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  1. Could infantry be included in this megamod?
  2. Hello At the moment I am playing the campaigns that can be downloaded from this forum. The problem is that when I finish a mission and exit the game when I reload it, the progress of the campaign does not appear, I return to the beginning of the first mission what is happening?
  3. y si no es de steam y lo compro por la web il2 Great Battles ,como lo obtengo una vez pagado por xsolla?
  4. A long time ago I bought the il2 stalingrad battle. From the web, il2 sturmovik "Great Battles" can access the store and I bought "tank crew" which is in an early phase, then I opened the steam website and I only see the two static campaigns unlocked and playable, but nothing appears plus neither career nor game updates or anything. The merchant is XSOLLA. The tank crew should appear on my Steam account, but there is no signal
  5. por favor ayuda compré el juego "equipo de tanques" en el sitio web de il2strurmovik Great Batlles, pero solo las dos campañas estáticas aparecen en el juego il2 batalla de stalingrado desde Steam, pero ninguna carrera que traiga el juego de acceso temprano. ¿Qué tiene que aparecer en Steam? ¿Qué opciones salen? comerciante: XSOLLA 18/5000
  6. yes but some campaigns that I bought do not appear on steam I paid for XSOLLA
  7. Thank you I have the keys activated but I cannot download the static campaign files. I give the option download and I get an installer .exe great battles. Do I have to install something before?
  8. Hello I have bought static campaigns on the il2 website but I don't know how to download them. Does anyone know how I install them? aircraft campaigns
  9. Is there any hope that they will include infantry? it is impossible?
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