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  1. Tried that, could not hit a thing!
  2. I would not play this game if it was not for PWCG. Thank you .
  3. I usually save my PWCG campaigns to desk top, update the version and drop the saved campaign back in the updated version. Never lost anything doing that. Sorry Pat, did not see your reply. Kindly ignore mine!
  4. Yes Dauntless it is always on. I have become a mod addict but no doubt there are some that I should leave alone. Still it is quite amazing how they enhance things.
  5. Got a strange one! All of a sudden this mod that worked perfectly before does not work anymore. I have not changed anything apart from adding the Rhineland texture mod. Excuse my ignorance but could there be some kind of connection here? Thank you. Edit, ok now, but everything back after update and it works!
  6. Thank you so much for taking time to look after even individuals. It really is greatly appreciated.
  7. Just a little update so as not to waste your time. It happened yet again with lead plane spinning around so I deleted the campaign. Started another Russian Kuban one and everything went fine. Don't know if I managed to give you the zip of campaign you asked for. I am no good at these things, I still use an axe at work!
  8. This might be it. Sorry, very inept at this kind of thing. Thank you for all the time you give. This should be one of the two mentioned. Other careers fine. Rwsia 1202011021711664 (2).zip
  9. It happen again! Aircraft turn about and bump into me. One passes on left then other turns into me. End of sortie! PWCGErrorLog.txt
  10. Just a funny one here. Sorry if it is in the wrong place. Kuban. flying Russian,. Four planes to take off but leader turns round and goes head on into second plane. Last man refused to come with me so I very bravely went myself! I had downgraded myself from the lead that was allocated for me and wonder if this had something to do with it?
  11. Hi Varibraun. I usually create another pilot in the same squadron and see how far he gets me! Also sometimes I start two campaigns over the same map, one German, one Russian for example, starting at about the same date and see who lasts longest. A kind of competition I suppose, that again, helps to keep me involved and interested.
  12. I play the heavy wound mode but if I get heavily wounded three times I delete my pilot. I do this because plying dead is dead I would never get very far, but giving myself "three lives" means I have to be careful and not take "armchair pilot" [ which I am of course!] risks. This makes my play in a more realistic way I suppose? Anyway, I really do enjoy PWCG.
  13. Thank you Beebop. Did as you said and ......... beautiful.
  14. Can I ask please? I have Meplanes 1969 Kuban winter mod and now I find this by LF Galahsd. I know how excellent Meplanes mods are and this looks fantastic too. What are the main differences between the two? I can not test because there is no winter Kuban in quick mission. I have both in JSGME, Thank you for your great work.
  15. Lots of enemy planes now. I am getting shot down again! Thank you.
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