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  1. Future aircraft for this fine squadron gents.
  2. Was a bit busy with two Spis on my tail, but got them both smoking 😁.
  3. Present was, Klaus, 5tuka, Saker, Saker's mate & Gielow.
  4. A few pictures from last Fridays flight.
  5. Is there a way to calculate range to the target, since we do not have a range finder? I assume we can use the markings in the scope, but have a guide been made?
  6. Did apply to become a tester on FC, long time ago. They didn't even bother to say "Thanks, not right now, sry".
  7. I literally pierced an Albatross over a 1/2 hour long air battle, with no effect on the opponent (ai), almost the opposite. The more I hit him, the better he flew. Ended up shooting empty, and had to flee while he flew merrily on.
  8. Vol 2 is pre-ordered. Know it's early to talk about Vol 3, but hope that will bring the early years, with planes like the Fokker E.III, Roland C2 and F. E. 2b etc.
  9. Final mission for me this year. Picture taken Friday 11th. with Gielow in the pilot seat. See you all next year, on January 1st. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
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