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  1. Your situational awareness is much better in real life than it is in this game. Nor can you 'feel' things the same way, ei. wind, vibrations, visual scanning,... The technochat helps make up for that missing gap. If the consensus is for not having the technochat, then by all means, the few of us should be ignored for the benefit of the rest. It does alienate pilots like myself who fly all different planes, on different sides each campaign. I'm not getting the practice time in lately, so that's my fault, too. I'll sit this one out, instead of getting frustrated.
  2. Why no tech-tip box in this one? It's a real game killer not having it.
  3. Yes, as far as I can tell. I can go all night and not have it happen, then the next night I can't even join. Could this be on my end? Possibly my connection?
  4. Has anyone found a fix to the error #10009 crashes. I'm about to shelf this game next to Cliffs of Dover.
  5. Sorry, Sir. This response doesn't really clarify the question. So, bailing out immediately and mission end will prevent you from losing a life in TAW anywhere in the map?
  6. Direct hits with 500s = 3% damage to untouched target? Bombing is now pointless.
  7. In the last two maps, Wukits and I spent a lot of time bombing. We're both quite aware of the dangers Bomber pilots face, especially when we are without escorts, so please don't take this as a complaint, just an idea thought up during long flights. The three lives and 20 hour limit is harsh, but I understand the need for this kinda rule. Pilots need to think twice before engaging an enemy, if they want to make it home safe. Irresponsible or bad tactics should not be rewarded with endless spawns. Maybe, there could be a way of earning lives back (max 3) by limiting a pilot with less than 1.0 lives to transport (for Bombers) and fighter plane deliveries (for Fighters) to the front line fields. That way pilots who lose their lives, don't have to leave the server, but they become part of the defensive forces, and 'non-aggressive'. A pilot would be rewarded with 0.25 lives with every successful transport mission. Looking forward to the next one, and whatever you guys come up with.
  8. Thanks to organizers and participants for a great time. These maps were fun, and dangerous.i
  9. Just my opinion on this. Like in war, there is a 'tipping point' in these battles, where things can get worse at an exponential rate when one side starts to lose. Real estate is very important in this case. Lose it, and you start to lose other options. On the last map, you Reds had us cornered, but we kept fighting until the end. Don't ever give up.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. After 2 days, it just started working. It was booting me back to MP menu. Server wasn't full, but it was acting that way.
  11. Is there a reason I can't connect to server? Ping averages 30-40. Always connected fine before.
  12. Good points. It was an airfield that got credit for my last death. Lucky for the 3 A-20s I was about to bomb.馃槇 Thanks again for the quick response, and thanks for a great server. I can only imagine the time you guys put into this. Hope the donation helps a bit. Cheers, D-Rock
  13. Thank you for clearing that up. Much appreciated. With that said, Is this not a little to harsh a penalty? This doesn't give a lot of incentive to be bombing on the front lines. Too risky. Instead, enemies picking off pilots as they take off from a field are rewarded. A better tactic to do long term damage to opposition.
  14. While attacking a target in a 110, my pilot was shot, and it put me in the gunner's position just before plane crashed. Does this mean I lost 2 lives? Even though I should have three if your lives return after 20 hours. Edit: I think I'm losing 2 lives when I get killed in a bomber.
  15. Could someone point me to info on deaths and 20 hour penalty? It seems I've lost multiple lives in one shoot down in my 110. Now I have to wait 20 hours.鈽癸笍 Manual is not clear about this. Hi Adler. I'm new here, and to Box, but I may be able to help a bit. A) Pilot gets one basic aircraft marked as +1 after each mission if he doesn鈥檛 have any of such type. Pilot gets one aircraft after 3 combat missions. The combat mission (CM) is: 路 LANDED/IN FLIGHT sortie with AK/GK 路 DITCHED on the friendly airfield sortie with AK/GK 路 LANDED/IN FLIGHT sortie without any AK/GK lasts at least 15 min for bombers and attackers 路 LANDED/IN FLIGHT sortie without any AK/GK last at least 25 min for fighters 路 transport sortie 路 Bombers may get additional one combat mission for each 20 min of flight time after the first 15 min (this sortie must have AK/GK). If pilot ditches on the friendly open airfield then his aircraft will be replenish in the next mission. If pilot ditches on the friendly territory but outside the airfield then his aircraft will be replenish after 3 next missions. To ditch try to belly land as close your friendly cities or ground units as possible. If pilot crashes or bails out over enemy territory there is always a chance he will not be captured All AK/GK are counted if a pilot ends sortie alive (no killed, captured or disco) Some ground objects like hangars, depot buildings, ships are counted as more than one GK. If pilot disconnects during a flight then all his AK/GK and combat missions are not counted and: 路 aircraft is not lost if pilot or aircraft wasn鈥檛 damaged at all 路 aircraft is lost if pilot or aircraft was damaged and disconnection took place more than 5min after last damage 路 aircraft is lost and AK/GK streak is reset to 0 if pilot or aircraft was damaged and disconnection took place less than 5min after last damage. Sortie result is DISCO.
  16. One of the fixes for this is making sure your email address is the same on both Il-2 and Steam account.
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