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  1. SE is still a bit faster in armament. It all depends on the initial conditions and the distance between you and the enemy at the start of the dive. If D7 has more energy, then it will be more difficult to leave. In my poor experience, diving with a close six is very dangerous. You must first confuse the pursuer at least a little to have a different course with him. It is generally desirable 180 °, so that he would spend more time on a U-turn behind you.
  2. I understand everything, again I joked a little, you again did not understand. The story goes in a circle 🙂 I do not think that those who operate retro aircraft have at least once tried to reload a machine gun in flight. And perhaps this system is simply not a priority for them, even if it is serviceable and contains all the necessary elements. I also know these guys in my own country. The issues of the combat use of their airplanes is the last thing that worries them. The weapons that are installed on such aircraft (of those that I saw) are not real weapons. This can be called mass-dimensional layouts. It’s stupid to ask these guys about the maximum dive speed, or the minimum turn radius of their fighters, they don’t fight at them, but they very carefully lift them into the air for show to aviation enthusiasts. The only thing that can be useful is information about the take-off speed of the engine, this is the only parameter that may very well be maximum for them, I hope they tell Larner about this. However, this is accurate provided that the original version of the engine and propeller matches. The question remains with the fuel, but I do not think that it will give too much. And here's another thing: Depending on the air temperature, the take-off speed on the propellers with a constant pitch can be noticeably different. This must be remembered in advance.
  3. It is interesting to know what Bishop himself thought about this, and not you. All that you wrote is your personal opinion without direct evidence. It is so and it will be only so. And why 80 °? Do you really like this set of numbers? 😉 And how many trophy Aldis, or French motors, were? 😉
  4. In my opinion, there is too much talk about this method of shooting. It would be interesting to see how those who give this ability SE extraordinary effectiveness, prove their theoretical knowledge in practice and gain many victories with the help of a raised machine gun. I don’t think there will be many applications for awards ;-)) Writing messages on forums is much easier.
  5. Such decisions are enough in the First World War. Even in our game there is this on a dolphin and a bristol.
  6. It is not clear where this guy was doing his second hand, maybe he scratches her ass for her? :-))) These openings in the arc are probably not only for lightweight construction. It is very similar to what they are for fixing the mobile support.
  7. It turns out that the machine gun was fixed at 80 °, and could shoot? Well then! This alteration will make our game even more fun 🙂
  8. If you make a list of what could not be in real life from what is in the game, then this forum does not have enough pages! :-)) If you can’t shoot up, then what about reloading the disk? In the game, you can clearly fix the head opposite the sight, which makes the second element of the sight (mechanical) unnecessary. For example, on the D5 you can use one column on the top of the motor as an aim, this is even more convenient)) As for the possibility of firing a top machine gun when it is deflected. First: The machine gun descent was controlled remotely. Did this system stop working when it was rejected? Second: did the machine gun have a fixed position for installing a new disk, or did you have to hold it with one hand and use the other to perform all actions when reloading? It is also necessary to limit the ability to cock the bolt when jamming a machine gun on any aircraft. And in general, for any other actions, in addition to controlling the handle of the aircraft and pedals, restrictions are also needed. Even the throttle lever cannot be moved if you exit the dive at high speed, since you need two hands on a stick to control.
  9. I know 🙂 You also flew well! I hope Trupobaw is not too upset that I spent a lot of bullets on his parachute before this collision, because in the end I didn’t have enough of them 😉
  10. People are all different, but they are all the same. For example - a thin coating of civilization disappears in a person with the spread of panic in the crowd, in any century. Those who are not able to survive, those who are unlucky, will die, perhaps simply from a lack of food, illness or excessive labor. Survivors will not write too much about this after the war; these deaths are not heroic. The dead are silent, and the memoirs are written alive, for example, about how well SE does for Dr1, or the albatross V 😉
  11. Wolf, I told you not fair words in this thread. I'm sorry. I apologize . This was done on old emotions. If you want to go with you to a duel on any weapon. If not - here is my hand, shake it and we will fly in the same sky.
  12. Very valuable opinion of the pilot Dr1 in this thread)) Do you not understand that there is nothing to talk with people like you? There is one pilot in the world who flies on Dr1, and whom I respect as an ailot, is Etzel from Austria. I'm not even going to greet the rest. So about SeVa, leave your opinion to yourself, baby 😉
  13. It's amazing how the three of you could deal with him, a little more, and he would have knocked you all down 😉
  14. Accurate shooting from large distances is one of the things that brings a fake note to our game.
  15. Here is another case of mine .. I started dancing with the D7f pilot, but it didn’t work out very well for me. Meanwhile, from the side came the albatross 5 and a pair of bullets sent my pilot to the knockout. SeVa without control went into a dive, he got out of it and began to climb. When the pilot came to his senses, six were three - D7f, albatross and Dr1. There was enough speed to get away from everyone, looking at the inscription "engine is damaged" There is no flight ending in the video .. I did not see the tree at the landing, collided with it and died 😞Excellent statistics for the flight - zero wins and one death))) At least there is one conclusion - in a SeVa dive, it can even get away from D7f (like Spad and Dolphin too)
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