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  1. thank you but my controls page up etc don't work even if i pause opentrack... Edit: i just move my head down and pressed F10 seem to work!
  2. How can I change the sights range when using tracker IR with out having to move my head and having slouch in my chair....
  3. I went ahead and brought BOS & BOM along with the scripted campaigns, MC 202 weapons put me off, still eyeing up the LA-5 or LA-5FN does anyone what the major differences?
  4. I want everything but i really shouldn't! I brought BOK on the last sale and joy stick and throttle.. I will definitely get BOS & BOM just deciding between BOM premium or standard & DW D9
  5. Ah ok I was considering the Premium edition but i have Kuban so i assume the Fw-190 A-5 is better that Fw-190A3?, not sure about the LA-5 series form the videos and comments i have read. The MC 202 looks like fun! to many choices!
  6. Sweet! I will buying BOS & BOM not sure if to get the LA-5?
  7. I don't want to spend to much just yet still getting into flight sims i was going for peddles but i missed having a throttle will see how it goes with the Thrustmaster TWCS.
  8. Yeah its a great stick I had HOTAS X before for a week before i sent it back that thing was awful... this one is so much more smoother! The only issue i have is that my wrist hurts due to using twist as rudder so i ordered a throttle which has a rudder on it.
  9. Thank you did you change the sensitivity using the VKB software? Not in game? I find sometimes my pitch is all over the place.... could be just me being new to joysticks.
  10. What sensitivity settings do you use I got my VKB last week I'm new the game so still tweaking the controls.
  11. Anyone using the lastest reshade can you share your settings? please
  12. Anyone using the latest reshade mind sharing some settings?
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