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  1. Hi all, I downloaded GIMP 2.10.14 and the dds add on, and followed the instructions in the forum that I found. I started with the psd file for a Fokker D7 and made changes in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and saved as psd. I opened it in Gimp and I saved it as the xcf file. I did the export image to create the dds file. I put that file into the 'skins' folder of the game, under the Fokker D7 folder. I open the game, and get to picking a scheme, and set to custom. I then see my scheme name. I choose that. All I get is a blurry lozenge all over, as per the stock image, without any of the colors I added showing. I had also tried adding the mask to the layer modified, as was mentioned in the instructions, and it just gave me an all grey plane. What is the latest instruction to use in order to create a scheme properly? Is it better to make the color changes in Gimp over the CS2? Thank you for your time von Hammer
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