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  1. "let me show you a little trick I learned"
  2. Now now; don't bring my state into this. We might have made B-17s and B-29s, but that doesn't have anything to do with this tailwheel hubbub.
  3. Happy birthday Jason! If you're still answering questions, is there any possibility that the Stalingrad city will see any love? Compared with the newer building tech, it looks a little sad.
  4. I'd be upset if I had that haircut too.
  5. Hey all! It's been a month, and that means it's time to show you all the nothing I've been getting up to! There were some pretty nasty holes in the passenger rear wheel well and engine deck, so I did some fiberglass work to cover them up. They'll all have undercoating sprayed over when she's done, so they didn't really have to be pretty. Bondo on my rear fenders has been applied, sanded, and repeated in that cycle about 4 times but now I'm happy with it. Therefore, I checked off those off my list of things to fix and took them off. There were
  6. On the SPAD XIII template, the US markings layer doesn't have any roundels on it. I'm sure I could put them on there, but y'all just do it so much better!
  7. I second this idea. Similarly, for some lend-lease aircraft; why is it that there isn't just a plain USAAF skin with no markings? It's a little annoying when I try and fly an American A-20 and only have the one skin that looks like someone grated cheese on it.
  8. Clear skies online earlier today. With a double cloud layer too!
  9. If you delete your account, it gets deleted. No and no.
  10. I know I'm a little late to the DD party here, but I just wanted to say; I'm extremely happy that you guys have managed to do this. Not only because it is an amazing feature that the game was lacking, but also because it also reaffirms why I continually choose to support this dev team with every product you put out. Does the game have issues? Sure, what game doesn't. But the progress that is made each dev cycle, and the fact that improvements that have previously gotten a response of: (this image is photoshopped btw) Get added to the game continually show that this t
  11. Just popping in to say hi, used to get together with you guys when 6./ZG1 was still a thing. I'd love to pop in for a flight or two on Fridays, but can't promise anything since they're at noon my time! I'm still a big fan of using my wasp skin from that group when I can.
  12. I haven't listened to the Fw-190 much, but I've been flying the P-47 a lot recently. I'm not sure what the devs did, but I don't quite remember the engines sounding like this. So kudos to them! A video of it goes a long way too:
  13. Hey all! It's been a while since the last update because work has been slow, but I have been making progress on the car! I've been doing a lot of body work, which has been getting held up at the point of sanding due to me having to do it outside on the very limited free days on the weekends. Although, I can finally show you some complete progress now that I have. So just for the best example of what I've been getting up to, I'll show you the transition on the car's roof. Bare metal from the blaster's: Covered in body filler: Sanded
  14. So it seems like you're the source of your problem then. Sorry to hear that.
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