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  1. kissklas

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    This is great news! Can't wait to see what comes out of it:)
  2. It's a beauty! Great job!
  3. kissklas

    Force feedback improved?

    I have plans to do so too. Migrate the controllers at the base and replacing the grip with a new one. Already extended it with a model I did a while back, and I plan to do more.
  4. kissklas

    Force feedback improved?

    That is just a way of saying "you can increase it beyond reasonable levels". It is after the cult movie Spinal Tap. Try setting it to 2. That doubles the effects. "../data/input/joy.ffp" is the correct location yes.
  5. kissklas

    My plane is shoot down , i need

    It'll deliver only freedom.
  6. kissklas

    My plane is shoot down , i need

    No, that is actually the speaker element. They used specially trained birds to sing the latest hit. The box is for resonance. You should have seen the one with dedicated bass pidgeons.
  7. You need lenses to focus at the up close screen. You would get double vision since it's that close and one single image. And without a lens to refocus you, you would strain and not get focus. Hence why there are two screens and two renders with an offset ala your eye distance. It would work if you made the headset about 20cm deep. You can try this now rendering the game through an app on your phone, and create a cardboard funnel with your phone in the end. Turn on your tracker and voila. It will be clunky, but it would work.
  8. kissklas

    Ok guys..sell me BOK

    Kuban is topographically the most interesting map, and it does have some very fun planes to fly. The p-39 and a-20!
  9. kissklas

    Sturmovik GB by Froogle

    Welcome! VR is a blast in this game! As you probably see; don't hesitate to ask the community if you have any questions or issues! It's a great bunch with a huge amount of knowledge. Also, there is an official TS, and a community Discord somewhere. I'm not near my pc but im sure someone can get you the links! See you in the skies:)
  10. I havent yet tried the periscopes, so I didn't want to answer. If the periscope is just is "mode" that you can switch to, then it is just a case of renderin git on a seperate camera. If it's projected onto a 3d surface in the tank you need a camera to render it onto a uv mapped piece of geometry somewhere in the tank, and if you want a glass surface in a cockpit to display a refraction i think a material shader would be the best option. Expensive, yes. Expensive for VR? Oh god. You need to render a texture of everything behind to a surface as often as everything else, in stereo. That is lot of rendering. In the near future though? Yes! Shaders that does this in various ways already exists. But it needs to be viable with current mainstream tech, and as of now that would be mid range hardware AND vr headsets. Believe me, I'm on a 970 overclocked to take off, and an oculus rift. If someone has better ideas in terms of possible solutions that would be cool to hear. Im a 3D guy and my shader knowledge is fairly limited.
  11. kissklas

    What are you Devs doing?

    Sometimes there are kinks, they need fixing, which may mean downtime. This goes for most things. From software development, to roadwork, to powergrid maintenance . Development needs to continue, and it's for the better. You'll be back flying online in no time:) What if we were to get mad in traffic every time there was roadwo... Oh wait xD
  12. kissklas

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    Cheers @US103_Furlow and @sniperton Seems from the PDF that they changed it regularly to prevent the enemy decoding it, and writing it down on pilot cards each time. Makes sense.
  13. kissklas

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    Interesting read @danielprates Does anyone know if there is a logic in the morse letters and which 15° they belong to?
  14. kissklas

    For Dev ,producer and 3rd party contributors

    Best community I have ever seen in a game, hands down. May it grow and live on! Very generous, BlackRaven! Well done!
  15. kissklas

    BOK: P-39L-1 seems very slow.

    Yup! It's not easy in MP either. The trick like Jon said is come in from above. It has none of the speed but all of the firepower. And it dives at well over 800kph.