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  1. Thanks for posting this and I hate to necro a thread from last summer but this one really helps me getting back into the IL-2 scene for the current iterations.
  2. Yeah I tried that and it's not the chocks setting. As for the wheel brakes it's possible as I am still getting my controls setup after not doing this for a long time. I'm still baffled as to the stuck aspect of Russian and German aircraft but I haven't been on concrete runways yet.
  3. Hello there fellow IL-2 folks. I am just returning to flight sims after a very long absence. So I will get to the crux of the matter. I installed the GOG version today. I have subsequently tweaked the config to allow me to use my Gsync monitor in its full 2560x1440 glory and I just found a mod on the Special Air Service site that will boost the start time of the game. So I spent probably 2 hours searching for errors that would pop up and had some solutions all ready to go when I started trying to start the game today. So I get into my screen first and finally get my mouse to work. Problem #20 solved...next. So I create a pilot and load up a US Navy mission to start. I let my three AI compatriots take off and I go to throttle up and the plane just sits there and the engine overheats. I didn't move a millimeter. So I start checking control options and then pop back in and I am pushing on the rudders and brakes trying to get moving. Nothing happened until some Jap B5N smoked me with a bomb while I was sitting on the deck. Drop out of game and refly. This time I let the autopilot do the take off and it works. I try to fly right off the deck and I crash...wash. rinse and repeat 3-5 more times. Anyway still getting autopilot to do take offs and now I can fly once my speed gets up. But my ACM is WAY RUSTY! I get smoked 6-10 more times by A6M AI pilots...realized I didn't have my trackIR setup....no situational awareness and unable to really judge gunnery distances right now also. So I step out of that and decide to try a Russian mission...same thing. Plane starts up and all control surfaces work but the plane just sits there on the runway and doesn't move. Even with autopilot engaged. So I create a third pilot for a German mission....I can get the Bf-109F to move but only incrementally; after 30-40 seconds of full left with the rudder and jamming throttle to full power and then pulling back to idle. I finally get enough speed up for take off and the I nose over and damage the propeller and flip the plane. Next time it takes the same game of chance to get unstuck from the starting spot. So I go back to Russian and attempt the same thing and it works. I go back to USN and it does not work at all on the carrier. Any ideas for an ancient flight sim guy who does know how to setup a control config for his Warthog HOTAS and TPR pedals....if anyone has any good TARGET profiles they would like to share I'd love to see them.
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