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  1. Hello All i can say is : keep on bringing us such beautiful skins please ! you don't have to proove anything or change anything, your work is amazing and much appreciated ! thank you so much !
  2. hi all i get the link : https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&get=684 Thanks to sakai for his beautiful work. Very pleased to have his skins in our sim !
  3. Thanks for your quick answer...i took it for a little trip seems to be perfect now !
  4. Hello Thanks for your amazing skins. It's always a big pleasure to fly with. On Bud anderson old crow skin it seems that there is a small bug. Would it be possible to check and correct it ? it would be great ! i like it very much
  5. Salut Zargos juste quelques mots pour te remercier. Je joue avec tes skins depuis les premiers jour d'il2 sturmovik. Je participe peu au forum mais je tenais a te dire combien j’appréciais ton travail. Tu n'imagines pas le temps que j'ai pu passer à jouer avec les avions décorés par tes soins. merci pour ce bel état d'esprit de partage si rare de nos jours...Romain aka Galoub Just a few words to say thank you. It's been a long time that i play with your birds. i'm rather discreet on forum but i'vewanted to say Thanks to you and all of the skinners for that sharing sp
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