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  1. Howdy all! It's been a long while, but I've got some good developments happening on the bot. -A bunch of new servers have been added to bot's list, the total list of supported servers is now: --Action dogfight and tanks, Combat Box, Jasta 5's FC Flugspark, Finnish Virtual Pilots, Knights of The Air, The Unprofessionals, and Wings of Liberty. -The squadron stats command is finally completed. You can call this command using, for example, !comboxsquad (squadron name). Just like with the other stats commands, you can register a squadname so you do not have to type it in every time. This will create a table looking like this: This command is currently available for: Combat Box Finnish Virtual Pilots Wings of Liberty Other servers had no squadrons registered, so I did not add an options for those servers. -A troubleshooting command with solutions common issues has been added, which can be used by entering !troubleshoot. -The bot has been changed to utilize Discord's cogs system. This means that commands are now categorized in the help menu. Along with this, I have went through and updated descriptions for every command available. This updated help page also allows you to view specific information regarding categories, or specific commands: Finally, I've decided to make a paypal donations page, which you can find Here While I'll never charge for use of this bot, even a small amount would help me wonders. Until next time, Milo
  2. Not to toot my own horn, but I've been getting more and more into old west coast rock.
  3. Howdy, all! It's been a few weeks since the last update. Due to some time constraints on my end, I haven't been able to push out the squadron table update yet, but I have most the code written now, and it's just missing some variables and extra tidbits that will tie it all together into a functioning command that's up to par with the rest of the bot. Today, I would like to explain the inner workings of the bot a little bit, specifically, the !registeruser command because that changed how the back end of the bot works entirely. Before this command, the bot would search for a user depending entirely on their input after every command. However, with the addition of this command, it shifted gears to looking for user input, and stored values. To accommodate for this, a database would have to be created, and for every user that enters a command, a profile created so a critical if statement would function properly: This section is ran every time a command is used, and is what determines whether or not the bot will use direct player input through discord, or search for a submitted username in the database. And also if someone did not give the bot input, and have no username in the database, what to do. Now, I would like to show what this database looks like, and information I store to make it work: In order for this database to properly work for identification, I decided to store a user's Discord username, server of use, as well as their user id. The first time you use any multiplayer related command, a row is created with your information. When a user submits a username with !registeruser, it is stored in the username column, with "no" being the default. The Uses column is to track just that; times a user calls a command, a squadron column for future use, and also an existence column which I won't go into why it is there. One reason I wanted to write this post is that I wanted to be extremely clear that in order for this program to work as it is, I am gathering this kind of information from users. Ultimately, I cannot and will not do anything with it, since it is simply for identification. I hope this gives you a slight insight into what happens behind the scenes whenever you call a command, and I hope my honesty about this situation doesn't discourage anyone from using this program. Until next time, Milo
  4. Back onto the topic of the Ju-88 C-6, has anyone mentioned Schräge Musik?
  5. To be fair, that would be possible if someone were to make a mission for it. Would probably work better as a co-op if you want MP. Just need to figure out subs and all that other lovely FMB technical jumbo, and god knows how much work, and bing bang boom, there you go!.
  6. Today is this Discord server's third birthday! Thank you all for contributing to the formation, and continued support of this community. As someone who doesn't have much else to define themselves by in this community, it means a lot that this server get to be my personal mark upon you all. Let's hope for another fantastic year! 🍻 Until next time, Milo
  7. Howdy, all! Another week, and another week of additions. I put a bit of work in to get both of these new functions together and working without kinks for today. Firstly, from last week, the last sortie command is now working for all supported servers. Usage for all of them remains the same as the usual stat command, only with lastsortie replacing stats Ex: !comboxlastsortie !unproflastsortie !kotalastsortie Here is an example of the information that is displayed in that table: Also, the command !registeruser (username) has now been added What this command does is allows for a user to register their in-game username to their Discord profile. Previously, if a player wanted to view their own profile's stats, it would look like the following: But with this addition, it is as simple as: To do this, you need to use the !registeruser (username) command, and replace (username) with your in-game name: and then you're good to go! If you end up changing your username, or mistype it, simply enter the command again and it will be overwritten. IF you haven't used the !registeruser command, and try to call a table like you have, you will get the following: AND of course, if you wish to look up someone else's stats, and you have registered your username, you can continue to use the command as it was previously: This function works for all servers the bot supports, and also with the normal stat table and last sortie commands. IMPORTANT NOTE: Registering a username is transserver. Meaning if you register a username on my IL-2 GB Discord, then go to DerSheriff's Discord or the Combat Box Discord, you will not have to re-register. And that's all I have for this week! Until next time, Milo
  8. Well if you got an award for every breath you take, we'd all end up looking like North Korean Generals! It's about how much you pray to RNGesus getting consistent results, not a single good result.
  9. Howdy, all! I wanted to give some some quick updates for some changes I made this week: Stat table: -Action Dogfight and Tanks added as a server --Usage is !efrontstats (username) -Hyperlink to a players profile can be accessed through clicking the stat table's header: Other: -Fixed bug for all servers where the top 20 players would have stat tables created in chat if there is no username variable entered with a command. What would happen before: What happens now: -Added inclusion for the automatic syncing of tours with stat websites for table data, and the automatic changing of the Tour variable in the stats table. --i.e. the bot will always request stats for a server's current tour. I'm hoping to finish a new command for looking at a player's last sortie this week, but we will have to see what happens! Until next time, Milo
  10. I think I will have to agree to disagree with you on the Ju-52 thing there, Here in this dev-blog, it didn't seem to be a planned-future flyable aircraft Nor does it seem to be that way in the update it was introduced in: Sure, seeing AI only and automatically thinking that it will become flyable could be a misstep, but I said it was fairly likely based on the previous track record of such aircraft. I digress, I think seeing any sort of these aircraft as flyable planes largely depends on support of the devs on our end. If it seems like a financially stable investment, and there's the man power, it will probably happen.
  11. Well I mean, I think it's fairly likely eventually. The Ju-52 started AI only, and I'm pretty sure that the Gotha and Handley Page were AI only initially in RoF... Although, I'm curious if the C-47 would come first since it was stated somewhere that the devs wanted to add the Li-2 after the U-2 if everything worked out successfully.
  12. I already have everything, but I just wanted to say thanks for putting forth such a generous opportunity!
  13. Howdy, all! I wanted to give a run down of an update of the bot I just finished working on. Here are all the changes: Stat Table: -Current air and ground streak are now included -Link to player's profile is now in the table description -Table side bar color now changes depending on a player's favorite coalition --Red for allies, blue for axis, and black for none Usage: -Servers Combat Box, The Unprofessionals, and KOTA are currently supported. --Combat box command: !combox (in-game username here) --The Unprofessionals command: !unprofstats (in-game username here) --KOTA command: !kotastats (in-game username here) Other: -Command descriptions have been added in !help table Some pretty pictures of the new tables: And once again, if you are interested in my bot, you can add it to your Discord server! It works no matter how big or small, and doesn't require any special permissions. You can add it to your server by clicking HERE
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