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  1. Agree, but such bomber attack squadrons simply does not exist. We have tried for many years to invite others, but the majority of players prefer flying fighters, which leaves us being about up to 5 people flying together. And then we do need to sneak around to be successful.
  2. Then we see it differently. We as a small group, end up flying mostly alone as everyone else, either take off alone, or simply fly fighters. I have over the past three years, only seen a single other player join our flight a few times. When we ask for escort, we are ignored. Maybe because it's more fun flying free Hunt. And that is why we few end up, trying to sneak around, under, over or straight through, and run like hell to get back again safely.
  3. Impossible in this game, where you maybe is able to fly 3 to 5 together. Then you have no other option.
  4. I had to re-install the entire PC, which also meant a re-install of Il-2. I made a complete backup of the game, in hope that I could just copy n paste over the new install, and then I would have my old setup back. But no, didn't work. Is there a way I can add my all key bindings from the backup, into my new install?
  5. It's also a matter of getting back again, where your only option usually is to stay low at first, if you fly ground attack. I really do fear, that the enhanced spotting, will turn it into a fighter game only.
  6. Question. Does this new enhanced spotting mean, that the option as a bomber or ground attacker to sneak past enemy fighters, will be nearly impossible?
  7. Landing this evening with help from squadron mate, and not being able to see anything.
  8. Properly won't see it much in multiplayer, as it will suffer the same faith as the 262.
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