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  1. Thanks again for the replies and support, everyone! I'll try to respond to you all in one post so it doesn't get too crowded in here It is a very nice aesthetic. We've got a rebuilt 1600 to throw on. Thank you! I've already bought a large amount of parts, probably reaching into the $3k USD range now with the body being blasted. I can't say I'm much older than you were when you got your VW, only this is essentially my college graduation gift to myself & Lieutenant car. I'm also working on it with the supervision and help of my pops, who's much more experienced in just about everything. He used to drag race a Mustang Fastback a few eons ago. They seem fantastically simple, and I've found that the community that surrounds them is just amazing. I mean, look at this thread! It's a bit of a shame to had to sell it, but I get the need to have a functioning car that doesn't constantly need work. I'd also imagine they might not have had the same charm the survivor cars have today... When she gets running I'm hoping to take a huge road trip down to my home in Seattle to LA, Vegas, then back up. But we'll see! That's what we're planning to do. We've got a MIG welder for the larger hole, and have plans to inquire about the weld torch (the aforementioned brazing rod) at the welding place so we can get hooked up with the correct settings. And I did see their video about a general tune of her car, but I've found that videos by a guy called Chris Vallone are much more applicable to me right now; he shows how to do stuff like install headliners, properly set up sunroofs, and sound proofing instead of general maintenance like the channel you posted. Chris' channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brighteyefilms Yes, we're going to be very careful with the paint to get it looking nice. But isn't it nice how much aftermarket support these cars get? You can order factory headliners, carpet kits, and door cards like you did for very little coin. When it comes to the seats, I've debated whether to get low-backs or high-backs, but I ended up getting high-backs. The stock seats were trashed, so we threw them out and got some nice ones off Summit Racing's website. Until next time! Milo
  2. Hey all! I picked up the car from the media blaster yesterday. This is the first step in getting the car on its way to getting where I need it, but there's still lots to do! There is also a few more rust holes and areas that will need some body filler or a brazing rod put to them. So I will have to learn techniques for that... This one is more bullet hole sized, so sheet metal will probably have to be welded here. Until next time! Milo
  3. You could try the AAA we already have in-game to find out a bit more.
  4. Jason, nice to see you open this up to the public. Sorry I couldn't find the time to do something similar when we talked earlier this year. I have a general purpose alternate summer/autumn skin for the KV-1. Some of my screens are from before TC had commanders, I'd been working on the skin on and off before I finished it. Paint application technique sources: http://www.tankarchives.ca/2014/01/soviet-camouflage.html http://www.4bogreen.com/colors paint color source: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/83415-tank-and-general-vehicle-camouflages-under-construction/ Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FSX5l8sb78AqFQ9jOAmOZc0LOMetK9gM/view?usp=sharing And as always; click the images below to enlarge them:
  5. Hey all! I don't have anything too fancy this time, but I thought I'd put down that my car's body is at the media blaster's and will be done eventually. Meanwhile my bonnet, fenders, and sunroof panel are all nice and down to bare metal: Until next time! Milo
  6. Battle of Britain maps incoming... We'll just need the Normandy map now. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. I have one question: Will we be able to use a simulator steering wheel for steering? ๐Ÿค”
  8. A problem with the weapon against AI vehicles is the amount of explosives. The user will have to identify the target and then about how much payload he should drop on it. With lighter or open top vehicles; not a lot are needed since the explosions can knock out crew, etc. I knocked out this Marder III with 1 bomb bay worth of PTABs: Then mix in the armor of a tank, and you will need more than that. I've found that 3-4 bomb bays work on a single target. Maybe if you're really good you can bag one with 1-2? But I'm not there quite yet. This Pz.III took 4 bays worth: Just food for thought. I'll keep practicing to see if better results can be produced.
  9. Aircraft attacking tanks are essentially useless because the weapons they carry don't do the damage they probably should against player tanks regardless. Which highlights why I made this thread; I don't know why PTABs dropped directly on tanks don't do damage, or why a 1000kg bomb dropped right next to a tank doesn't do anything, but that's how it is. As a tanker, and as a pilot; I think that's wrong. Of course, this applies to me as well. Back on it!
  10. I usually drop them about 2 or 3 seconds before my target to get it right in the middle of the spread. Due to the nature of the bomblets, it isn't possible to fly at my recommended altitude and have the bombs facing directly down as if you were dive bombing. Although, due to the weapon's warhead it shouldn't matter; and things like artillery, trucks, and AI tanks are easily destroyed providing you are on-target. That's assuming player controlled AAA will be in play all the time.
  11. Howdy all! I have been testing PTABs as an anti-tank weapon with @[N.O.G.F]Leon_Portier , and we've come to the conclusion that they are virtually ineffective against player tanks. When used against player tanks, this weapon does no more damage than an HE round, if that. The only damage experiments experienced throughout this process were a few dead commanders, some cut tracks, and damaged paint. While the bomblets behave this way with player tanks, they are capable of knocking out AI tanks as advertised. But first off, what even are PTABs? Well, they're those little bomblets for the IL-2 1943 that people rarely use. The PTAB is a shaped charge (HEAT) bomblet, weighing 2.5kg with 1.5kg of explosives. They're supposedly able to penetrate between 60-70mm of armor, which means that they should be more than capable of damaging tanks. (wikipedia) <--- (cross section) There are a few things to note about using these in-game: 1. Quantity: The IL-2 has the option to carry either 192-240 of these small devices, and drop them out of it's internal bomb bays. You can control how many you drop, with a minimum of 2 bays filled (192), or all 4 bays filled (240) 2. Altitude/speed: These weapons have a minimum drop altitude of about 50m, meaning any lower than that and they will not arm and detonate. Any fuse times you choose in the hangar will not be applied; they explode on contact. Therefore, spread of bombs in the x-axis can be controlled by increasing/decreasing altitude, and spread in the y-axis by accelerate/decelerating the aircraft. THE EXPERIMENTS: AI testing: I did conduct AI tests, but did not record it as this video shows how they work. It's old, but it works the same: Fuse testing: First we dropped bombs low to see what would happen. Nothing, they bounced off the tanks harmlessly. Continuing this, we established our ideal drop altitude: 50-100m. Damage testing: In short, what can the bombs damage currently? The answer: The same things HE shells can damage; tracks, exposed crews, visors, and exterior panels/objects. After 16 minutes of being bombed in the Panther, I came out with one destroyed visor, a dead commander (he was exposed), and scratched paint: We also tested the bomblets against the Tiger I, and Panzer III M, which had similarly minuscule results. SO this is the end! If you could share your own experiences with these weapons and if you've gotten them to work against tanks properly, that would help immensely! Devs, if you see this, could it be looked into? It is a massive shame that such a weapon cannot be used for it's intended purpose.
  12. and also Beetles are cool in their own way. I usually see more people my age with Beetle shirts on than classic muscle cars. The deck lid rack is technically not supposed to fit on a car past 1967 because they changed the bumper mounts. BUT, I'm not going to use my impact bumpers. so I'll have to modify the car to fit the t-bars, which isn't difficult, and then the cargo rack will attach to those in the rear.
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