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  1. I used to run a i7-960 and two HD6950. All bought used, shoved into a case from 2002 with so bad cooling that the door had to be left off. Overclocked to hell and warm enough to heat our appartment alone it actually ran the game quite well at 1080p. This was the DX9 version of IL-2 before the conversion to DX11.
  2. A cloth for normal glasses works just fine. I think oculus recommended circular motion from center and out. If too greasy, I have used spray for cleaning glasses before wiping. You can get it at the optician. It's mild, and shouldn't damage any filtering layer that might have been applied to a lens.
  3. You could send him an DM on reddit and ask I guess. I think MRTV said something about framerate at 90hz with a 1080ti. Unsure which game he played though...
  4. New Reddit Reverb AMA with some pretty good impressions, and a video review is coming later. https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/bug03c/i_have_the_hp_reverb_pro_ask_me_anything/
  5. The P-47 doesn't quite agree with me. That is probably the closest I have come to disliking an aircraft. I tend to under estimate how much time it needs to recover from dives, and generally how heavy it is. I think with a bit of time on it my feelings for it might change though.
  6. Heretic! Burn him! Buuuurn him😂
  7. Do you have a hotas throttle with two levers as well? We soon have a dual engine aircraft with turbo superchargers coming. In that case I would have the two throttles on the hotas throttle, then do prop, turbo and mix on the 6 saitek ones. The two way breakers below can do air/water/oil. Doublebind air and water, have oil on one and the remaining air cowl controller on the last button. I'm going to have to get a second one as well to map all this stuff up xD
  8. Tell me about it. I won't be brand loyal here. And I'd rather buy content supported by the as many headsets as possible on more open platform, than on say microsoft store or oculus. Loyal followers isolated on proprietary systems is not the way.
  9. Safety flaw? Where did you read that? All I could find was the fact that there is a recall. I would imagine it's about mending one of the reported issues. So most likely a visual flaw. One of the reviewers reported a green tint that apperantly disappeared over time, then there is always the mura though not everyone has reacted too badly to that.
  10. Using deep learning to figure out how lacking detail should be drawn is super interesting. Imagine the reduction in workload from today's brute force upsampling, and the accuracy compared to today's anti aliasing techniques. It is far from bogus, and it's doing far more than scaling up an image. It is working out what the missing pieces would need to look like without directly rendering it.
  11. It does scale up the LOD meshes at a distance in VR at least. You can see it when you zoom in on contacts. They sometimes actually shrink when zooming.
  12. To show the device from it's best side in the through lens shots no doubt! But 55 is ok for those who can handle reprojection I guess. Btw you should really try to clock up the 8700k. I've got mine at 4,9 atm. It really helps. Looks like it'll come sooner😁
  13. Are you supersampling with the O+? If you are, running the Reverb near or at native resolution will probably yeald good results without too much extra strain on your system. As we increase the resolution we also lower the need for sampling up. A bit of AA in post may suffice. Edit: noticed your nickname now! Maybe we'll be able to read the damn compass more easily in the spit with the reverb! 😂
  14. Yeah it will require some horsepower for sure. What GPU are you running?
  15. Could be an NDA, or a rolling out of firmware updates to reviewers, or just time. Who knows... It does take a bit of time to do a full in depth video review. But MRTV has said on twitter that a full review is coming, and that he is trying to get it done for sunday. I'm already so sold on it though that if a buy button appears anywhere I will probably dropkick it out of reflex.
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