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  1. Clanmember of mine streamed some TC today, was rather sad state of affairs.... Spawned in, got over the bridge....killed by a 250kg bomb ? Spawned in again, drove out of the barrack got killed again by a bomb. Spawned in again got on the bridge got bombed on the bridge. Are there any solo tanks servers ?, considering tanks have no means to defend themselves against planes ?
  2. Available tanks are decided by the server owner ??, thats kinda.... :/
  3. I doubt ill consider, i have been reading that its a shitshow of a server with bias admins. Not something i look for in sim game but more so in Warthunder arcade lobbies 😂
  4. Yeah i hope for TC to develope further and polish the game on many levels. Someone from my clan already bought the game just me and maybe 2 or 3 others will also get it becuz they also like tanking alot, which they do in the current ww2 FPS we support. But i hardly see any proper videos on youtube from MP gameplay, nor can i find a server list of active servers, nor the amount of players average daily. Singleplayer missions with friends can be fun for a bit. But MP gameplay is the best and most satisfying as you get to hunt other players and flank them or ambush them etc.. The current price is also rather steep for the barebone game it is atm to put it quiet frankly. Considering the map textures, details, ambient sound, directional sound, sound distance etc. I also feel that there is a gap between the developers and the community on this forum or am i completely mistaken ?
  5. Im not a programmer but the logic might be that IR might take over the gun reticle and you start aiming using trackIR. Also, good to know you can use trackIR in this game aswel !
  6. Hey dude i appreciate the reply. And you are good, i rather have you tell the truth then blow smoke up my ass ;]. I made this topic becuz i couldnt find any real info to my questions in general..im on the fence of buying it but i dont know how i feel about spending 60euro on a game there is no info about, roadmap, or not even a certainty that there are populated and admined servers for it considering as mentioned this game to be rather niche.
  7. Hello forum, Having found about about IL2's Tankcrew game recently, i quickly got to watch some videos and came to the conclusion that this is by far the best tank sim that is out there considering WW2? With that being said i'm interested in buying the game but i have quiet some questions that i cant find an answer to. To me it seems like there is very little information out there considering TC understandingly as its in EA and rather a niche product. So i shall continue with listing my questions bellow: 1. Are there any servers online for Multiplayer at all when it comes to Tank battles ? [if any] 2. Can you crew a tank with friends already ?, either in offline scenarios or MP 3. How long has this game been in development and how long will it be before it gets out of early access ? 4. Are the devs considering to implement Western Theater battlefields aswel ? 5. Will the maps have more detail ??, currently there is a lack of bushes, hedgerows, Forrest like areas, street signs, traffic or street lights and the road/ground textures look from the early 2000's era. 6. I had seen an announcement of commanders being able to use binocs, will that include some form of range finding capability ?, or will that be limited to just learn it from expierience ? 7. How about the explosion and damage animations ?, will they see further polishing ? Right now you either have 4 queues to go off from. The crew dismounts, the shell bounces or the tank does a violent jerk when they get detract. And finally a default blown up model 8. How many tanks are there still to come as of now with the panther being the latest addition ? I think that sums it up for now, bear with me as im new here btw 😅 Thanks for reading !
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