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  1. You won't get the bars unless you've pre-ordered the title. I bought BoS after it was released, so I don't have that one. However, I've pre-ordered everything else, so I have those. iirc, the silver bars are for if you pre-ordered the standard version of the game. Which was only an option for Stalingrad and Moscow.
  2. I was planning to buy some long boarding stuff tomorrow... but dang it devs, you've got my money.
  3. Nice Shamrock, I had something like this during a flight yesterday too with a friend on my Discord server. We flew out on the Action Efront and Tanks server. We loaded up on bombs and rockets, and took to the skies to have fun with some of the German tanks. Flying to target: Found two Tigers in a column to attack. While one of them stopped because we were harassing it, the other tank proceeded to the town. I fired rockets at the tank hanging back, and got most of them close to target. After I spent all of my bombs and rockets on the one Tank, I went to look for the other to find him sitting stationary in a field. I went after him, and aligned my last bomb run: It was right on target. I had a 5 second bomb delay on, but it exploded instant on contact, destroying us both out instantly. He even uploaded a video of the last bomb run: It's a bit of a meme plane, but I've had nothing but good experiences with the U-2! Definitely one of my favorite planes in IL-2.
  4. Not for me, I'm completely infatuated with the thing. Give me PBY or give me death!
  5. I'm going to scream if there isn't a PBY isn't included somewhere in this game.
  6. Vaal, is there any sort of API I can make a web service call to? I'm interested in trying to integrate the server stats with a Discord bot I'm writing.
  7. It doesn't say so, but is there a possibility of having a special Spitfire skin for those who pre-order? I'll buy it nonetheless, but they're always a nice surprise.
  8. That's the Volga, so no, it shouldn't. However, there should, in theory, be wake from the ship if it was moving. Although, this is the Black Sea: Which shouldn't have any foam or white caps because the weather is calm. Trust me, I've studied hydrology. 😜
  9. Howdy all! I'm proud to announce that Marshal has arrived at some sort of basic functionality. Since it has reached this point of development, I want to answer what this program's purpose is. To put it simply, this bot was created to allow for manually tracked player statistics for squadrons/co-op campaigns. It was created specifically for campaigns on this thread's Discord server, but I'm sharing it because others may find it to be useful as well. In total there are 4 commands that can be used in relation to stats: profilecreate: creates a section for player information in the database stats: views player stat table from the database report: used to update player stats in the database clear: resets all player stats to zero Here is a screenshot of what the final stat table looks like: More functions will be added later, but this is what I have for now. If you're interested in inviting the bot to your Discord server, it's join link is HERE it doesn't require admin permissions or anything like that. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you online! Milo
  10. Looks cool with the interactive crew compartments. Nothing beats the combined arms in IL-2 though. Seeing a group of planes attacking targets in the distance from a tank commander's perspective is something that I can't properly put into words.
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