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  1. In vain did you take a box with explosives into the flight, and even smoked cigars while sitting on it))
  2. There were too many players for the Entente, and I had to take Pfalz for the flight, although I was hoping to fly on the Dolphin. Things didn’t go very well, I stumbled upon a 1PL gang twice 🙂 And when I spotted Larner on Se5a among them, I completely lost control of the plane from laughter ;-))
  3. Why did you shoot this gentleman? Sir, I don’t remember, I was unconscious :-))
  4. In a single player game, the rear machine gunner is usually less dangerous than online, although it should be the other way around. I even began to think that the creators of maps have additional skill settings for machine gunners.
  5. I agree, there is a difference. Do you have any ideas on what causes this?
  6. It seemed like the “Blue Max” had a new competitor, this is the "Blue Klu" 🙂 I did not use the original image of the new award, for well-known reasons 😉
  7. As for the Japanese pilots. I do not understand why they were mentioned in this thread. These were guys who could easily cut eggs from most local writers. Their country was the enemy of my country in that war .. But this is not a reason to expose them in a silly form. A good enemy is better than a bad friend, and the lessons he will give you should never be forgotten. As a lyrical digression, one of my favorite videos from the time of this Il2
  8. one of you who, without sin, let the first throw a stone
  9. Yes, there is a small problem, but do not make it very important. There are other servers where the refueling is slower, but do not care about this difference - for FiF so far - or refueling 100, or do not refuel at all, or lose 5 minutes. Not many people live to refuel at all, so I see no reason for concern. I had such a moment at Flugpark, I drove around the truck for a long time, but when I drove to it from the back side, then I saw an inscription in the chat "technical zone" On FiF this inscription appeared a kilometer from the hangars 😉 In theory, this everything should work in a “quick departure”. Another option, why it doesn’t work, is landing on an inactive field. To date, the practical benefit of this feature is that the player can get repairs and fuel at any friendly airport. For example - a fighter on the field of bombers. In RoF, in this case, if you do not reach your field, the plane was considered lost.
  10. Is there a five-minute penalty after landing if the pilot did not go to the briefing and used the technical area for repairs and refueling?
  11. In fact, the situation is even more interesting, not everyone could go to the server right away, there weren’t enough places on it! But my computer is completely dead today. The slide show and frame freeze when viewing in the most interesting place of the battle ... However, I just couldn’t leave) I hope I didn’t shake much on the monitors of my opponents.
  12. Why not, dolphins are enough for everyone! 🙂 There is still se5a and a simple D7 maybe they will fight well.
  13. Rewarding Americans and Poles with Pour le Mérite for victories on Entente planes is as fun as rewarding Russians and Chinese with the Medal of Honor sign, for winning victories on Japanese planes during Pearl Harbor :-))
  14. If he falls into the sight of their machine gun, communication can begin in a forced form))
  15. These your USA must still be searched on the world map. Better keep your time in UTC
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