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  1. It's a dilemma with gun sounds. One party will always complain. Guns used to be quieter and lower tuned in the past leading people to complain. With update 2.003 the devs changed them to their current state (you can read the positive feedback in the linked threat) to make them more 'spectacular' as demanded.
  2. It's based on one the of best recordings availabel (Black 6)
  3. Does your throttle go up to 100% (technochat)? Did you feather props (maybe double binding)?
  4. Have you tried increasing the sample count to 128 in the startup config file?
  5. Added FHC's August Aircraft Update to the initial post.
  6. Wait for the next update if you are unsatisfied wih the current spotting system.
  7. It's a new feature coming with the next update.
  8. Flying tails (all moving tail surfaces) have much higher controll effectiveness at high mach speeds hence why early korean war jets were fitted with them. For the 109 compressebility was known but the wrong use of trim lead to accidents (if trimed all the way forward the aircraft was hard to pull out, if trim was adjusted at high airspeeds it could lead to overcorrection and structual failure). To minimise the accident rate the forward trim range has been limited on the Bf 109 G series onward so that the aircraft always became slightly tailheavy at high airspeeds and recoverable by stick. If you ever get to fly an aircraft with a flying tail you'll sure notice the great difference it makes across the speedrange.
  9. P-63 Kingcobra. Li-2 (obvious) DB-3/IL-4 Su-2 (although playing a minor role compared to the IL-2, it saw more action in the early phases of war).
  10. Since jets are too debated I'll switch my He 162 wish candidate for a Berlin B9.
  11. He 112 B (used by Romanians in the Battle for Moscow) Fi 156 Hs 123 (iconic for the pre - and early war period) He 162 (unlike historical accounts regarding bad build quality suggest, this is a really nice aircraft and fun to fly) Bü 181 Panzerjäger mit Panzerfaust
  12. Back when the Ju 52 was announced I proposed this and many other interesting modifications (additional gunner positions, bomb bay, wheel pants, ect). All of which were rejected because of too much work. For the swimmers you need to essentially rework the FM, DM and tweak the water physics which seems reasonable enough to postpone this feature. However I'd like to see it added in futire as technology develops and dev time allows. If I remember correctly the g5e was the first variant eauiped with floats (notable features were defrosting devices and sea navigational equipment).
  13. A great example of throwing stones in a glass house. There are no "flyby" sounds as in old IL-2 1946 because the Great Battles series uses a different sound engine (FMod) which is not easy to modify as per replacing wav files. As an advantage however sounds can be mixed from different samples and played differently depending on multiple conditions (speed, direction, distance, spectator angle, ect.). That does not work with static samples that you call for. If you really want to change something seriously I advise to download the FMod dev kit and study the software for at least 3 months intensively, than rebuild the sound bank from the core and mix in new samples that sound more to your liking. If not you might leave it to the devs to make best of what ressources they have availabel.
  14. What source do you base you complaint on? I've 3 different at hand of which 2 make mention of the RPM for starting the Jumo 004 B1 in flight. Az.-Tgb.Nr.6621/44 Hinweis für Technische Aussenstellen Jumo-Sondertriebwerk 109.004 B-1, 13.9.44 link: http://www.avialogs.com/viewer/avialogs-documentviewer.php?id=6655 2. Mentions the procedure for starting the engines in flight. LM Nr.3104 Jumo 004 B-1 Bedienung, September 1944
  15. If you have trouble getting your head around moving one lever and pressing a single button, just leave auto engine management checked on. You still can always turn on manual controlls in flight by pressing shift+R, shift+M and shift+S to controll the radiators, mixture and supercharger gear manually (or only one of them). Too much hysteria about what is a welcome addition to many.
  16. Thats not entirely true. The Jumo 109-004B1 had more issues than could be solved with the fuel overpressure valve. If you throttle your engine back below 6000 RPM at quickly high altitudes you risk to starve your engine because the fuel mix can not be adjusted quick enought. Abuse the ignition button and your engines will light up nicely. Restarts can only be attempted at below 4000m. Compressor stalls also may kill your engine when the aircraft is under high load. No need to mention how terribly vulnerable the engines are to gunfire.
  17. That's odd. Our squad had the pleasure of talking to a WW2 and Korea P-51 pilot and he basicly said he didn't really hear the brownings firing from within the cockpit.
  18. Gun sounds used to be quiter which lead many people to complain. Devs made gun sounds louder and started a poll which offered both options and the louder gun sounds were clearly favoured. In the end sounds were changed to what we have now with update 2.003. As you can read in the old thread, there's different views on what sounds 'great' and what's 'overdone'.
  19. There is more to sound design in flight sims than simply playing wav files. Its called sound engineering for a reason. Post Scriptum uses static samples for flybys from recordings which works great in a FPS but is useless in a flight sim. All samples ingame are dynamic and physicly adjusted by FMod depending on many conditions. Engine sound for example changes depending on RPM, airspeed, load, damage and supercharger/turbocharger speed smoothly. All those sound components have to be sourced or synthecised individually and programmed accordingly. Its a tremendous job and very difficult to get done properly especially without access to high quality recordings. I've created sound mods for another sim using recorded audio and know how difficult it is even when using proper source audio. So far I know no other sim that has excelled IL-2s sound design but also hope they can improve on it even further in future (BoBP aircraft are promising so far).
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