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    Non-Official BoX Discord Server Is Now Up!

    Howdy, pilots! I'm proud to have yet another major development in the processes of my server. The following are what have changed: We have completely curbed the old process of adding rules to yourself by typing individual commands for every role. Now, you simply have to react to our bot YAGPDB.xyz's role table with a role's corresponding emoji, and you can remove/assign it to your profile! Due to the nature of the previous point, the bot_channel for assigning roles has been completely removed, and now everything can be done from the in-processing channel A DCS role has been added with corresponding text and a voice channels for it Many roundel and other IL-2 related emojis have been added to the server. 33, in fact. Our Discord now has it's own in house squadron! They are extremely casual, but a fun bunch who are excited about IL-2 and DCS and play extremely often. Don't be shy about joining! Thank you all for reading my little update, and I hope to see you online!
  2. Updated: 03112019 Greetings, pilots! This is the official thread for my Discord server. In which, you can join here About: This Discord is ran by myself, and my moderator WoodWardWilson. It was created with the purpose of being a general Discord server for the IL-2 community to talk, play, and share with one another. Rules: 1. Be respectful to other members and staff. We're all here to play IL-2: GB. - There will be no tolerance of racism, religious, or political discussion. This server is simply not the place of it. The breaking of this rule will result in the following: Any consequences associated with rule breaker will be determined by the Admin/Moderator case by case. Features: I'll put the details in spoilers so this doesn't get too long Rank Structure: Community Support: News: Giveaways: Text Channels: Resources: Forum: Radio Channels: With all of that said, Thank you for taking the time to read! I'm extremely pleased with the amount of backing that the community has given to the server, and I only hope it'll continue. Feel free to ask any questions down below.
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    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

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    The best Album covers of all time?

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    DD today?

    Don't mind me just wolololoing over here
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    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    I think they're focusing most of the TC resources on finishing tanks/map/crew members/a more detailed damage model. While all that other stuff would be cool and hopefully is added, you need the core product first.
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    Non-Official BoX Discord Server Is Now Up!

    Howdy, All! I'm very pleased to announce that this Discord server will be turning two years old on the Monday the 11th! More so than ever before, this Discord is looking more like the community center that I intended it to be when it was originally formed. I have nobody to thank other than the members who continually use the server as a platform. To celebrate this, I'm having a give away which ends 12:40 PM PST on 2/11/2019. If you would like to participate, join the server using this link: https://discord.gg/NXWKKz and go to the announcements channel. The prizes this time are: 1x BoBP Premium Edition 1x Bok Standard Edition 1x Ju-52/3m 1x Spitfire Mk.VB 1x P-40 E-1 1x Fw-190 A-3 And also donated by an anon user: 1x La-5 Ser. 8 There are rules to read in the pinned messages of the announcements channel if you do enter, you will be held to them. Aside from this, several small changes have occurred on the server over the past few months that were not work pointing out individually. Here's a list of them: Mission editor, events/wingmen, and game help text channels have all been added The role "Wingman" has been added for those who would like the ability to be tagged in posts by other users who are going to be player/ are looking to play The in-house squadron "NoD" (Non-official Discord) was created with it's own role and channel The Squadron recruitment channel went through a re-vamp More custom emojis have been added to the server, which include a few made by yours truly For those wondering what NoD is, it is a loose squadron for members of the server that are interested in flying in a continuous group, like any other squadron. We don't use any restricted voice channels when we play, so anyone who wants to play is free to join in. By joining the "NoD" role, you get access to a private room which we all BS in.
  8. Howdy all, This has been something that I've neglected to do, but is likely very important. As you may or not know, I am the admin of the non-offical IL-2: GB Discord, and we have a recruiting channel that I would like to have more participation in. This channel is meant to allow pilots looking for squadrons to fly with to advertise themselves, and squadrons looking to recruit to solicit new members. If you are interested in this, the join link to the server is here: https://discord.gg/UXFKX6G The channel to post in the the #sqadron_recruitment channel under the resources category To advertise your squadron in the channel, the requirements are very simple, and are as follows: Who are you? What do you fly? When do you fly? Where are your members based? Are there any requirements to join? How can someone get in contact/join? This information can either be listed as presented, or in paragraph format, it just has to be present. Thank you all for reading and your consideration! I hope to see increased outreach to loose conglomerates of players of our community. Mods: If you feel this thread should be somewhere else, or doesn't belong here, please tell me and I will comply.
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    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Are you wanting each of the lines to be their own separate file?
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    U-2VS Tail Gunner

    Maybe a navigator/spotter?
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    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Hey Jason, I'm planning to get it done by tomorrow or in the evening on the 31st . I've got some tests, and other important stuff. I'm sure 'ya know how school priorities work. I also made an announcement on my Discord, and had Shamrock post an article on it, so I hope it helped!
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    If we're talking about some ground units we'd like so see, can I ask for some vehicle towed field guns?
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    Let’s see your pets!

    So besides my Betta Mingo which I posted a picture of earlier, I also have some more aquatic life in my fish tank! Here's one of my very cute Red Cherry Shrimp hanging out on a blade of Micro Sword: A large bladder snail which has cloned its self into many more bladder snails (they reproduce asexually), and some of my very fast Neon Tetras in the background. (and yes I did siphon the snail shit out of the substrate. there was a lot of it): My Assassin Snail Dio who is working to take care of the bladder snail infestation which turns my Amazon Sword in the background into swiss cheese: And finally one of my also very adorable Corydora Julii, who my mom thinks are ugly : And yes they do like to rest in front of the P-40 decoration! It's one of the calmer parts of my tank because of the large growth of Amazon Sword. I've recently put in the Micro Sword to soften the current created by my current filter.
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    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    I'm really happy to see that we'll be getting at least one skin with a Reich Defense Band!
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    Village Light mod

    I like it. Make night missions feel a little more lively
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    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    Does anybody else enjoy silky smooth soft rock?
  20. It seems like the quality of alt-tabbing varies from update to update, computer to computer. I used to have to press alt-tab twice to get out of the game on my PC, but then one day it suddenly stopped doing it.
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    DD today?

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    Epic flight into Skagit gravel bars WA

    r/im14andthisisdeep I don't really know how I'd feel about doing anything with gravel bars around here. I've seen cars get stuck on the one in the river by my house. The gravel probably came from the same source, seeing as that's how erosion and mountain ranges work. I know the plane would be faster than a car, but still, quite daring!
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    I'd dig the A-26. All the different gun options!
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    What is your favourite plane

    I'd either have to say the IL-2 or Hs-129 depending on what side I'm flying. Definitely the IL-2 overall though, I'm pretty much unstoppable in the 1943 version.