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  1. engrish_major

    Il 2 flying circus vol. 2

    I'm just hoping for single-player content. I understand that they need a critical mass of assetts and other content before that can happen, but I'm in a catch 22 of wanting to support the development, but can't see myself spending much time in FC if there are no campaigns or career modes.
  2. engrish_major

    Anti-Shipping Missions

    There is one in the first few missions of the built-in IL-2 campaign. I don't remember which one specifically, but it's in the first three for sure. Edit - as I remember now it's just gunboats. Not sure if that's what you are looking for.
  3. engrish_major

    Game version 1.003 discussion

    I applied patch for 1.003 and now the FM of my 190 is gimped, lol
  4. Not all of the locations let you do that. Have you tried others?
  5. engrish_major

    moving the game

    Creating the symbolic link does not actually move the files - the process would be for you to move the entire folder to another drive first, then run the mklink command to create the 'alias' where the folder used to be. Then when the OS calls for the folder and its contents, it is automatically redirected to the new location. I'm just on my phone or else I would point you to a better resource.
  6. engrish_major

    moving the game

    You can likely set up a symbolic link so that it points to the new location. It's like a shortcut for the OS. I use one for X-Plane for all the scenery, though haven't tried it with this application. It would likely work as long as you've done it correctly. Just Google how to create a directory alias, or symbolic link, in Windows.
  7. engrish_major

    Question about VR

    Well that's certainly not true. Having 1440x1600 per eye is not the equivalent to a 1440p monitor. The screen door effect is still there, though it is better than the older headsets. It's still tougher to read gauges than on my monitor, for example.
  8. As someone who has been in tech support for over a decade, I am always sure to avoid responding to my customers with "no problems on my end". That type of response does not help the person that is experiencing the issue, unless it is immediately followed up with additional questions to understand the steps the customer is taking to replicate it, or with specific questions about the customers environment. Fwiw I also have the roll reversal issue and had to disable that axis.
  9. engrish_major

    Some feedback for the new Career mode

    Also part of learning spotting and identification is recognizing the other clues that help - for example if you are over friendly territory and see flak, there is an enemy in the vicinity. You can also tell by the behavior of the planes if they are in 'combat mode' or simply flying to an objective calmly. Also the colors of the tracers are different so that is better to identify a plane from very long distances than the actual shape. The same applies to non-flak AA guns.
  10. I don't think that's the correct analogy... Porting a game from one platform to the next is a massive undertaking. This is more like asking why a certain brand of flight stick doesn't work, or why the game won't render at the correct resolution for monitors that have a certain aspects ratio. It shouldn't need anywhere close to the amount of work that would be required to make this available on a console or different OS.
  11. engrish_major

    GPU Upgrade Problems

    Patrick, you contribute so much to the community... Do you need someone to assist in purchase of a new power supply? I am willing to help out. Edit - I also just looked at my 1080, which has a 6 pin and 8 pin connector. You must have one of the compact versions that has less power requirement?
  12. engrish_major

    Some feedback for the new Career mode

    Absolutely. Reading memoirs of pilots during the wars, mistaking identities were quite common - target spotting and identification was a skill that had to be practiced a lot. Not to mention the fact that so many kills, particularly by aces, were made by sneaking up on the opponent then running away. These things are virtually impossible to replicate if icons are on, especially the occurrences of friendly fire that happened so often during the war.
  13. engrish_major

    Distant Landscape Grainyness

    It's tough to see in the screenshots. Do you have sharpening filter on? I've actually recently switched to the blur filter for landscape and like the results - they say it also helps with spotting.
  14. engrish_major

    Question about VR

    I have a VR headset but still prefer not to use it for many applications (such as this one). They each have their place imo. Maybe when the resolution and other graphical qualities are as good in VR as we enjoy now on our monitors it will be my go-to, but at the moment I'm good with monitor and TrackIR. I also play a lot of FPS type games and can't get away from the traditional mouse-and-kb with monitor. Have been doing it for 20 years and still love it as much today as that first time with Half Life.
  15. engrish_major

    Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    Is it just me or is that Spit going to be harder to identify That means that upon seeing clipped wings I can no longer simply assume "109". Edit - although this is a later Spit, right? So the designs kind of did the reverse? Earlier 109s had clipped wings, then by the F series they were rounded I guess.