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  1. Howdy all! I wanted to give a quick update to what I'm doing with this program: Earlier last week, I started working with Beautifulsoup4 to scrape statistic information from the various IL-2 server websites. To begin this, I started off with my stats on Combat Box found through this link: http://combatbox.net/en/pilot/1294/[CPT]milopugdog/?tour=17 Then, I could begin inspecting the webpage's structure, and slapping something together which would grab text off the webpage. Today, using some additional and modified code from what you see above, I put the data inside an embedded table inside Discord. Here is that result: Here's another example with another fairly popular player: The command only works for stats on Combat Box for this month currently, but I'm going to add the ability to use other servers, and look at past months in the future! Until next time, Milo
  2. Merry Christmas! Get off the danged computer, and spend some time with family for God's sake!
  3. Howdy all! This is the initial release page for the stat tracking Discord bot Commodore, and will be updated as I further develop the program. Future developments: Squadron structure. Awards. Web service calling. Firstly, I'd like to answer "What is Commodore?" This program is a python-based statistic tracking bot for Discord that uses SQLite to store data. I wrote this program with the intention of it being used with player-made campaigns, as well as squadrons who would want to easily keep track of information for individual aircraft types. An important thing to know is that data has to be manually added into the bot's database. Data that is submitted by users can then either be displayed as an embedded table as an individual: *Image 1 note: Color on the left side of table matches in-server role color. The table thumbnail will match your Discord profile picture Or it can also be displayed if the user decides to be in a squadron: *Image 2 note: Color on the left side of table can be customized with hexadecimal color codes. The table thumbnail will initially be transparent, but can be customized with a hyperlink to the desired image. "So, when it comes to total features, what can this bot do?" You may be wondering? Well, in total: Track stats in two ways, and display it in four ways Track aircraft and tank stats Display individual tables for aircraft and tank stats, overall individual stats (reference image 1), and overall squadron stats (reference image 2) Clear stats to 0 Join/leave a in-bot squadron Ability to add a custom color through any color wheel hexadecimal value Ability to add a custom squadron image by submitting a link to any image "What does it look like to use this bot in Discord?" You might be wondering again. Well, good thing I asked for you! Here is an example of me using the bot to submit some data for aircraft: *Image 3 note: Whatever you decide to report will be added to the existing total for that value. So, 1+1=2. Are you interested? You can have the bot join your Discord server using this link, and read some tips I have for using the bot below that: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=570505861999493146&permissions=0&scope=bot Getting started: All the current commands are in the spoiler below this. A table can also be brought up in-app using !help: First off, when adding this bot to your sever, I recommend making a bot channel if you don't have one. Having a chat channel spammed by bots is never fun. Secondly, You will want to use the !profilecreate command. This will add you into the bot's database and allow you to use the rest of the commands! Lastly, you should get used to how the reporting is formatted. There are text prompts sent by the bot. However, they are wrote to me, the creator. So they may not make sense to a user not used to it. Do you have any questions, comments or feedback? I'd love to hear it! You can either leave them in the comments of this thread, or contact me directly through: PMing me on this forum Joining my IL-2 BoX Discord server: https://discord.gg/UXFKX6G PMimg me, milopugdog#6533 on Discord - please specify you're talking about the bot if you do Thank you all for reading my post, and I hope you can get some use out of my little project! Milo This thread is a continuation of updates from this thread:
  4. If you want to talk about silly physics, hit one of the free tanks with a Yak-1 ser. 69. Sucker will go flying like a tossed rock. I remember the first time it happened to me, I was in the Pz.III L on the outskirts of a forest. Dude rammed me, and I got launched into a bunch of trees and exploded.
  5. You won't get the bars unless you've pre-ordered the title. I bought BoS after it was released, so I don't have that one. However, I've pre-ordered everything else, so I have those. iirc, the silver bars are for if you pre-ordered the standard version of the game. Which was only an option for Stalingrad and Moscow.
  6. I was planning to buy some long boarding stuff tomorrow... but dang it devs, you've got my money.
  7. Nice Shamrock, I had something like this during a flight yesterday too with a friend on my Discord server. We flew out on the Action Efront and Tanks server. We loaded up on bombs and rockets, and took to the skies to have fun with some of the German tanks. Flying to target: Found two Tigers in a column to attack. While one of them stopped because we were harassing it, the other tank proceeded to the town. I fired rockets at the tank hanging back, and got most of them close to target. After I spent all of my bombs and rockets on the one Tank, I went to look for the other to find him sitting stationary in a field. I went after him, and aligned my last bomb run: It was right on target. I had a 5 second bomb delay on, but it exploded instant on contact, destroying us both out instantly. He even uploaded a video of the last bomb run: It's a bit of a meme plane, but I've had nothing but good experiences with the U-2! Definitely one of my favorite planes in IL-2.
  8. Not for me, I'm completely infatuated with the thing. Give me PBY or give me death!
  9. I'm going to scream if there isn't a PBY isn't included somewhere in this game.
  10. Vaal, is there any sort of API I can make a web service call to? I'm interested in trying to integrate the server stats with a Discord bot I'm writing.
  11. It doesn't say so, but is there a possibility of having a special Spitfire skin for those who pre-order? I'll buy it nonetheless, but they're always a nice surprise.
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