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  1. Mate, are you unable to understand that he already did that? xD
  2. Oh f*ck oooffff. I don't have space to put the joystick in and im still waiting for steering wheel support for f*cks sake. Until then i want my old mouse control back :[
  3. Lol no way. Since this game claims to be a sim im still waiting for manual transmission and at least minimum of wheel support. I have no more space for another device πŸ˜„ I still don't get it why they changed and basically f*cked mouse support.
  4. I guess not, but on the other hand how many 75mm rounds were inside? I hope they would fix/show/assure that high caliber HE shells work properly
  5. Yeah TLDR, hard pass. I meant "that's how it's done in this sim " and that's it, you got me there. Since there is next to no documentation on this module/game and barely any moderation on this side of forums there's a LOT of spam so i won't guide you to the post where the guy combined mouse axis with mouse buttons to properly use the com-vis in the M4a1. You have to try by yourself, try the Geoweb's method. Anyhow i find it natural cos with a sherman i am mostly unbuttoned, but if i have to i either only have time to look forward (and the visor is effin wide) and i dont need to move it with zoom on, and if i look for an air threat i need to use a keyboard to adjust the camera left/right/up.down to get at least a glimpse of a threat. I'm used to it i guess. However i agree that it could and should be done better, like a lot of stuff in this game. I bought it as a last ditch to scratch that ww2 tank itch without r*tarded f2p bullsh*t and i'm dissapointed kinda in the updates overall - new vehicles are a-ok but the stuff that should fix the game rather f*cks up the game or it's kinda too little too late. There's a looooooooot of stuff missing and theres a F*CKTON of potential and im still having lots of fun. I'm also through helping anyone here, since there are absolute morons in this niche community that can't even be bothered to check the most basic stuff in the options, and i'm bloody tired of answering the same questions over and over again, since there's really no documentation (even a community-made one), no tutorial etc. and the fact that devs still play around with core features it's pointless.
  6. Aren't you a delicate snowflake xD FFS i was just stating a fact, and also i guess it makes easier for VR users to move with the visor. Yes i find it natural with M+K. I saw someone binding axis+mousebutton to use a visor afaik, but i never tryed it. The commanders visor is wide enough to make it comfortable to me.
  7. It's a "cruise control" - a rather unintentional feature. I use it in multiplayer a lot
  8. That's how it's done in a Sherman. To make it work like it should, you will have to bind mouse axis with left/right mouse button. Try that.
  9. It will be way more ergonomic to use those shortcuts in red tanks, that have view ports all over the place(best example being KV-1S that i hate commanding 'cos of those viewports and rearward DT mg). So that's a plus i guess.
  10. Welcome to the sim game. Either adapt or install >f2p arcade POS< πŸ˜„
  11. Oh sh*t! Life ? What's that? You mean HP? Mate, i work up to 15 hours a day in all weather conditions for f*cks sake, and i don't have a problem with checking the most basic options in any videogame. That takes up to whopping 120 SECONDS. LITERALLY. πŸ˜„
  12. Holy f*ck duuuuude πŸ˜„. This is the most basic stuff in every game. Did you ever look up what keys do what in a game menu? πŸ˜„ Here, i'll guide you by hand like a preschool kid
  13. Like any other gunner's sight in whatever tank in the sim.
  14. You do realize you can adjust the reticle ?
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