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  1. And I'm out of town until Friday 🙄😭😒. Something to look forward to then. 😁
  2. My problem is limited to only two planes now. The FW-190 F8 and the Il-2 mod 42.
  3. Ground attack on the TAW server.
  4. Ty mate. Only problem is that I can't login to my profile and don't seem to be able to find where to reset pw.
  5. Question. Since I keep end up getting shot down by either AA or enemy fighters, I end up with no planes for ground attack. How will it then be possible to fly on the TAW server? Honestly beginning to find it rather impossible and non flyable.
  6. You have some kind of shild? If so, we would very much like to borrow it 😜
  7. I fully agree Gote, the fighters are the bombers worst enemies. Which is as why we chose a flight path to avoid the chance of getting intercepted. It of course means that one will get a long flight to these juicy rear targets, which I personally enjoy. With heavy cloud layer, one of course have to do low level bombing, and we did expect to get hit, and might loose a plane. However, this target and previous targets also result in a 100% loss of entire flight, only due to a utterly extrem heavy and most accuate AA fire. We use half a hour and more to get to target, only to get blasted out of the sky. On other servers like Knights of the air, we do not get murded by AA like on TAW. It has nothing to do with how we preform the brun, as we tried in many different ways, with more or less same result.
  8. Can't say this server is very bomber friendly. Thick thick cloud layer, and insane strong AA. On last nights bombrun on rear factories, all bombers were taken apart with in a minut. If this shall be a place were bomber pilots also can participate, then we need a fair chance of succes. S!
  9. Is there someone here who speak Spanish, who could translate a small text for me? Google translate is absolute hopeless to use. The text is: Almansa's 3rd. Hussars Regiment, 2nd. Company.
  10. Hi Jason. You are welcome to put my name down as WW1 testning. Flown ww1 since Red Baron 3D. Owned RB3D, Over Flanders Fields, RoF and now FC V1. S!
  11. Either the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223, or the Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri would be fun. But my guess is the B-25 and Mosquito.
  12. I've had this message too. Can't remember which plane I flew, nor if it was an airstart or not.
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