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  1. Yep it's a badly implemented cruise control basically. See - if this game would be ACTUALLY finished and not in alpha state, that would be either "fixed" or there would be tutorial. Have fun
  2. Jesus christ dude, no it does not work like that. All you presented us in this video and it's exactly the same in the game i own is some asshole using a gear limiter overreving the engine. I'm asking again - have you ever drove a car by yourself? It.Does.Not.Work.Like.That.It's.Completly.Unnacceptable Just f*cking let us use, dunno, Logitech G25/G27/G29 and leave us be. You don't even know what a manual transmission and simulation is. Have fun flying an IL-2 on a keyboard. Flight stick is simulated, right? lmao
  3. Yeah, so actually you missed the point entirely. There is a mechanic in TC and IL-2 for that matter that takes into account the engine/oil temp. It's very annoying in TC in that sense, that, if i understood correctly, most of the missions start offroad (duh, it's prohorovka, not a lot of roads were there) and a tank is stuck in the first gear EVEN with the GEAR LIMITER at default, ie set on D(rive)/max gear allowed. In game it's caused by a low engine/oil temp and you can just turn that off in difficulty settings. When the engine is near the nominal working temp. the gear shifts just happen like "they should". D(rive)/max gear allowed is default Yes i did noticed it's a game, but since it's a tank sim, and all of the ww2 tanks had manual transmissions, they should be simulated. That's why there are steering wheels with clutch pedal and manual gearboxes available for racing sims. For me that's a mandatory feature for a tank sim to be a sim more or less - to simulate a goddamn tank. Not having that and having that kinda bad AT with a shoddy gear limiter is like having IL-2 and not being able to use a flight stick. Kinda shallow and pointless. AFAIR there is no accelerator axis in this sim mind you.
  4. No you can't manage anything. Only thing you can do with that gear limiter is overrev the engine and that should be fatal. Only usefull aplication of that gear limiter is a slow creep in a hull-down position or something like that.
  5. No, you are not xD Wow you are stubborn my dude. It's NOT i repeat NOT a manual gearbox, holy f*ck xD TC has an automatic gearbox with gear limiter. Period. xD Tell me, did you EVER drove a car before? 'Cos i can't belive someone can mistake those 2 distinct gearboxes lmao.
  6. Except it's completly opposite - you are not in control, you are not shifting gears up and down. Google an automatic transmission with gear limiter (basically most of the US cars lol) 😄 it's like calling that kind of gearbox or an dual clutch auto box (DSG or similar) a manual gearbox just 'cos you can enter a "manual" mode and sequentialy change gears. Manual gearbox in a sim - It has a lot of value, since the gearbox can be damaged, and you can loose some gears (that would appear as neutral basically) so there is a point. Tanks, depending on the gearing and sloping of the terrain should teoreticly be able to start even from 5th gear (if they have more then 5) etc. etc. That's the point of the sim - simulating real world, and tank mobility is exactly what has to be simulated, manual transmission as well.
  7. @LachenKrieg Yep i've driven 40-60 ton vehicles (mostly semi's), alas they were wheeled. No it's not modeled what we have in TC is a sub-par modeled autobox with gear limiter and that's it. No it's not realistic at all if you take control as >>driver-mechanic<< in this sim (as i said - the system we have makes more or less sense while playing as a gunner/commander). The ground pressure and the torque required to move offroad is also off so no, the ingame drivetrain for all the tanks is way off and again the autobox gearing is just really stuck, mostly tied to oil temp and/or a hill (and only then makes sense). What we have just sucks, and as i said before not including clutch axis + manual gear changing is like calling IL-2 a sim and not having joystick support
  8. This "maunal" gearbox modeled in TC is not a manual gearbox, it's an automatic gearbox with literal gear limiter and thats it. Manual Gearbox = clutch and selecting the gears by yourself and that can be achived in game by gamepads or for example Logitech steering wheels with a clutch and six-speed 'box. That's what im waiting for, especially since pseudo-manual gearboxes have been in other sim games, for example T-72 BoF (you could set up "manual gearbox" in the menu, there was no clutch axis support but at least you could choose the gear for yourself whitch added to the experience imo). The thing we have now is like calling IL-2 a sim and not having joystick support. EDIT : Auto-'box makes sense when the AI is manning driver-mechanic position, sure. It would be also neat to "nick" the manual gearbox system from games like ETS2/ATS EDIT 2 : Sometimes im wondering - do you people even have a driving licence ? No offence but tank and truck engines have so much torque most of the time, that you would most probably never use a first, second or even third gear while on pavement or even loose gravel. I've done quite a bit of offroading with 400+ bhp diesel engines to know that it's possible, and some diesel torque curves and gearbox + final drive combos can allow for gaining speed just by changing the gears on the engine running with a defect throttle - it saved my stuck ass more than once. Meanwhile in Tank Crew, the only reason the AI does not allow for a change of the gear (most noticible at a start of every mission) is 'cos the engine/engines are cold (ie the oil temperature is below nominal). The only way to combat this is either turn off the option in difficulty settings or just let the engine run for X amount of time - thats it - it's literaly stuck but it kinda makes sense since synchro's either didn't exist in those tanks or were shoddy quality (for modern standards).
  9. I figured that QMB would be right way to go more or less, but unfortunatly i find it shallow as hell in current form. I'm much more fond of Vander's Easy Mission Generator tbh. I'm also fond of a quality scripted content Otherwise great suggestions. PS - oh and yeah, i was thinking about buying flight sim modules for the sake of maps but im holding on that for obvious reasons 😄
  10. Oh, so if something doesn't work, and it doesn't work even more with other module, then it's all right since "it has been there since the begining"? Okay then, noted :^)
  11. Yep, finished product all right :^)
  12. Language barrier, bro. Don't forget that english is really dependant on the context
  13. Basically what you said + : - a feature complete campaign/career (not this basic teaser-like "campaigns" we have now) or at least a dynamic campaign that would give replayability - working interactive tutorials for gameplay itself, and all the tanks with their quirks and features - a solid pack of single missions with various themes, that could serve as a basis for learning the mission edditor - more modern mission/scenario editor, even Bohemia Interactive managed to finally make the mission editor that's easy to use - crew animations, what we have now is below pathetic (as a finished product) - WORKING AI - keybinding options/options for tanks specifically with a working search bar - a GODDAMN compass (i mean seriously, is that too hard? i cant belive we cant just simply throw an azimuth to our platoon mates in multiplayer) - a servicable UX, intuitiveness is a must, that's why graviteam sim's are a niche within a niche - UX is HORRIBLE - few multiplayer scenarios, big and small, pvp and pve - that would be nice to play on official server/servers (with and without air component) and that would serve as a benchmark for usermade missions - users-dev's communication - there is almost none of that - official realistic roadmap without specific dates, crunching is bad ....and a lot of other stuff i don't have time to write down. Following the patern of flight sim line is imo a really bad idea, 'specially at that steep price point. That won't expand our beloved niche at all Oh i almost forgot - cheers to all the corporate bootlickers that b*tch about "b*tching" - ie. constructive criticism. This is why we can't have nice things. Sure i did and do enjoy TC at times, and i was dissatisfied with the speed of bugfixes/updates, and almost complete lack of communication between us-testers and them-developers, but sh*t - early access is an early access. Now that state of affairs have changed, and the game is officialy finished and feature complete - that's unacceptable and never should have been.
  14. Custom missions made official? Sure, but also make sure you will get paid for it. It's not about you or the other content creators. The game is advertised and sold as a finished whole product, and the sim itself is at alpha stage or early beta stage at best at this point.
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