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  1. A niche group of people who love the sound of a fan spinning at max rpm, and are willing to spend $600 to hear it?
  2. Power = heat, and if the first post is any indication, that seems to matter quite a bit in this application. My 2700 is overclocked as well. Not nearly to 5gh, but the temp under stress and all cores at their highest clock is laughably lower than the temps quoted in the first post.
  3. Also looks like it draws a huge amount of energy, which is something to think about. About 2x as much as my AMD processor.
  4. Yes, because people make these completely life-altering and family/friend alienating decisions completely arbitrarily.
  5. I just don't understand the popularity of making jokes about the more vulnerable groups in society. Their lives are hard enough. And it looks like this website has a bunch of these headlines that are the same joke that they're making over and over.
  6. Is this kind of a veiled attack on trans people? Not sure I understand.
  7. Me too - flaps work like that on specific planes that have hard stops on flap position, vs planes that can have flaps on any position between full and none.
  8. As the B-17 is not a player-controllable or full-fidelity aircraft, it does not adhere to the flight model of the paid modules. That's my understanding.
  9. Is this before or after the recent spotting changes?
  10. Map your mixture increase and mixture decrease to two keys. Use the increase key to get it to the run position (50% I believe) just as the prop starts spinning. Edit - also make sure you have a little bit of throttle when it's starting up.
  11. Brief description: Messages don't disappear Detailed description, conditions: Messages on the left side, such as NPC chatter, kill notifications, etc do not go away if any are on the screen and I pause the game. After unpausing, any messages that exist will stay there until mission end. Normally they would gradually time out after a short period of time. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, RTX 2070, AMD 2700, 16 GB ram; all drivers up to date
  12. Any single-player campaigns made in Flying Circus will be an insta-buy from me.
  13. Me too, but I need a campaign for it Are there any being developed by our community? I know there are no official ones.
  14. I thought this campaign was great fun. One of the best I've played in a sim, and I don't even do bombers or twins that often.
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