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  1. SE5a pilot chat. https://vimeo.com/367275131
  2. I launch Il-2 through Steam. Game starts up. I click on Flight Records Il-2 crash to desktop. No less - no more. Cheers Il-2.exe.15124.dmp.zip
  3. When I click to go into the Flight Records I crash instanly to the desktop.
  4. When I fly fighter, I usually fly the Dr. 1. And I get shot down pretty easily, sometimes even by the first burst the enemy fires at me. So no, I do not find the Dr. 1 to be a tuff plane. Actually the same goes for the Pe-2. People says it's hard to shoot down, yeah well, not when I fly it.
  5. Yes I have. I'll send you a dl link later 😉
  6. Yeah well, I dropped the whole lot on one building (long one) from 2k. They all detonated, and not a scrats to be seen on the building. I think it should as minimum have started a fire.
  7. I know it's difficult to compare it. But you have a 10kg explosion here which does not have fragments as the 12kg have in game. Which again mean it would make even more damage, compared with the explosion here above. It is the same with attacking boats with machine guns. You can't damage them in game, same goes for it in WW2.
  8. Compared to RoF, I do find the ground targets almost in-destroyable. Have bombed entrensment, artillery and last night I placed full load of 12kg bombs direct in a factory. I do not expect a 12kg to destroy the factory, but they should at least damage it some, mayby start a fire. 12kg explosive is not a handgranade, it is actually rather a lot. Here a 10kg c4 explotion.
  9. Dr1's yeah. Used to be my favorit dogfight aircraft, but for some reason the engine get damaged every time I make my first turn to ingage the enemy. Which leaves me in a hopeless situation. And to that I get pilot killed even if the aircraft is already spinning down, every time. Must be a bloody good shooter.
  10. Yes Custard. It's for the yellow M-1805 uniform (pic 1). 😉
  11. S! Spanish friends. I have for a long time now, been trying to find out how the uniform soldiers from the Almansa Regiment looked like, when they were in Denmark as Napoleons auxiliary troops in 1808. Initially I believe it was the M-1805 yellow dragoon uniform, with blue collars. See pic 1. Later I found that they still wore the old green hussar uniform. See pic 2. My question is. Was the collar on the green uniform already blue as seen in picture 2, or was it red as in picture 3? I know that the Villa Viciosa regiment who were with the Almansa regiment wore red collars on their green uniforms. If someone of you know I'll be happy. If not, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the correct direction to find out, maybe a museum, a re-enact group or what ever. Reason it has my big interest, is that my 5 X great-grandfather were such a soldier. He came from Alcázar de San Juan, but ended with being left behind in Denmark, after a Danish husars horse kicked him and broke his leg. While he was in medical care, the British navy sailed all his comrades back to Spain.
  12. I can add, that in FC a buddy and I, could not see each other when we were circling the same city, at the same altitude. It is not every time this happen, and when it does, it can be on different servers.
  13. SP, mate. Oh, I'm not the lucky one. But I experience rather often in MP, to be killed or my plane burst into fire in the first or second pass.
  14. Am I the only one, who experience that the ai takes almost all ones ammo, to shoot down. Where in multiplayer you can down an aircraft with only one burst. You either kill or wound the pilot serverly or the kite begins to burn, right away.
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