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  1. This sim doesn't have clickable cockpits, so I need to manage items like rpm, mixture, trim, weapons settings, gear, flaps, etc somehow, as well as admin stuff like zooming. WW2 sticks don't have enough buttons to manage that stuff.
  2. @dburne@ciderworm Makes sense, and a goose-neck style extension would likely help me. And the large base of the NXT that I have takes up a lot of space, unlike something like the MongoosT. It's just a big outlay of cash to test in my setup with no guarantee of comfort. The jump from the ~$160 to the next stage (likely over $500?) is pretty big, though I would love the extra control that an extension would likely provide. I'd love something like the VKB Ultimate.
  3. See, this is what I don't quite get. I could theoretically lower my desk mount and get a longer extension (current stick model notwithstanding), but the way it is, my stick is already almost touching my lap. I can't move it further down. And if I moved the chair further back my arm would be awkwardly extended. Do all of you have a cutout in the front of the chair like cockpit seats do? Here's my setup - it's just a normal office chair:
  4. That sensitivity is set in your TrackIR profile, outside of the sim.
  5. Is it? I bought it during a sale but haven't flown it. I have though a few times to start it. I occasionally get into a helicopter mood but anytime I do, when stepping back into a plane I'm immediately reminded how much more fun fixed wing is. Compared to helicopters where my predominant thought during the entire flight is "DON'T DIE, DON'T DIE..." (Which is very similar to my brain activity when I'm skiing) Based on it's historical importance and the good model in DCS, I really want to get into the Mi-8, but it seems like the worst possible mixture of "DON'T DIE"
  6. Are there plans for more scripted campaigns with custom voiceovers (for WW2) and more scripted campaigns period for WW1?
  7. Thanks for the info. I see something like this ButtKicker Simulation Kit: https://thebuttkicker.com/bk-sk/ The transducer does not seem to have an easily-removable wire, unfortunately. As for the amp, and/or the external device you mention (I assume they play the same role) - they do not take over the audio output from the existing audio device? Meaning - there is no issue with supplying the amplifier as well as the normal audio (speakers, VR headset, etc) with the normal audio output simultaneously? I thought that Windows chooses one device at a time with which to output audio?
  8. User #1: Oh, great. Yet another bf109 variant. Why should I pay for yet another entry in an endless chain of copy and paste 109 variants? Give us something interesting. User #2: Why the heck would I ever fly this limited use-case, niche plane in a combat sim? You're spending valuable development time on this, when [late war variant X of Spit/109/190] is not even available?
  9. So I have some questions about how this works. With the Butt Kicker (or similar device), how does that work with my existing sound outputs? I have a sound bar on USB, and when I'm in VR it uses the video card plus USB obviously. Also, I assume that I would have a wire permanently attached to my chair? That may be a difficult sell for me, if true.
  10. I went from the CH Products stick to the VKB NXT. It's a big upgrade in my opinion. Two notes though: -The springs are much stiffer than the CH Products stick. I think they feel a lot better, but I decided to get a desk mount due to that. There are three sets of springs though, so the lighter ones may be more comparable. I'm using the default ones. -I liked the thumb rocker switch feel on the CH Products stick over the VKB one. But that's about it. I'm very happy with the change overall. The tighter feel makes it seem like my movements are more intentional and more
  11. I have a FE card, and it was pretty painless. The utility checks for compatibility and version before proceeding. And it only took a couple of seconds during the part that said a power loss would damage the card. But yes, the loss of a 3000-series video card would be quite a catastrophic event these days 🥵
  12. Huh. I found the page on nVidia's site. I've been building/upgrading PCs for more than 20 years and I don't think updating video card firmware is something that I've ever done.
  13. "and also flashed the Vbios on my EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra" Explain please 😶
  14. Yes, lockable wheels are an essential part of my setup. I replaced my normal office chair wheels with this kind. They are perfect. I only have to lock two of them and my chair isn't going anywhere.
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