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    Del. Sorry
  2. Time 20:00 UTS on the Flugpark server there are no players ... Apparently, the experiments with DM, physics, and bad rumors about its simplification did the trick.
  3. I don’t think the J5 is to blame for anything. However, the rules of the game must be known BEFORE it starts. I am ready to play even Russian roulette, but I must know the rules!
  4. I have long ceased to believe in words. For too long, there is no answer to this important question.
  5. I do not see any answers to the question - what rules apply to Flugpark. Today, none of my comrades wanted to take part in flights on this server. I also do not want to play arcade games for preschool children. If such conditions are permanent there, and these rules will apply to FiF, then Adler Legion will be disbanded and we will simply stop playing this game forever.
  6. Maybe it came unnoticed, along with the update of the game? Interestingly, the guys who keep the server will say about this situation.
  7. Yes, I recall that Talbot visited us a little earlier than you, but Tobin was the first one we met 😉 Knowing your good training, I am a little surprised that you flew so far apart.
  8. You maneuvered well, S! But why was the wolf alone, where are the others?
  9. Guys, I'm sorry if someone upset this my message in a closed topic Of course it was sarcasm and a little sadness ...
  10. Or maybe this is the answer to the question? Those who have already bought the game will no longer bring money to its creators again, but how can they attract new customers? A novice could not oppose the gangs of experienced professionals. But having received a new DM, he gets a good chance of victory, simply by shooting at them from afar. The game is becoming more attractive to novice pilots, and this can increase sales. What is realism ?? As a result, only money is real, the rest is all words.
  11. In fact, I do not care what my result will be. Every flight I make an experiment - how can my plane turn, or something else. Well, I have 15+ years of experience in such stories, but I can’t understand how such an activity can attract one of the new players? When my friends tell me “Yes man, ww1 is cool and enticing, but just play under THESE conditions without me, good luck!” I just have nothing to answer, they are right. But I still will not give up this business, even if it is not fair now. Hope still did not die. And in this game time - well, let it be a little, just one, but I will fly online in this crappy flight sim
  12. Bro, they are not interested in your pieces of paper with numbers .. They have a very accurate calculator, they trust him more. Let’s leave this nonsense for a while ... I’ll tell you an interesting story - today I broke a wing on a P3 on FiF after receiving damage! Can you imagine !!? I thought that this airplane didn’t give a damn about bullets, but it turned out that this was a bit wrong)))
  13. A great start to a long speech! )) To join the club of local experts on all topics, you are a little short of a couple of mathematical formulas and an unshakable confidence that you are the same dude who knows exactly all the correct answers 😉 Do not forget to say something about elves and goblins at the end, a real genius should always be a little crazy, otherwise the image of a genius will be incomplete)))
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