly appreciated !
  4. has any one had any experience with 6.1 option i have 2x 30w shakers to a usb soundcard amp and a buttkicker advance on a seperate sound card (external) so i have 2 external usb sound cards and 3 buttkickers at the moment the only way i can use all of them is to select 2.1 and select usb sound card amp (2x 30w shakers) and split my headphone jack to the buttkicker obviously the biggest downfall of that setup is the big buttkicker not being used through simshaker as only one soundcard can be selected please any advise/help would be appreciated !!
  5. ive read that only works for accelerator and brake but clutch and accell need merging ive looked at the logitech software but got no where with it !
  6. the work around fix is to merge accelerator pedal and clutch to show as one axis so that you can use as yaw in game but ive tried auto hot key and ujr with no success
  7. any help or info on getting my pedals to work would be much appreciated ive tried 3 different programs
  8. how can this game have so little player base IL2 DOMINATES the competition !!!!
  9. not going to lie thats probably the best throttle ive seen !
  10. diy control box uses an dismantled old joystick pcb boards and a Leobodnar 64 button board leobodnar.com the glow in the dark is old fire escape signage (from demo work) latest pic of box without protective film on the irony the chair has 2x rockford bass shaker/buttkicker (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) in use with simahaker wings from andres shop i got two shakers and a amp for 60 pounds delivered was so impressed ordered abuttkicker advance! the chair is two old bar stool seats still a work in progress and theres so much in
  11. Thank you really appreciate the info!
  12. thanks i took the plunge and bought 2x 100w rockford transducers with a nobsound amp was SO IMPRESSED i bought a buttkicker advance just waiting for it to come. also for OP simshaker is definitely a worth while purchase
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