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  1. kissklas

    Force feedback improved?

    No problem at all! Needed it when I extended my stick, and it would be silly not to share what I found:) Glad to hear you are enjoying your FFB as much as I am:D
  2. kissklas

    V 3.001 on VR

    Have you checked the fps on the Stalingrad airfields? I had an increase there. Before I dropped into low 40s and had stutters on populated servers. Now I have nothing of the sort. Flying low there are no stutters either. And this is with the distance set to 150km:) at altitude it was super smooth. Graphics on low though, but still.
  3. Just had my first online game since the update, so I figured I'd report back. I kept my settings but also kept the fog at 150km. I no longer have dips into the low 40s at airfields (on the old maps) , and I was actually able to have 90 in the air at times. I'm playing on a gtx 970, OC at about 1500mhz.
  4. Indeed! Had forgotten about the water droplets. They look fantastic. Worried that people might turn them off for viability if they are a setting though. Would think they would make it mandatory.
  5. That map has some crazy amounts of vegitation. My pc really struggle around the dense forests in the mountains. I think it's time for an upgrade soon. Maybe go from coal to electric at least xD. It will be exciting to test the earlier levels where we have some comparison. Do you remember if this update contains extra graphic settings? I only remember talk about it but I cant remember what it was.
  6. We don't know what kinds of optimizations they might have done, so I guess we will have to wait and see. With airfield optimizations we might see a slight increase in frames around airfields though!
  7. To everyone, dock worker or game developer, a happy workers day:) Best, Klas
  8. kissklas

    Another Airfield Timelapse

    Nice work! This was very calming to look at actually. Also hilarious at times!
  9. kissklas

    Kuban buildings

    Looks like cable masts for the funicular:)
  10. FFB2 here too. Works perfect:)
  11. kissklas

    VR - Wow.

    Yup! Get the silk scarf. 1:1 tracking is the way to go;)
  12. I'm running windowed at 640*480. Haven't noticed much change:-p
  13. kissklas

    How to deal with canopy collisions?

    I would be happy to join you for some training on the expert servers if you want:) you'll be flying there in no time.
  14. kissklas

    How to deal with canopy collisions?

    I have no problem with the view limits. Actually, I rather like it, although the unsync between head and view is not good for nausea. After playing for a bit, I have started minding the canopy glass when turning, just like I would IRL. I think this is highly individual though. I just prefer it to popping my face out through the glass, or into the dash. That is a far greater "immersion killer" for me. A fade or turn to black or grey would be horrible for game play I think. Imagine if accidently bumping your head on the glass and everything just tints. The most player friendly is face through geometry, or boundaries for those who can stomach it. And I'm in the boundaries camp.
  15. kissklas

    Shooting Skills in VR

    I always fly wearing my spandex tights! I feel so aerodynamic...