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  1. I had that in mind, but then I remembered that not only are the planes rattly, but also the guns when fired give them quite a shake. I think they'd also look like that from the pilot's POV, at least when flying single props 😀. Can do that in a jiffy, 2.0 incoming! Edit: Wish granted! Enjoy.
  2. You, sir! Yes, YOU. Are you tired of your plane spitting out boring, thick balls of flame for bullets? Does a smear of light seem weird for a tracer? Well then I bring you the answer to your prayers! Presenting: Wobbly Tracers! Inspired by ye olde Guncam Tracers mod for IL-2: 1946 by user santobr. But what are words without a picture to accompany them! If you are a user of Mitthrawnuruodo's amazing Multicoloured Tracers mod you can install a complementary addon to get wobbly tracers working with it! (WARNING: Install AFTER said mod) So install this mod now and turn those unrealistic stains into tracers fit for only the best [insert nation here] guncam footage propaganda! Download link (MediaFire). Install via JSGME or by dropping in the "data" folders on your IL-2:GB main folder and overwriting when prompted to. Known issues: Tracers might look like DNA strings when looked at closely from certain angles. It's just how the tracer model was made and it's barely noticeable in action. Changelog: v2.0 (2/3/2020) - Added straight version for both default and coloured tracers
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