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  1. What if you just buy some extension cables for the VR headset?
  2. I found a great sci-fi book a couple of years ago, called Revelation Space, and thought that Mass Effect took its main idea from that book. It is definitely worth reading for hard sci-fi fans.
  3. Probably just more of the usual things that I continuously pursue to ease the relentless passage of time and bodily aging... video games, drinking, and sex (wife willing).
  4. You think that's too much? Red Dead Redemption 2 takes 150 GB of space. Welcome to modern gaming - you will need more than a 100 GB hard drive to take part. Buy a slower mechanical drive and keep Windows on the SSD if you can.
  5. Can you buy from Micro Center's site in Canada? I try to avoid Amazon and will use Micro Center instead. Their prices are usually better anyway. But I also have one of their stores nearby.
  6. Seems logical, sadly. (Sadly first for the victims, then second for the increased prices, that is)
  7. Yes, I have alternate visibility checked. I didn't know about that - I'll try with it off next time I'm playing.
  8. I am single-player only and also experience planes shrinking down to almost nothing as I zoom into them. Strange, but planes in the distance are easier to spot while I'm fully zoomed out than when I'm zoomed in.
  9. With the new consoles having 8 cores, I would expect games and sims that are cross-platform (including FS2020) to utilize those cores. With that in mind, I'm not sure I'd purchase a six-core CPU at this time. And I also expect the 3000-series Ryzens to drop in price throughout the year with the impending release of the new generation.
  10. Are helo's like the Huey able to be sufficiently controlled in DCS with my setup of CH Products Fighterstick and pedals?
  11. Yes, it looks like it. However the performance of Intel processors isn't as affected by RAM speed as AMD CPUs are, from what I've read. At least RAM is a lot cheaper now than it was a year or two ago, so faster memory won't be that much more expensive than slower choices if you plan on upgrading in the near term and don't want to buy it all over again.
  12. How are those to fly? Some of the associated campaigns look interesting, but it seems flying helo's would be boring compared to the warbirds that I know and love.
  13. Also, I believe that AMD is a little more consumer-friendly in that they tend to use their sockets for more CPU generations than Intel tends to, which requires a motherboard replacement less frequently. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to be my experience. Although I think I read that the upcoming Ryzen processors later this year will be the last for the current AM4 socket, so if you jump into AMD this year that benefit may not exist due to the timing.
  14. Did you try running VR in single-player?
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