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  1. Howdy all! Another update on the development of the bot. Here are some changes since the last update: - Colored bar of embedded table now matches the author's username color - Users can create and store garbage stat data in an SQLite database - The bot can read and put garbage stat data into embedded table corresponding to the author Here are a few screenshots to describe what is going on: The user creates garbage data using a command. The bot creates a row in the database filling out the following fields "user", "sorties", "aircraft destroyed", "ground targets destroyed", and "hours flown" . the "user" field is created from getting the message author's username. All the other data is RNG in the range of 0-10. The user can then use another command, which prompts the bot to find a user's data, and input it into the embedded table. All that is left now is for a user to be able to input their own data, and then refinement of the bot's code. If you want to help test the bot, join my Discord by clicking this link:https://discord.gg/UXFKX6G , or by clicking the banner in my signature. There is a channel titled "Marshal_Testing" where you can ping the bot. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you online!
  2. Howdy, tankers! I've personally thoroughly enjoyed what the team has done with tanks, it's just I noticed this. On the Tank Crew announcement, there was one SPAA included on each side: Although, on the store page, these vehicles aren't mentioned: So this most likely means that there will be no player controlled SPAA. I don't want to start some sort of outrage, because the table was listed as "tentative" after all. I would just like a statement why? Were these vehicles difficult to model, or was it decided that they might spoil game play for pilots? As a tanker, I would love to be able to defend allies, or have someone defend me against aircraft attacks. These are the SPAA in question: Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak 38 (20mm cannon): GAZ-MM + 72K (25mm cannon) (pardon screenshot from that game) :
  3. Might this be applicable?
  4. I got to go into their B-17 a while ago too... Really beautiful machine, wish I could do it again now that I'm older. It really isn't made for a man like myself though, 6'3 is too tall to easily navigate the thing.
  5. I've been playing around with TC content whenever I've been playing online, and I find that they did a very good job on sounds on the ground. Occasionally I'll shut off my engine to listen for en enemy, and I'll hear wind rustling leaves in a tree, birds tweeting, dogs barking if you're near a town. The gun sounds are splendid, and they have the speed of sound modeled so the further away you are from a target, the later you'll hear the explosion. Sounds for the tank engines are throaty, you can hear the RPM changing, and can tell when gears change. Tank treads have a clinking and squeaking noise when moving. One thing that is missing is bullet ricochet noises, but I can look past it for now, it's still WIP. Although, one thing that very much is lacking is the noise of airplanes. I've had a P-47 and Fw-190 D-9 dog fighting on the deck half a Km away from me, and I couldn't hear the engines. I stopped and shut my engine off to listen to it too. Gun sounds are O.K. though; I can hear them over all the tank operating noise.
  6. Hs-129 aficionado? I'm somewhat of an aficionado myself.
  7. Howdy, all! I just wanted to quickly share a project I've been working on with my free time for around 3 weeks: A Discord bot custom on server, titled "Air Marshall": I know absolutely nothing about coding, so this has been a good 3 weeks of working out what the hell I'm doing The purpose of this bot is to keep track of kills/awards in an air campaign for a group of pilots. Thus far, I have managed to culminate my work into an embedded table which the information will be displayed when the command is given: Example from another user: Anyways, this is the main thing I am working towards right now. My next (and probably biggest) step will be creating files that user information will be stored in, and pulled from for inputs in the table. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you online! Milo
  8. I used to do flight school at that airfield. What a fun two summers. Haven't seen their B-52 they just got, but I got to see a PBY when the Blue Angels a few years ago. Pardon the fence and iPhone 5 camera...
  9. I probably shouldn't pick the scab, but oh well. Don't even get me started on that when it comes to this certain person... Very much agree what has been said in this post though. I think the engine limitations are awkward depending on what plane you're flying. Although, it's generally not a good idea to suggest something needs to be changed without proposing some sort of new solution. Shows a lack of initiative overall; nobody likes that guy who does nothing but complains.
  10. Tank Crew is very much WIP. There isn't a very specific DM for tanks, the Panther, Ferdinand, T-34-76 Su-122, Su-152, and SPAA units are not completed yet. These will come as the product nears completion. If you want a plane set that would probably build on the tanks, the Kuban planes the closest you can get timeline-wise to Kursk. Any of the Eastern Front expansions will work well enough though.
  11. Airfield denial on the 1GCS Official server. Germans were good sports about the whole ordeal.
  12. The necrothread is real
  13. I was a little curious about the new AI vehicle models that would have to be made for Bodenplatte. Good to see how they're coming along!
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