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  1. I have to agree with Goffik. In VR (HP Reverb, the alternative spotting works well. I can dotspot at a range where some planning is possible before an encounter, and its not possible to ID before you get a lot closer.
  2. That would be awsome. It's a joy to work with PBR materials as well, it's so quick to get good results in painting software with metallic roughness workflow. Guessing the artists will have a blast with it too.
  3. I'd say about 50-65$ is reasonable on ebay. But if you look around for a bit you might find one for cheap. I found one that was in the original package once, for 15$. That was lucky though. Btw this is what you want: Could have a green light and darker buttons on the base, but it's still the same. The non force feedback version has an indent on the base, so look for a base that is essentially half a sphere. Good luck!
  4. That looks like a sidewinder 1. Not even sure you'll get it to work since it uses gameport:/
  5. There are sidewinders that are without force feedback, but i think they are called precision pro, and there is a Sidewinder force feedback 1 which is gameport only. What you need is a Force Feedback 2. There are two editions: one with a green light, and one with a red one. Both are compatible with the same mods. Only cosmetical differences as far as mechanics go.
  6. Thanks! Making a printable DYI kit for the spade grip, but it's not done. you can probably subscribe to this thread and I'll update it once it's ready.
  7. It does indeed shake when you fire! There are also a ton of ways to mod it, like strengthening the forces. I also made an extension for it a while back that is printable. Here is mine currently😅 You won't regret getting one!
  8. The Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 works like a charm. The game supports force feedback:) The older Sidewinder sticks however I am not sure about. They used gameport did they not?
  9. Thanks a lot, Pict! Real happy with it!
  10. Thanks! Glad you like it! Hope to make it into a kit for people to print. Paraphrasing what someone just said on facebook; it's nice that the red team can have some shiny new toys as well😄
  11. New update with video and pictures at the top!☝️
  12. Thank you, thank you! I've had it printed. It is indeed SLS, and yeah it's not cheap at all😂 Luckily I got it right on the first try! Thanks a lot!😊
  13. Thanks a lot, Gustav! This was a first try for most things involved, and by far the biggest flight sim project I've done, so I'm glad you like it😅 That's a cool idea. You should check out Cheb's thread of his il-2 replica. It's a great looking cast metal version. Due to the force feedback I wanted to do a more light weight variant, so this one is all plastic.
  14. Hello everyone! Some of you might remember my previous project, the printable MSFFB2 extension. I am now near to completing my next project, and it's a big one. Planning and 3D work started summer 2018, and I have been working at in now and then since. I decided I wanted to do a full stick handle this time, and I wanted to keep using the force feedback base since I simply cannot go back to regular sticks. PS: Pictures inside! UPDATE 1: Alright! It's all set up and tested! Here comes a video from a quick flight in IL-2: GB. I am sorry if it's a bit shaky, but I had my VR headset on with OBS running, filmed with my phone and tried to somewhat control the plane. Pretty neat, huh? Here are some more shots from the wiring and the final thing: That's it for now! Let me know what you think, and I might be back with more gameplay and screenshots later! Best, Klas INITIAL POST: A bit of backstory and a big thank you The process I first started out designing the stick in 3D. I included the bomb and rocket switches from the IL-2. The Intercom button was made into a 4 way hat, and the brake handle is designed to use a potentiometer fitted lower down in the base. I also added two non historical breakers consisting of two buttons each along the back of the main handles for "non historical functionality" like zoom and head reset. The stick design nearing finished Parts sprued and ready for print Non historical button mounted on the handle I then sent it off to print! I ordered a nylon SLS print. It's a very light and very strong material, perfect for force feedback. And behold, a few weeks later I was ready to start my build! After a bit of sanding and removing of sprue rests, I tried assembling it. Button tests: my god, the safety works... (Nearly) fully mounted! So, things are working! Time to start painting. For the painting I used mainly acrylic model paint in spray cans, but also some wash, and white paint for brushing in letters and button details. The process for the main parts was: first a black base coat, then a metal coat, a paint coat, and then a wash and some chipping down unto the metal. At the end some satin varnish. Heavy metal! Then some green, and some black... At the end some wash, and details! Then comes the scary bit. Wrapping the handles with jute cord and varnishing it down. Many questions worried me during this process... Will the varnish look good on top of the wrapping? Am I wrapping the cord well enough? How do I get around the non historical buttons? Will I end up gluing myself to the joystick? Wrapping and varnishing After some drying I removed the masking and started reassembling the stick again. And here is the result: It's alive! So where am I now? The next thing now, is to solder up the electronics. And I'm starting that work now. I'll post updates here as I go along. It has been a fun little project so far, and I can't wait to try it out in IL-2: Great Battles! After all is done I'll create a DIY set for printing from the model files, so if anyone is interested they can print their own version. I'll remove the non historical buttons, and some of the premade holes, so that users can decide themselves what they want to do, in terms of bolts and fitting. As always I am open to input if you have any special requests:) All the best, Klas
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