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  1. Right now, for online play I'd say Bodenplatte. It has just released and is played a lot online. For eastern theatres Stalingrad is probably the most diverse one:)
  2. This is a great choice of theatre. Reusable map for other time frames, and very exciting in terms of plane set! Also looking forward to trying the Hurricane and Yak-9 variants. ...not so much looking forward to living under a bridge this Christmas though. Maybe I'll make rent if I go back on the old "flies in the window sill"-diet. Damn you IL-2, and your glorious content...
  3. Can get behind what Goblin and YoYo is saying. I had the flickering due to overheat issue, and HP Norway sent me a new rev. 2 face module which works perfectly. They had a bit of bad luck during release. A few deal breaking issues got through QA, but were quickly resolved when they were identified. The build quality is good.
  4. Previously I had VR zoom to up, head reset to back, then supercharger gear and boost to left and right.
  5. You might have another device id mapped to throttle as well. Check that no other controller is mapped to that slot.
  6. How about a Stuka and an IL-2? Attacker role on both sides, and the airplane that gave name to the series. May not be the best planes to hook a player though...
  7. Cheers Vellu! Very helpful! If you remember, can you share which ball bearings you used in the gimbals? Best, Klas
  8. I have to agree with Goffik. In VR (HP Reverb, the alternative spotting works well. I can dotspot at a range where some planning is possible before an encounter, and its not possible to ID before you get a lot closer.
  9. That would be awsome. It's a joy to work with PBR materials as well, it's so quick to get good results in painting software with metallic roughness workflow. Guessing the artists will have a blast with it too.
  10. I'd say about 50-65$ is reasonable on ebay. But if you look around for a bit you might find one for cheap. I found one that was in the original package once, for 15$. That was lucky though. Btw this is what you want: Could have a green light and darker buttons on the base, but it's still the same. The non force feedback version has an indent on the base, so look for a base that is essentially half a sphere. Good luck!
  11. That looks like a sidewinder 1. Not even sure you'll get it to work since it uses gameport:/
  12. There are sidewinders that are without force feedback, but i think they are called precision pro, and there is a Sidewinder force feedback 1 which is gameport only. What you need is a Force Feedback 2. There are two editions: one with a green light, and one with a red one. Both are compatible with the same mods. Only cosmetical differences as far as mechanics go.
  13. Thanks! Making a printable DYI kit for the spade grip, but it's not done. you can probably subscribe to this thread and I'll update it once it's ready.
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