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  1. Flying online with Squad buddies, having fun together with others and have a good chit chat is for me the main thing I fly IL2-GB / FC The FC furballs are great fun.
  2. Can't agree more! And thanks 😊
  3. I find it to be a heavy aircraft to dogfight in, I had no chance of following the Se.5 in a turn. So I assume it is more a BnZ aircraft, right?
  4. Made a perfect first landing, long though as expected. I did get one problem, and that was that the nosewheel got stuck in a lefthand turn 😕, after the aircraft came to full stop. Tried every thing to get it released, but no.
  5. Last September I made 11 skins for Jasta 26. You find them here:
  6. Hmm, so not much usable then. Had hoped I could move some of the commands from the keyboard, to a panel.
  7. Anyone have experience with using the Logitech g pro flight switch panel together with the Saitek X52?
  8. Sure is something one need to practice. I assigned the Blip switch to my central brakes, as they do not any brakes in ww1.
  9. Agree with OG_FC. It was fun. Especially seing the two Camels chasing me collied in their eager to shoot me down 😂.
  10. Thank you, need to take a look at that.
  11. He properly dosn't think much of me 😂. Blip switch?
  12. Endeed a difficult but also a lovely aircraft to fly and fight in. It abillity to turn sharp, have saved my butt a few times. However, there is one thing I have some problems with, and that is to follow an enemy plane in a left turn. I actually sometimes end up with that the aircraft lift it's nose strait up and begin to stall, instead of turning left. Any recomendation how to best maintain the left turn? Other dogfight tips in it is also welcomed. Never been much of a dogfighter, but these furballs are great fun, and would like to last just a bit longer than I do now, and maybe just get a kill once in awhile.
  13. Nice and informative video, Hagar. Note the fuel burning on the ground at the 06:45 mark. If we get manuel startup, I might have to remap some of the buttons on my throttle.
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