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  1. You can sometimes find lit fires at the end of the grass airfield. Take off and land between those, and there will be less chance of hitting anyone.
  2. kissklas

    What will counter the K4 up high?

    The 262 had several victory claims in the summer of 44, and by the actual bodenplatte operation in january 45 the JG7 jet fighter squadron had been operational for weeks so it wasn't just used for bombing. And to be clear, I mostly fly allied planes. I think the 262 is a cool and relevant addition to the game.
  3. kissklas

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Flyinside uses FSX as a basis does it not? Is says it's a new engine, but it used to be a vr mod before. I'm sceptical about it being particularly cutting edge.
  4. It's more about what you need the physics to do. Standard game physics in games are often not very reliable, and there is usually a limit to which elements are accounted for. Usually a global gravity and forces like wind may be used but they are very simple. When an object falls, air thickness, lift and drag and so forth are not calculated in any way. A simulator uses a very different type of physics simulation, with focus on the things that are important to flying.
  5. Noticed this as well. Ran Ultra with everything full without AA, SteamVR SS at 200%. Managed a stable 65-70fps down low without ASW. I think the vegitation rendering optimization has had something to do with it.
  6. kissklas

    DD today?

  7. kissklas

    DD today?

  8. kissklas

    DD today?

    I hope the U-2 will be made relevant online in missions. Like recon or pickup missions maybe. I also hope they do the Li-2 so that we can have transport objectives in non combat aircrafts on both sides.
  9. kissklas

    my gametrix problem

    The wire connections seem to be a recurring problem with the old jetseats. I have seen a few posts regarding it. If you have the technical knowhow and a soldering iron, I guess Talismans way works. But if not, remember that you most likely void the warrenty doing so!
  10. kissklas

    my gametrix problem

    Hey I just ordered the new version (forcefeel) from those who are now making the successor of the jetseat. They are called Realteus. Maybe you want to contact them about having it repaired instead of Gametrix. Realteus seem pretty busy atm though. They just started getting the products in now for the early preorders, with delay due to unplanned relocation of the storage, holiday in the production country and some late stage design changes. That may be the reason for the lack of contact, if you contacted the right people.
  11. 3.6 is stock boost isn't it? I see people pushing that CPU to 4.4 and even 4.5, so you have a lot to go on cpu wise:) Edit: I even see some of the best samples running at 4.7. It seems an average sample should be able to do 4.5ghz on around 1.3v. I see people are having issues with dynamic mode though at these clocks so a static 4.5 may be the way to go.
  12. kissklas

    DD today?

    But, but... why watch the news? The cross country skiing season started today!❄️😁
  13. kissklas

    DD today?

    Oh come on, you know that will happen anyways🤣🍻
  14. kissklas

    DD today?

    But that MP synchronization though. I'll wait for that! And the P47 of course. But I won't get rest before the P-38!
  15. kissklas

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Great news on the kill counter. I don't know how many times I have flown home on trim due to a broken control surface, and have the enemy fighter score a kill even so.