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  1. All modules are tied to your account. You can download the client from your account page any time you want, and the content is immediately unlocked for you when you buy something😊
  2. Or even better: get OBS and the steamVR plugin. That way you can select eye to record and get exactly the resolution you want without having to fill half the area with the other eye😁
  3. Can't speak for the JetSeat but I imagine it's much the same as the Realteus ForceFeel. It only makes a low *brrrr* sound. Bit like a massage chair.
  4. Sounds like quite the task developing night fighting equipment though. But it would be a cool addon for sure. Mossie, 110... Lots of possibilities in terms of aircraft. Only question is: would people fly it, and would servers run night maps.
  5. Read an interesting Norwegian book this Christmas called "Tyrants of the Air: Men and bombers through 100 years". Apparently the high altitude pilots before oxygen systems suffered some pretty bad injuries.
  6. Hehe, well I guess it'll stay past Ortodox Christmas which is January 7th. Where I'm from we throw the tree out at the 13th day of Christmas. No idea why, but then again we put a damn tree indoors...🤣
  7. Think I used a bit of nail polish remover and the rough side on a kitchen sponge.
  8. Proper bush plane landing that😂
  9. I agree with Golani, find a place where you can return it if it doesnt fit. ~70 is in the upper range. I've read people having issues around that IPD, but I so, so, so hope that it works and that you get that VR wow effect. First time I tried the first Rift in IL-2 it was a severe downgrade in resolution, and even though there was a screen door I could look through it and not focus on it. I looped a Yak and nearly barfed 360 degrees. In a good way. It felt like a fourth wall had come down. When the Reverb hit, with nearly 4 times the resolution over the same FOV I was in heaven. Bottom line is; try the Reverb, if it's not for you then try one with harware IPD adjustment. VR is the way forward regarding immersion. We're IN the damn cockpit, and it is damn fantastic. It even cured my car sickness IRL.
  10. VR-headsets have an open nose section so no worries about sneezing into it atleast😂
  11. Your IPD is the distance between the pupils. The average, and the absolute sweetspot on the Reverb is 63mm. It is usable within a good range at either side. So unless you have a very wide or narrow IPD you should be fine. You can input your IPD value into the WMR settings to have the virtual cameras match your IPD.
  12. I would suggest you upgrade to Win10, but the rig seems good enough for any headset. The type of headset depends on if you value resolution or field of view highest. If it's resolution, I'd say go with a HP Reverb. It's got about the same FOV as the first Rift, but the amount of pixels crammed into that low field of view makes for a very clear high res image without any screen door.
  13. No worries, I hope you find yourself at home in one of these great physically modeled aircraft, and that you find a wingman or two. Been at it since 2014 or so, and it's still fantastic, and still developing. Again, welcome to the community, and I'll see you on my six🛩️
  14. All the IL-2 Great Battles "modules" consists of a series of aircraft and a large map from the time and place those planes were used. However, these modules are all interconnected into a single framework. You can fly a P-47 ovet the Caucasus if you own Bodenplatte and Kuban for example. A more concrete example would be: If an online server runs a Stalingrad map, and you own the Battle of Moscow module, you might be able to fly planes from the Moscow module over Stalingrad (as server hosts often run more or less historical missions, where planes from other modules might have been present). Well Normandy won't be out for some time, but I can assure you that online maps will incorporate Battle of Normandy planes as soon as they get their hands on them. Normandy is currently on sale for early access, and those who preorder will get to fly the planes as they arrive. If you want to jump in straight away I suggest you have a look at the Bodenplatte module in the meantime as it has a full set of late war western aircraft and a map stretching from the European coast and far into the continent. There are usually enough players on every day to have a good time online. In the weekends there are plenty. The focus of servers and players change with every new release. Lately there has been a lot of Bodenplatte maps since it has just been released. Previously the Stalingrad module was the best bet for starters as both Moscow and Kuban maps could historically use the aircrafts from that module. There are official servers still I think, but the biggest, most developed and most populated ones are third party. I suggest Knights of the Air, Combat Box etc. for more serious playing. No map icons, lots of bomber targets and good players. Plenty! I'll let them answer that question. You could also do a forum search and see if you find any of them.
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